Superyacht of the week: AQUA

It has been speculated that Bill Gates, the American billionaire, has commissioned a hydrogen-powered superyacht that debuted at the Monaco yacht show in 2019. It has now been reported that Bill Gates, did not, in fact, commission this green-going superyacht and still remains available for investors.

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Is the future going Green?

We have seen a trend in recent times towards electric and hybrid cars. Yachts are most definitely next in line to follow suit. We have even seen prototypes of electric planes starting (Read more about them here) so it’s about time we see some electric/hybrid boats on the market.

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But what about this hydrogen-powered yacht?

Sinot has just released a statement that it was not Bill Gates who ordered the yachts commission. The yacht is still considered in its concept stage and therefore has not been produced for mainstream charter, although they welcome investors who “share the same vision”.

About the yacht


It is hard to look past the prowess of this superyacht. Her flowing lines are reported to be inspired by ocean swells which is a salute to nature in its self. Her distinctive bow sets her apart from any other superyacht which is currently on the market. Not to mention her free-flowing aft deck space which features a waterfall!

Set over 5, meticulously appointed decks, AQUA is the definition of design ingenuity. From her furnishings to her engines, no part of AQUA has been overlooked or rushed. She utilizes space from her bow to her aft deck which descends into the water with nothing but elegance.

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It’s all happening at the aft

Aft deck spaces on AQUA

Probably one of our most favourite features on this yacht is her 2 deck aft space. AQUA’s top sun deck is partially shaded, with tables and a bar, you just cannot help but imagine yourself sipping on cocktails while marvelling at the French Riviera, or some other sought after cruising area.

On the deck below, you have what can only be described as heaven on earth. Her infinite-type pool cascades down and transforms into a water feature style waterfall. Step elegantly down the innovative series of steps down to the large sunbathing deck which allows guests sea-level access to the sea.

It doesn’t stop there… how about an onboard spa?

Sinots incredible engineering and design does not stop when you go below decks. Step through into a different world, a world of tranquil and peace. Wash away your day to day stresses as you immerse yourself in the onboard spa, complete with a massage room, and gymnasium.

Water is a natural healer, so it only makes sense that AQUA has a hydro-massage room which is exclusive to AQUA and discovered by the Romans. Massages administered by soothing, pressurized jets offer a relaxing, healing method that heals alleviate muscle and tissue damage.

The Masters Pavillion…

Worlds cannot do this justice, so here’s a glimpse of what to expect…

AQUA is not currently available to the charter market as she is still in her final stages of design. If there are features that you are particularly interested in, speak to one of our brokers so we are able to review yachts with similar characteristics so you too can enjoy the cruising world in luxury!

You went to Croatia without a yacht!?

Thinking of visiting Croatia this summer? Undoubtedly, the only way to explore the Adriatic Coast is by yacht. For groups of friends, Croatia provides the perfect blend between partying and enjoying secluded, tranquil bays on your own yacht! There are over 2000 islands scattered around Croatia’s waters and a lot for charterers to explore! It has never been easier for groups to enjoy a yacht charter. With international flights and an increasing number of boats to choose from, a yacht charter has never been more accessible in the Mediterranean!

Having chartered in Croatia on both bareboat and crewed yachts, broker Alice provides her insights into the Adriatic Coast and how to get the best charter boat. You can choose from a bareboat catamaran or a sailing boat charter with or without your own captain and a fully crewed motor or crewed catamaran charter to explore Croatia.

Choosing the right boat


A monohull charter provides the classic configuration of a yacht. These type of boats are perfect for those who love sailing and for smaller groups onboard. If you are wanting to charter bareboat for the first time, a monohull is a lot easier to navigate, sail and to moor up in ports as the boat is smaller. Monohulls also tend to be less expensive however they compromise on space and are generally less comfortable than a catamaran. If you are looking to charter a monohull in Croatia, a Hanse is the obvious choice.


A catamaran around the Croatian islands of Split.

A catamaran is the ultimate boat for a group of friends. Catamarans range in size and can accommodate up to groups of 14 people onboard. Catamarans have space on the bow and inside for relaxing. They also give additional space to get peace and quiet onboard. For larger groups, the Bali catamaran range is a great option as the brand has resigned the fleet to allow for more space on the bow for dining, sunbathing and relaxing. I would recommend adding a skipper to the charter if this is your first time bareboat charter on a catamaran. Most catamarans comprise of four double cabins with space for sleeping in the convertible saloon.

A boat with a skipper and a hostess?

For a more luxurious experience, whether you are a sailor or not, be sure to add a skipper and hostess to your charter. Sit back and relax whilst the skipper navigates you to the best kept secrets of the Adriatic Coast. Local knowledge in these parts of the world allows you to see areas such as empty bays, coves, the best anchorages and the best tips for unforgettable restaurants. Think of eating freshly caught octopus, cooked under a bell with local villagers.. this is the additional value of a skipper.

If you choose to add a hostess onto the charter too, this will typically enable you to have two meals per day onboard. Fresh, colourful lunches on deck followed by a swim are a key part of the charter. Note that if you do add a skipper and/ or hostess to the charter you are required to pay for their provisions during the charter.

Offshore Activities


Croatia is known to be the next Ibiza. The island of Hvar has many beach clubs for during the day and even has it’s own island for a night club, visit Carpe Diem island for a very unique nightlife experience. The streets are full of secret, underground bars for after hours. If nightlife isn’t for you but a few glasses of wine after dinner are, many quaint bars are also to be found in every village. The Croatian wine is a must- try, especially on the island of Vis where you can visit a vineyard to sample the latest production.


The nature you can expect in Croatia consists of natural waterfalls, blue and green caves surrounding Hvar, mountains and breathtaking scenery. There is also the option to dive on wrecks and reefs to explore some of the Mediterraneans sous-marine life. Visit the island Bol for hiking in vegetative mountains, Vis for its Blue Grotto and Mjat for its natural beauty. If you want a more scenic charter, be sure to visit the Kornati national park during the charter. A tip would be to go rafting on some of the waterfalls surrounding Split prior or following your yacht charter.

The Itinerary and Sailing

The Boatbookings brokers will help you plan an itinerary that will suit your group. The islands surrounding Split incorporate a blend of partying, climbing, cultural visits, swimming in secluded bays and even scuba diving. Either start your yacht charter from Split or Dubrovnik to find the best boats for exploring the Croatian islands.

See below some photographs of a Boatbookings broker trip to Croatia in 2019. First-hand experience of the sailing itinerary, best boats and restaurant recommendations enables the Boatbookings brokers to provide impartial charter knowledge.

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Step by step guide on how to understand your bareboat quote

This blog is to help you understand the bareboat quote when you receive a quote. I have provided a step by step to understand the quote and all the pricing.

Almost all bareboat operators work from an online platform where bareboat yachts are stored using live availability. We then sift through hundreds of yachts and suppliers to give you the most suitable yacht selection. The quote you will receive will probably look a lot like this:

So you have all this information…but what does it mean!?

  • You have the picture of the yacht, and next to that is the make/model of the yacht. Sometimes the yacht owners then add in brackets additions like “GEN, AC, WATERMAKER” which is simply listing elements/equipment that sets the yacht apart from others.
  • Above the yacht and the yacht model, you have the date. 9 times out of 10 it will be on a Saturday to Saturday this is just how the Mediterranean works. It’s the ‘change over day’ in the yachting world.
  • Under the title, you then have various bits of information like where the yachts home is “Base: Lavrion Main Port”, how many cabins, length, and prices etc.

Now for the fun bit…..Actually understanding on how to estimate your charter price: a heads up, it’s easier than you first think!

Step 1. Charter fee

The first number to look at is the number in green – in this case the price is: 6,935.00 €. This is your charter fee – the price to charter this yacht. This price will be inclusive of VAT, if it isn’t then we will tell you.

Step 2. Obligatory extras.

Obligatory extras are in addition to your charter fee and must be paid (normally at base). Security deposits are a pre-authorization on your credit card – just like what hotels do. Security deposits range from yacht type and whether you have hired a skipper or not. You are looking at around 2,000 euros – 4,000 euros on a monohull and up to 9,000 euros on catamarans.

A comfort pack is normally added to the charter fee which normally consists of linens, towels and some galley extras such as soaps and bin bags. Each yacht owner provides different bits in the comfort package so make sure you clarify with us so you know what to buy.

In this case, the charter fee is now 6,935.00 + 300 euros (Comfort pack) + 3,500 (Security deposit) = 10,735. Remember the 3,500 will be refunded providing that there is no damage to the yacht and that the 300 comfort pack will be paid in cash upon arrival.

4. Optional Extras

When you receive the quote you will see a button saying ‘more info’ on that link you will find pictures, yacht specifications like beam, loa, type of sail engine HP etc. Further down the page, you will come across a list of optional extras. These are all items you can add to your charter.

The optional extras are in addition to your charter fee/comfort package/security deposit and will always be paid in cash upon arrival. Some of Boatbookings favourite options are SUP boards and early check-in so you can leave the port the same day you get there…after all, you’ve travelled there to sail, right?!

5. Other payments to remember.

Sorting out the yacht fee, security deposits, obligatory and optional extras is done, the other elements you need to consider are the following:

  • Fuel. Dependant on yacht and weather. We recommend setting aside 250/500 euros for a 40ft monohull or a 40ft cat.
  • Food. Again, dependant. You could be big foodies or a lover of the canned tuna – it depends on how and what you want to eat. What I would say is to stock up on dry foods at the beginning of the week and stock up with fresh during the week. Bottom line is, It’s a weeks worth of food shopping for everyone onboard (including the skipper and host food)…and always, always remember to buy salt and pepper!
  • Port fees. Based on your yacht size and where your moor. If you’re in an anchorage it’s free, if you’re in a town quay, it’s normally free but you have to pay for electric and water. If you’re in a port/harbour/marina you will pay by ft. Normally between 5-10euros per ft.
  • Skipper/Host gratuity. We always recommend your skipper/host 10% of the charter fee*. Remember, the charter fee is in step 1, not charter fee + extras.

This should be enough information to get you started…as ever your Boatbookings Broker is here to help with any questions you may have!

A sailing charter is not all about sailing…

It might seem odd to say – but a sailing charter is not just about sailing. A sailing charter is about fully submerging yourself in culture and being at one with nature! You, as a charterer, are in a unique position where you do not have to stay in the same place for more than one day. Your hotel stays with you wherever you go, meaning you can do more, see more and experience more!

Some of the most incredible countries in the world are surrounded by water. Places like Greece, Croatia, Thailand, Italy, and the Azores just to name a few. These countries are steeped in natural beauty waiting for you to drop anchor and rock up to. Below is a list of activities in some of our favorite destinations to enhance your charter experience.

Location 1 – Sicily, Aeolian Islands.

sicily crewed sailing yachts, rent a boat Sicily, sicily crewed boat rental

Italy, a country famed by its food, culture, hospitality and it’s an outstanding natural beauty. Italy is one of Boatbookings favorite destinations for a couple of reasons, yes, we are all foodies, but its the natural, off the beaten itineraries that the Aeolian Islands offers.

Activity 1 – Walk up and admire the views across to the smoldering Vulcano

For the yachts that got into port on time and the wind wasn’t on the nose (haha) you can walk west 3kms from town to this incredible viewpoint on Lipari Island. This famous viewpoint is named “Quattrocchi” which is Italian for ‘four eyes’. For guests arriving a little later in the afternoon, you can catch a 10-minute bus. Watch the neighboring island ‘Vulcano’ as she smokes – you get a real sense that the earth is alive!


Activity 2 – Beach day at Cala Junco

Image result for Cala Junco
Cala Junco

Sometimes a beach day is necessary on a yacht charter. Pack a picnic and head for Cala Junco, a tiny cove with its own sheltered beach. Located on the southern tip of Panarea island, this oasis provides the perfect place to chill out with the family.

Location 2 – Azores, Atlantic.

Panoramic view over the Sete Cidades lake on Sao Miguel Azores

For the adventurous spirit, the Azores offers something different. A small cluster of islands located 1,400 miles of mainland Portugal boasts some of the most impressive scenery the world has to offer. With volcanos, craters, vineyards and hiking in abundance, you will not be short of activities!

Activity 1 – Calderia Volcano, Faial Island

Calderia Volcano and Capelinhos Volcano

A must-see if you find yourselves in the Azores!  The Calderia Volcano and Capelinhos Volcano, located on the island of Faial. The Calderia and Capelinhos Volcano is a breathtaking monogenetic volcanic field – monogenetic means that it will only erupt once. Incredibly, its irruption lasted over 13 months!  

Calderia Volcano and Capelinhos Volcano on map

Activity 2 – Wine tour on Pico island

Image result for vineyards pico island

Pico island has been producing with since the early 1500s and is the island’s main export. The vineyards are not the traditional neat rows over rolling fields, they have been adapted to Pico’s rich volcanic soils. The stone wall areas called ‘Currais’ litter the landscape, covering just over 2,000 acres of land across Pico island. The gardeners use basalt that exposes the vines to the sun but protects them from the Atlantic breeze.

Cooperativa Vine Yards

Location 3 – The Bahamas

The Bahamas. One of the most visited placed by sailors from all over the world. A playground made up of sandbanks, island hopping and crystal clear turquoise water. An area so natural, that more than half the islands in the Exumas are not inhabited.

Activity 1 – Anything in the water

Image result for nurse sharks bahamas

The best activities to do in the Bahamas revolves around getting in the water, I mean who wouldn’t want to go swimming in that turquoise water?! Some of our favourite additions to a yacht charter in the Bahamas are: driving with nurse sharks, snorkelling in Thunderball Grotto, swimming with the pigs and visiting the Iguanas!

Activity 2 – Eating at the yacht club, Staniel Cay.

Image result for yacht club staniel cay

Who said eating isn’t an activity? Boatbookings certainly thinks it is! In a place so sparsely populated sometimes you need a bit of human interaction and what perfect place than the Yacht Club in Staniel Cay. Sit on the balcony and admire the views across the bay and eat some of the island’s most delectable dishes.

Spring Break – Phuket’s top beach clubs

Phuket features more than 30 beaches available around the island, so it is no surprise that beach clubs are a popular choice in Phuket. There’s a varied selection available in size to please all looking for a party on the beach. All of them share the same qualities of fun and sophistication and are fantastic places to enjoy a chilled-out day.

These beach clubs generally include a stylish modern restaurant and bar made from natural elements as near to the sea and sand as possible, organising the occasional party with internationally recognised DJs and artists and a talented chef who can create delicious tapas and snacks, perfectly topped off with an amazing sunset. Here are our top Phuket Beach clubs for Spring Break.

Café del Mar Phuket

One of Ibiza’s most iconic venues, Café del Mar, has now opened its doors with a new beach club at Kamala Beach in Phuket. It combines a sophisticated party atmosphere with a high-quality setting and a great soundtrack of chill-out beats the northern end of Kamala Beach.

The club has a rustic beach-hut look, with a thatch-roofed main bar in the centre. To one side of it is shaded seating on comfortable sofas, while cabanas and large beds occupy a patch of sand to the other side. Behind the bar is a large swimming pool, with single sun loungers and more beds and cabanas around it, as well as a poolside swim-up bar. There’s also a restaurant nearby with indoor and outdoor seating. Reflecting the belief that we are what we eat, their cuisine aims to nourish the soul. Cafe Del Mar is has become one of the most popular beach clubs in Phuket.

HQ Beach Lounge Phuket

HQ Beach Lounge Phuket is a very chic and stylish beach club at the northern end of Kamala Beach. Kamala offers a beautiful stretch of sand to enjoy days on the beach and is found in the next bay over from the infamous party town of Patong. Opened in 2016, it is in a fairly isolated spot, with the nearest neighbour about 200m further along the beach. Modest in size, it is one of the few such places with direct beach access and even a couple of sun pads under the trees, as well as an impressive selection of drinks and classy cuisine in a cool, laid-back setting. The centrepiece is the large smooth marble main bar in the shade of a large sail and surrounded by stools with a rather novel design, featuring a swing-like foot rest. The entire lounge is surrounded by woodland, adding to the sense of privacy and isolation, as well as the available shade. This contemporary seaside hangout offers a casual menu with a healthy focus and fine flavours, HQ Beach Lounge Restaurant presents abundant choices including colourful salads, zesty dishes, comfort food and fresh seafood alongside amazing carefully crafted drink selection ranging from fresh smoothies to slightly more indulgent tipples.

Catch Beach Club

Catch Beach was the first real beach club opening in Phuket many years ago, and by doing so, they triggered a veritable chain reaction all over the island. Catch Beach Club is a bar, restaurant and lounge spot right on the beautiful Bangtao Beach, renowned for its great party atmosphere and international DJ appearances. With a superb beachfront location, excellent food and drinks and great music, it is one of the top chill-out spots throughout the day and a popular party venue at night. Belonging to the same brand as Palm Seaside, HQ Beach Lounge and Twinpalms Phuket, quality and class are absolutely assured. A well-established name in Phuket, Catch gained its notoriety on Surin Beach, but moved to the southern end of Bangtao. After extensive refurbishment, they reopened in 2016 and rapidly reaffirmed their reputation as one of the best beach clubs on the island. Now boasting the unmistakable Catch style, you will find indoor and outdoor dining areas, a large canopy-covered bar, sun loungers, a small splash pool and a selection of poolside salas.

Bluesiam Beach Club

The beach club is difficult to miss from the roadside as it’s constructed from old shipping containers, with a bright red, classic pick-up truck parked outside, among the tall palm trees. The setting of Bluesiam Beach Club is splendid; the entire terrace is right on the beach and is shaded by coconut palms. Bluesiam Beach Club offers a very quiet and laidback place to chill out on Bangtao Beach. You’ll find shaded cabanas, sun loungers and sofas to lay on, with the soft sand just a few steps away. Much of the seating is in the form of stylish rattan sofas with white cushions and low tables. Adding to the atmosphere of the place, beautiful Thai statues are displayed throughout the property. Soft Latino music mingles with the gentle swish of the sea and the occasional spluttering of a local fisherman’s boat engine.A menu of well-made Thai cuisine and skilfully crafted cocktails makes this a great spot for those who like their beach days to be calm and comfortable.

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