With the terrible misfortune, it seems fitting that we have a yacht called SILVER LINING. Berthed in the Exumas, she is an excellent alternative to chartering in the Abacos.

The stunning SILVER LINING is still available for Thanksgiving in Nassau to cruise the Exumas. Although Hurricane Dorian caused devastation in the Northern Islands of the Bahamas, there are still hundreds of untouched islands in the Cays. The Exumas is a 100 mile stretch of stunning coastline and turquoise waters where you can enjoy beautiful anchorages and wonderful fresh food.

Exumas header

Must see

The Tropic of Cancer beach, also known as Pelican beach is a must-see on Little Exuma. The sand is blindingly white, not just lightly coloured as many ‘white beaches’ are described. The sand itself radiates the sunlight that bathes it to create a blaze of light unique to this beach. If ever there was a picture postcard, then this beach truly is it:

Swimming Pigs!

Big Major’s Cay is home to the mystifying swimming pigs! It is widely believed that the reason the pigs swim in this area is down to their intelligence. Pigs are extremely intelligent, and they know tourists will come and feed them, hence why they will always swim out to you!

Stocking Island amongst other islands in the Exumas is home to Stromatolites, the oldest known macro-fossils on earth. They hold the biological activity of thousands of years.

Wildlife and nature

If you are a lover of marine life and nesting sea birds, then Moria Harbour Cay National Park is a must-see. Sand dunes, beaches, mangroves and seagrass all located between Great and Little Exuma. This area covers 13,440 acres!

The Yacht!

SILVER LINING is the perfect yacht to take you around the Bahamian paradise with a great crew on board, Captain Peter and chef/stewardess Ginny are a highly proactive team who are keen to ensure a memorable experience for their clients.

She offers 3 ensuite cabins, perfect for a family or group of friends. A well presented enclosed flybridge with a large dining table. The cockpit has easy access to the sea for fishing and swimming. Huge sunbathing area on the bow.

BBQ grill to cook the catch of the day! A great selection of water toys including wave runner, wakeboard, skis, SUP, airhead inflatable tube, 2 floating islands, snorkelling gear, fishing gear and beach set up with chairs. For an additional cost, clients can hire the 36ft Aquila power cat which also comes with a crew member giving a higher level of service on board.

Get on contact with us today to see how you can enjoy SILVER LINING on your Thanksgiving holiday.

West Coast of Corsica Part 1.

Broker Cordy gives an insight into her time working onboard Megayachts

One of my favorite places to cruise when I worked onboard mega yachts (Giga yachts weren’t around then!) was the stunning West coastline of Corsica. I was fortunate to work for a wonderful English family who adored this area, so it is where we spent the majority of the summer. On a displacement yacht cruising at around 12knots, the journey from Cannes to St Florent is around 10 hours which can normally be achieved overnight. So, if you are on the French Riviera and fancy something a little different, why not enjoy a wonderful dinner on board anchored at the Iles des Lerins, Cannes, and then start your journey after this. Be sure to ask the crew to wake you up at dawn to dolphin watch! One of the most amazing experiences at sea.

Arriving in St Florent is stunning, this pretty little fishing port has a host of local restaurants and bars huddled around the marina. Restaurant de l’Europe and Le Grill are perfect places to sit in the sun and watch the world go by!

Having relaxed in the sun, head one street back to the old town full of independent shops selling local charcuterie and souvenirs. Keep heading up and you will reach the citadel, steps from the citadel car park lead down to a small beach. The stunning cathedral de Nebbio is found on the other side of the town on the Chemin de la Cathedrale and is most definitely worth a visit.

For the more energetic persons amongst your group, Le Roya Beach can be found to the southeast of the town offering water sports including windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, jet skis and scuba diving! There really is something for everyone!

Heading west from St Florent is the beautiful town of Calvi. Coming into port you have an incredible view of the citadel, once docked, it is definitely worth climbing up the cobbled streets for breathtaking panoramic views of your surroundings. There are some great restaurants up here as well as the voguish Chez Tao bar!

Once you have soaked up the incredible views, wander around the shops through the old cobbled streets of the town. The marché de l’Orée des Pins is full of local charcuterie, grapes, cheeses, and amazing pastries!

Around the corner, further West from Calvi is possibly the most beautiful spot in the Med! Girolata is a fortified bay at the south of the Scandola Nature Reserve. The setting is spectacular, with the village perched on the peninsula and surrounded by the sea and the famous red rock mountains of this area.  This bay is a wonderful place to anchor and swim ashore to the beautiful beach.

Further south in the Scandola National Park is the bay of Porto where you can find a pretty little village and see more of the stunning Calanques de Piana rock formations.

Having enjoyed the National Park, further south again you will find Ajaccio, famous for being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte! You can visit the Maison Bonaparte, now a national museum, the ancestral home of the Bonaparte family, to discover more about his life. Ajaccio’s charming old town is a great place to amble and enjoy the beautiful architectural features and stunning landmarks such as the Cathedrale Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption.

The pretty port of Ajaccio is adorned with bars and restaurants serving seafood and pizzas. The perfect place to soak up the atmosphere and admire the view!

Contact Cordy at Boatbookings to plan your Corsican adventure and please keep reading the blog for part 2 of the West Coast of Corsica!


Great Exuma Island

As the saying goes, life really is better in the Bahamas. After spending January sailing around the Bahamas, broker Alice provides an insight into why a yacht charter in the Bahamas is the only place to be to avoid the winter.

The Exumas


Well-known for being the most exclusive island collection in the world, the sapphire-blue waters surrounding the Exuma islands make them a tropical paradise. These islands are home to Pablo Escabar’s sunken plane, the Bond famous Thunderball grotto, wild iguanas, Staniel Cay yacht club, swimming pigs, nurse sharks, and a national park!

The Abacos


The word I would use to describe the Abacos is underrated. If you love sailing, sunset bars island hopping and world-class fishing conditions the Abacos is, without doubt, the best place in the Bahamas. The 120-mile long chain of islands are full of beautiful towns, golf courses and sunset bars to explore! Book your flights to Marsh Harbour to charter from this sailors paradise! Send us a message to find out how you can experience the Abacos!


Swimming pigs – don’t forget to bring some food!

From swimming with pigs, feeding grapes to wild iguanas on deserted beaches, snorkeling with tropical fish to spearfishing, the Bahamas has an abundance of wildlife. Don’t forget that the iconic swimming pigs are both habitats of the Exumas and Abacos so don’t write off the Abacos as a sailing destination as the pigs are there too! Contrary to popular opinion the swimming pigs are not native to the uninhabited islands, rumor has it that they were left by sailors others say that they swam from a nearby shipwreck! Whatever did happen, there are now between 20-30 very famous pigs in both the Exumas and the Abacos! Email Alice to find out what food they like best!

Sunset catching

Each island in the Bahamas has its own culture and feel, which also means that there are typically different bars on each island. The best sunset bars in the Bahamas include Grabbers and Mr P’s, there is even a full moon party once a month at Mr P’s. Be sure to order a rum cocktail whilst you watch the sunset over the Bahamas!

Get in touch with us today to make your dreams a reality! With a range of day charters, bareboat sailing, and fully crewed yachts we are able to find something for everyone!

It’s all Fun and Games Unless You Forget the Water Toys!

It’s the week of the Cannes Yachting Festival, and, whilst the electric pulse of innovation ripples through the air, whilst there are scores of brand-new, shining-bright yachts all lined-up and immaculately presented; whilst you can walk through the gate and see nothing but boats, masts, sails and sea all around, my attention has turned to the water toys.

Seeing all these newly-released yachts and catamarans truly is an experience, however, it gets to the point where all these boats begin to melt into one big entity; the stunning-white of the hull, the neutral, contemporary trim of the interior, the comfortable, open aft-deck… This is when you start to notice the smaller things; the bold splashes of colour that stand out amongst the avalanche of white tents and boats; the water toys.

When it comes to chartering a superyacht, in my opinion, the actual yacht itself is only half of the decision. That’s not to say it’s not important, however: this boat will be your home for the next week or so, so it has to be up to standard! Yet, to me, the purpose of chartering a yacht is not only to enjoy an incomparably luxurious experience, but it’s also make the most of the complete freedom and privacy that comes with being on open water- and how can you do that if you haven’t got a good selection of toys with which to stretch your legs on the high seas?

Nowadays, in a world of innovation and original thought, there seems to be an endless supply of imagination when it comes to the invention of toys and tenders to accompany your superyacht; with such a wide range of choice, and even more on the horizon, it’s hard to decide which aspects to even begin considering for your charter! One thing is for sure, though: whether you are with family or friends, with parents or young children, or maybe with clients and potential buyers; whatever the occasion, you will definitely want some water toys to go with your charter!

To some people, yacht-toys may seem a bit like overkill: when you take into consideration the size of the yacht, the completely bespoke interiors and luxuries one can only imagine in a top-star hotel, it’s understandable why some people don’t see the importance of such amenities. However, from some perspectives, the addition of yacht toys such as jet skis, waterskis and inflatables is a total necessity; it provides you with the opportunity to try new things, explore different places, and maybe even discover a new, adventurous side to your personality. For families, water toys can be the perfect option for tiring out the kids and getting some well-needed rest. They are also, however, the perfect family-bonding opportunity; just imagine the laughter, jokes and memories that accompany your first time trying to ski on water; or maybe getting some family competition stirred-up in the form of jet ski racing, or even shouting words of encouragement to whomever is holding on for dear life, being pulled at top speed on the back of a donut!

I have done some research and compiled a list of my favourite water toys, ranging from the universally popular ones to the most innovative:


The Sub-Wing began its story as a piece of driftwood and a waterski rope in 2010. Simon Sivertsen formulated the concept of mimicking flying underwater, and graduated from a plank of wood to two chopping boards tied to a pole and then, finally, after much careful crafting and calculation, to the professional piece-of-kit we see today.

The usability of the Sub-Wing is incredibly simple, with a range of sizes to suit different ages, the Sub-Wing is a piece of equipment that won’t take long to work out – hold on to both wings and twist forward or back to go up, down or barrel-roll – and, once you’ve got the hang of it, it can be one of the most rewarding, adrenaline-fuelled water activities!


The Seabreacher looks like it was taken straight out of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie (I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where the idea came from); a Frankenstein’s combination of, well, submarine missile, F1 fighter jet and- depending on which model you go for- either an orca whale, dolphin or shark.

For a taste of the tranquil life of dolphins, or the predatory, high-octane life of sharks, the Seabreacher is the only vessel that can provide it! Dive down to 5 feet, and then burst through the surface in true Jaws-fashion at speeds of up to 60mph! Step up your game by practicing the various stunts that are possible, such as barrel-rolling or launching out of the water.

Water Slide/ Yacht Blob

These two inflatable amenities really speak for themselves in the world of water toys; who could say no to the thrill of sliding from the Flybridge of your yacht charter and being greeted by the refreshingly cool, clear waters of the Mediterranean or Caribbean? Perfect for every member of the family-including your dog- the yacht water slide is a welcome addition to the yachting world.

The Yacht Blob, however, is for those who seek more of a thrill than the slide can provide. Imagine a giant, inflatable…blob…floating next to your yacht. This blob has been designed in a way as to quench the thirst of the adrenaline junkies by literally launching them through the air. They will sit on one end of the blob, and a couple of other people will jump from the highest (and safest) point of their yacht, landing on the other end of the blob. The combined weight and force of the two people will cause the one at the other end to be launched away from the boat through the air and landing safely in the sea.


The Seabob has become a well-established amenity in yacht charters. This water toy could be likened to an underwater jet-pack, but you will have to hold on tight as it pulls you through the water!

The Seabob is a toy for confident swimmers, reaching speeds of up to 14km/h under water. Imagine being in the middle of a pod of dolphins or turtles, matching their pace as they race through the open water- that is the experience that a Seabob will allow you to achieve!


How could it be a water toys blog if it didn’t feature the Jetlev water jetpack? Every time I see one of these it reminds me of the imaginatively-absurd technology one sees in James Bond- but this is real!

This water-propelled jet-pack has taken the world of water toys by storm; a worthy opponent to parasailing, I’m 100% positive it’s one of those activities that looks easy until you actually attempt it yourself.

If you are interested in trying out these different toys, one of our charter brokers will be more than happy to discuss with you the best charter to suit your interests- just drop us a line, and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

The French Riviera: Taking ‘Al Fresco’ to the Extreme

The French Riviera is famous for its glistening turquoise water, golden beaches, Mediterranean culture and views that you just wouldn’t find elsewhere. The Cote d’Azur is the perfect composition of sun, sea and serenity, with the picturesque scenes of sailboats gently bobbing along; the rows of sunbeds nestled into the invitingly dazzling coastlines; high end shops and artisan districts that seem to clash yet complement each other so beautifully, resulting in a burst of colourful culture secreted within the bejewelled exterior of the French Riviera. You would think the Cote d’Azur was expertly tailored to suit those who seek a holiday for the luxuries, the materials, the sunbathing and the relaxation.

Monaco, in all its twinkling glory!

However, there is a side to the French Riviera that has only recently started to make an appearance; the Cote d’Azur has a surprisingly vast amount of adrenaline fuelled activities, such as wakeboarding, windsurfing, SCUBA as well as freediving. The serene imagery of the tranquil, bronzing vacations can be completely left behind in the foaming, turbulent wake of a water-skier being dragged along effortlessly by a high-speed RIB. The hustle and bustle of the thousands of holidaymakers, flocking to the allure of the sun-kissed shoreline can speed past in just the blink of an eye, the sounds and scenes of the Azure Coast drowned out by the tigress purr of a SeaDoo jet ski.

Glisse-Evasion, Nice: Wakeboarding

Whilst it may be easy to stumble into the belief that the Cote d’Azur is reserved for those seeking the sun and the sundries, the thrust and excitement of your first parachuting experience, with the wind in your hair and the land in your distant memories, is sure to rip those woollen sunglasses right off your eyes.

Blue Addiction: Freediving

Here are a couple of ideas, hand-plucked from the plethora of water sports that the French Riviera has to offer, ranging from toe dabbling along the coastline to jumping right in at the deep end like a true daredevil.

Glisse EvasionFor the Adrenaline Junkie in all of us.

Glisse-Evasion is a Nice-based water activities company with a wide range of experiences on offer, ranging from Banana Boats, Parachuting and Paddleboarding.

Located just along the Promenade des Anglais, by Blue Beach, Glisse-Evasion is not hard to find, so don’t be afraid to pop along and plan an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!

Blue AddictionFor the more exotic Daredevil.

Blue Addiction provides a freediving experience- that is essentially SCUBA diving but without the air. Don’t worry, you are in safe, professional hands!

Blue Addiction is situated in La Londe-les-Maures, in between Marseille and St. Tropez. It is run by a team of professionals with some very impressive credentials behind them.

However, Freediving isn’t just an extreme activity; in Malaysia and Indonesia Bajau Fishermen freedive amongst the corals to make a living, with nothing but a lungful of air and a spear, they dive down to depths of 20 metres to seek out reef fish. Some may spend as long as 5 minutes underwater!

So, if you’re on the search for a holiday packed full of adventures, adrenaline and long lasting memories, look no further than the French Riviera. From luxury to energy; sun to salt spray; it’s safe to say that a French Riviera Yacht Charter with Boatbookings offers something for everyone!

Heavenly Hide-aways along the Amalfi Coast

Known around the world as a place of outstanding natural beauty, with pastel coloured houses resting on cliff faces that cascade down to dazzling blue waters, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most dynamic and fascinating places to do a luxury yacht charter. Cruising from village to village, discovering more about this fantastic destination and its rich history, you will soon want to return year after year!

Villa Maria - Ravello - Amalfi Coast
Image from www.villamaria.it

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