The 2019 Monaco Grand Prix Nightlife Guide

The 2019 Monaco Grand Prix is set to be another showstopper. Will Mercedes AMG Petronas continue to lead the pack, or will the Ferraris fulfil their potential to make the home crowds jump for joy? Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen are never too far behind, so will it be their weekend to shine in Monte Carlo? Only time will tell tomorrow!

The Monte Carlo Grand Prix is one of the world’s most iconic sporting weekends. Welcoming royalty, celebrities and socialites from all around the world, as well as 200,000 spectators, the Monaco Grand Prix should be at the top of your bucket list. Whether you come for the F1 race, the Porsche Supercup or just to soak up the buzz of this iconic weekend, Monaco’s nightlife will not disappoint.

The legendary JIMMYZ nightclub in Monaco always bring their A game for the Grand Prix weekend with the likes of Bedouin, Jason Derulo and Black Coffee performing. Charter Broker Ben Sutton recommends dinner at COYA Monte Carlo before your night at JIMMYZ, where you will sample some of the best Peruvian / Asian Fusion dishes found anywhere on the French Riviera.

If you’re not feeling like going to JIMMYZ this year, head to TWIGA. This iconic Monaco establishment never fails to disappoint with a star studded line up. Enjoy dinner over the road at SASS Cafe for a memorable Italian feast and dance the night away with Cathy Guetta and Busta Rhymes!

Go to the Monaco Grand Prix tomorrow for the race or the nightlife; whichever you choose will not disappoint! If you’re not in town this weekend and planning on visiting this summer, contact the Boatbookings Team to plan an unforgettable yacht charter experience.


Greece is one of the oldest vinicultural countries in the world, with a plethora of local grapes. The quality of Greek wines has tremendously improved over the past decades as new, highly educated and inspired sommeliers have applied themselves to the task of creating new labels. Many of the wineries have opened their gates to guests who can walk along the vineyards and then taste the wines in the cellars. Given this boom in the wine industry, an increasing number of yachties want to include a visit in wineries during their charters. Driven my own personal interest in wine, I am always happy to guide my clients and propose vineyard visits.

Santorini wines

The volcanic soil of Santorini island in the Cyclades offers the best terroirs for the Assyrtiko grapes. Assyrtiko wines are undoubtedly the flagship of Greek whites and a visit at the Hatzidakis winery in Sanotini offers a unique chance to view a unique and interesting wine in the making. Make sure to taste the award-winning Nukteri label. The thing, however, is that Santorini is way too far for a weekly itinerary starting and finishing in Athens, so I always advise my clients to fly to the island before or after their charter and combine this with a stay in one of the caldera hotels, enjoying the magnificent views.

Skouras Domaine

Skouras Domaine

Much closer to Athens I recommend clients to leave their yacht in Nafplion port and take a 30-minute drive to Skouras Domaine – one of the most modern and spectacular visitor-friendly wineries in Peloponnese. The prevailing force here is the Aghiorghitiko grape, which grows in the rocky terroirs nearby and is used in the much acclaimed Megas Oinos and Labyrinth labels. My personal favorite, however, is the fruity Viogner Eclectique, which grows in a small terroir called “spilitsa – little cave”.

The tempting Greek islands sun and the surrounding sea, together with the hospitality of your crew may keep you onboard your yacht through your charter. Do try to taste Greek wines during your visit – your chef will surely recommend the best pairings to their culinary creations. Contact now our expert broker team and start planning your next Greek motor yacht, sailing yacht or catamaran charter!

What to expect when undertaking an RYA Day Skipper qualification.

In this post, I will take you through my journey of becoming a Day Skipper. I will take you through the necessary steps, and speak about what you should expect in your assessment.

The time line

So you love the idea of chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean this summer but there’s one thing you don’t have… the qualification. Below is the RYA journey of becoming an accomplished sailor.

You are the captain now!

Greece bareboat yacht charter guide

Competent crew (referred to commonly as comp crew) should be the first step unless you have a few years of sailing experience and are comfortable taking charge of the yacht. Remember, you are the captain of the yacht – you have to be able to confidently lead the crew.

Sailing Knowledge

Croatia bareboat Yacht Guide

In my experience, it was beneficial to my learning that I completed the classroom theory. This enabled me to execute assessments quickly and confidently in the practical without getting flustered. If you decide you do not want to do the theory you must have basic knowledge of:
– Tides and how to use tidal curves
– Course to steer (CTS)
– How to read charts and identify heights and symbols
– Rules of the road (COL regs)
– Know how to operate and identify safety equipment
– Mayday procedures / VHF understanding (countries like Croatia demand that you have a VHF license, or that someone on your yacht has a VHF license)
– Know how to sail!

Day 1 – Familiarisation

There she is, the beauty! Yacht Gemini, the yacht I took my day skipper on.

Italy yacht charter guide

We stepped aboard the yacht early morning after registering. We settled in, went through some safety aspects and how the week would run. The yacht was composed of the assessor, 2 days skippers (I was one of them) and two comp crew. It was down to the day skippers to ensure the comp crew guys were safe, and to teach about sailing.

The first day was calm, we did some motoring, manoeuvring and moorings. The first day the assessor is evaluating your ability and confidence level. They will ask you some questions like where’s the wind coming from, what knot would you use – real simple stuff! Don’t worry this is a course, not an examination.

Day 2 – Anchoring & Maneuvering

French Riviera yacht charter guide

The second day gets more into the technical aspects of sailing. Anchoring, using mooring buoys and again, more maneuvering in small spaces. We also touched on points of sail, and sail set up. The assessor is constantly evaluating how you control the crew – without being horrible and bossy! You need to show that you can be calm, collected and most importantly safe.

Day 3 – Night sail, CTS & Charts.

Spanish yacht charter guide

The third day we compleated our night sail – now – this is where recognizing lights and light signatures is extremely important! Yes, even at Day Skipper level you will have to do a night sail for the ‘just in case’ moments in life. Please note day skippers are not allowed to do night sails and must be docked before sunset! If you have sailed between the Isle of Wight and Southampton you will know how terrifyingly amazing it is. The Solent is extremely busy, with huge cargo ships coming in and out all the time. It is important to keep an eye out – you could be asked to identify markers/buoys and point them out on the chart.

Day 4 – M.O.B (Man Over Board)

Turkey bareboat sailing charter guide

The fourth day was M.O.B day. Aka, get-that-yacht-as-close-to-that-fender-as-possible-in-the-quickest-amount-of-time-day! I completely fluffed up my first attempt. However, in those moments it’s important that you remain calm and deal with the situation. You need to be able to direct your crew clearly. e.g “John go down and make a Mayday Call”, “Peter take down the sails”, “Lucy keep pointing to the casualty” etc. The assessor will explain everything before you are given the attempt so don’t panic!

Day 5 – The last day.

English bareboat sailing charter guide

The last day was relaxed. We had to get in before 2 pm so we were able to clean the yacht ready for the next batch of prospective Day Skippers to embark! The morning consisted of gentle sailing, knot tying competitions and lots of tea. We practiced tacking for the comp crew guys – whom at this point were fantastic and with it.

Antigua Sailing Week

After having competed in the Antigua sailing regatta last week and gaining third place in class, charter broker and regatta expert, Alice gives her personal insight into the best parties, races, sailing, and restaurants that the regatta has to offer.

Every April, thousands of competitive sailors gather from all corners of the world to compete in the unmissable Antigua Sail Week. For any yachtie, this rum-fueled week is not to be missed out!

Rum-fuelled racing

The warm Caribbean trade winds allow for some of the world’s finest yacht racing conditions. The regatta has many different classes for yacht racing and welcomes boats of all sizes including bareboat, sports boats and many larger vessels. 

Since the 1950s this prestigious event has been the home to some of the finest yacht performances in boating history. The week includes 6 competitive racing days in some of the best sailing conditions throughout the regatta world.

Many different types of boats will compete in the regatta, giving many different class options to join. There is even the option of entering this regatta in a bareboat class if you wish to add a different dimension to a standard yacht charter!

Regardless of the size of boat you are on, at the beginning of every race everyone is in the same position, competition for victory at the end of the day.

Expect to see:

  • Crews hanging over the boat rail.
  • All boats in the realm of possibility
  • Bruises.
  • Sunburn everywhere
  • Windswept sailors with a rum in hand at all times.
  • Windward-leeward racing
  • Ripped sails and ruined sailors!
  • Global sailing champions
  • The sunsetting every night in Paradise


No Caribbean regatta can be complete without dancing, copious amounts of rum and live reggae bands. Notorious live parties, team-building competitions, prize giving ceremonies, and onboard cocktail parties allow the perfection combination of sailing and socializing.

Be sure to walk up to Shirley Heights to get the best sunset and I may add the best rum punch that the island has to offer. This year, the sailing event was sponsored by Fever Tree tonics, as such the traditional Caribbean rum had some very strong competition for being the tipple of choice for the 2019 Antigua Sailing Week.

Tough competition, idyllic racing winds, structured race courses, rum punch and of course  lobster on the BBQ  are the key ingredients to a world class regatta for novices, experts or even beginners!

Please click here to get in contact with Alice for your next regatta charter. We specialize in global regattas and travel extensively to review the best regatta charters for you!


All the details you need to know about this ground breaking yacht.

Why this yacht is important to us.

Boatbookings are always looking at new technology and pioneering movements within the yachting industry. Lexus has always been in the eye of Boatbookings, after all the owner of our company has one! After 30 years of being in the car industry, Lexus has recently celebrated selling over 10 million vehicles worldwide, an incredible feat seeing as they have worked through recessions and crashes. Not only have the surpassed the 10 million mark, they have also started to touch into the Maritime Industry.

Will this just be a concept yacht too?

The short answer is NO!! Following the release of the 42-foot concept sport yacht, Lexus are back at it again, only this time bigger, better and far more luxurious! What’s better is that you can actually buy the LY650. With dates set for production in the fall, we will be going over a few aspects of the yacht to give you an idea of what to expect.

Why it is important to us.

What really caught Boatbookings attention is that you will actually be able to buy this yacht. Time and time again we see manufactures teasing us with concepts – but this time it’s real life. The price is TBC, but I think we can all safely say that it’ll be easier to charter one of these yachts as opposed to buying one! Sale of the yacht will start in America, but it’s only a matter of time before she will be in the heart of the yachting world – the Mediterranean!


Through a blend of artisanal craftsmanship, Lexus has teamed up with Marquis-Larson, a yacht designer from the US to help create concept into real life. The yacht will boast 3 staterooms, and as you can imagine no expense will be spared when furnishing this superyacht. The Flybridge gives you 360 panoramic views, while the saloon area makes you feel like you’re on deck with natural light flooding every corner. Imagine being on the French Riviera with a glass of cold Rosé overlooking Monaco’s impressive town in the set back mountains!

Go on, tell me more…

Her beam of 18’8 gives you space where you need it most. Creating a dynamic space in the saloon/living area, this yacht will allow you to walk around without feeling cooped up. Her huge windows provide a 360-degree view of the impressive scenery that I know you’ll be in! The natural light will enhance your wellbeing and just ads to the luxuriousness of this yacht.

Let us know!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this Yacht. Would you charter her? Or would you rather something different? Chat to one of our expert yachties to find your perfect yacht for your Summer or Winter vacation!


Athens, being the base of almost all Greek Charter Yachts, is the most common start/finish point for your Greek Islands Yacht Charter. I always recommend our clients to spend a couple of days before or after their charter, exploring the museums, archaeological places and tasting the vibrant Athens nightlife.

Athens is abundant with excellent restaurants (including several Michelin star establishments), and I would like to clarify that the 3 restaurants I recommend below are just my favorite places! I am into modern, creative cuisine and I adore wines, so wine and food pairing is a priority for me. Most importantly, I highly value personalized service in a restaurant.

Number 1: SIMUL

SIMUL gastronomic situ: A small gem of a restaurant, situated in the heart of the posh Kolonaki neighborhood, SIMUM is steadily in my top favorite go-to restaurants. Chef Nikos Thomas’s creative interpretations of Greek/Mediterranean cuisine uses the freshest local ingredients and as such the menu changes with the seasons. During the summer, I prefer to sit in the lovely little garden.

Number 2: SUSHIMU

Maybe the best sushi place in Athens – Sushimu is a modern day traditional Japanese sushi bar. 12 high stools on one side of the bar, with Sushi chef Antonis Drakoularakos on the other side. While Chef Antonis prepares his nigiris, sashimis, and makis he interacts with his clients … It doesn’t come more authentic than this! The fish is also super fresh, selected by the chef himself every morning!


My absolute favourite wine bar in the centre of Athens. Oinoscent offers one of the widest selections of Greek and international wines. Most importantly a professional, dedicated and super friendly team of sommeliers who will talk with each of their clients and propose wines according to each one’s tastes. Oinoscent also provides a short, gourmet catalogue of warm dishes, cold cuts and cheeses, so is absolutely fine for light dinner.

Contact now our expert broker team and start planning your Greek motor yacht, sailing yacht or catamaran charter!


25% discount if you book in May 2019! Contact us now!

FIRECRACKER has long been one of our favorite yachts on the French Riviera. With her defining shape, and dark hull you will often see her in some of the most exclusive places. Her home is in the French Riviera, and here she stands proudly amongst her Superyacht sisters.


Fly helm station

Long-standing Captain Jonathan has been at her helm for 3 years and is looking forward to his 4th season on board. He is a firm favorite with our clients and knows all the best spots the Riviera has to offer.


New chef Daniel comes with a wealth of experience from cooking at one of the top 50 world restaurants, Maido in Peru.

Adding to this, he has worked in various Michelin Star and AA Rosette rated restaurants such as Kilworth House Hotel, The Whitebrook (where the Head Chef Chris has just won for his main course “The Great British Menu”) and Adams Restaurant.

He then moved on to a 55m motor yacht in Greece before joining FIRECRACKER where he is super excited to impress each and every client to come aboard.


Aft dinning area

We love FIRECRACKER as she is constantly updated and maintained to the highest standard. Her light and the modern interior offers great volume for her size and leads seamlessly to her vast aft deck where you can dine and relax al freso.


Bow sunpads

Her sunpads on the bow are great for cruising along in the summer sun and taking in the stunning views of the French Riviera.


She also has an impressive list of water toys for the thrill seekers amongst you! The list includes: seabobs, snorkel gear, wakeboards and more!

All this for 25% off the asking price in May?! I couldn’t believe my eyes either… get in touch and speak with Cordy now for more information on this amazing opportunity!

Contrasting Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park and Zrce beach, Novalja, Pag island.

When choosing a holiday destination, it sometimes becomes a stressful exercise. However, we are at hand to take that stress away. Here at Boatbookings we regularly visit the countries we have yachts in so we are up to date with advice for you! Questions like: “will they like it? Does it offer something for everyone? Can I have peace and quiet? But also some nightlife? I want nature, but also the parties, I want sea but also land” are regularly asked – and we know the answers! We advise you on everything from yachts, best anchorages, local knowledge, restaurants and even the best wines available!

Croatia is one of the top countries to be visited by not only the young party goers but for nature enthusiasts and of course the sailors! Because of Croatia’s diversity it truly offers something for everyone and here’s why…..

Aerial view of Brijuni islands, Croatia

Croatia has diversity at every corner. A previously Soviet ran country, it has turned into one of the most popular sailing hot spots in Europe. Boasting over 2000 islands for you to explore and home to eight incredible National Parks what more could you want from one country?

Croatia, Pag Island – Zrce beach.

Pag island.

Pag island is located 2 hours northwest of Split and is assessable by car. Pag island the capital of Croatia’s nightlife! With clubs such as Papaya and Kalypso open until the early hours of the morning be sure to pack some paracetamol! Festivals such as Hideout are based here because of the islands DJ history. This area has been partying until their feet give out for more than 30 years making it one of the pioneering places to let your hair down!

Plitvice lakes

Plitvice Lakes

So, you’re picking your yacht up at 5pm (normal embarkation time) and yet your flight arrives early morning. What should you do? Well, why not visit one of the most incredible national parks in the world before you hop on your yacht?! This National Park is 1.5 hours inland from port Starigrad. Alternatively, it’s a 2.5-hour drive from Split. It’s worth booking in advance, they only allow a certain amount of people in per hour so you are able to be at one with nature, and not shuffle around the crowds.

On of our Bali Cats in Croatia!

On your sailing holiday, you need to experience variety. You need to explore the land has to offer as well as sailing through the stunning Adriatic sea. Everyone has different tastes when it comes down to how they want to spend their time off. With Croatia, it gives you the opportunity to create a harmonious holiday and ensuring that everyone feels like they got the most out of their precious time off. Get in touch with one of our yachting experts to see how you could have your very own private yacht!

Top 3 Bars and Nightclubs on the Amalfi Coast

An Amalfi Coast crewed yacht charter has something for everyone; hospitable crews, picture-postcard villages, thermal spas, fine-dining restaurants and haute-couture boutiques, but does it really have a nightlife scene? If you’re looking for more than your Aperol Spritz, a picturesque piazetta and want to dance the night away, you’ll find it hard to beat the three best nightclubs in Capri and the Amalfi Coast below.

Africana, Praiano

Via Terramare, 84010 Praiano

Welcome to the most famous club on the Amalfi Coast. Every mega club is a groundbreaking venue, but Africana takes your rave levels to a whole new dimension. Born within a mammoth natural cavern, Africana benefits from stunning views out to sea, and a unique hedonistic atmosphere to party. From Aristotle Onassis in the 1960’s to the modern day rockstar, Africana continues to dazzle the elite 2019 jet-set.

Music on the Rocks, Positano

Via Grotte dell’incanto 51, Positano

Positano is everyone’s favourite Amalfi Coast hotspot; the area is full of world class hotels and eateries, but the quaint town only has one nightclub. Located on the edge of the cliff overlooking the beach, Music on the Rocks welcomes you for dinner on the first floor, before offering cooling cocktails in the Fly lounge and dancing until dawn.

Aneme e Core, Capri

Via Sella Orta 39/e 80073 Capri

Anema e Core Capri is the island’s institution. Don’t be fooled by the lack of an impenetrable guest-list or the humble ‘tavern’ interior, this is the must experience Capri hotspot. Welcoming supermodels and megastars from all around the world, you will be entranced by the rhythm and spirit of this iconic establishment. Guido will have even the most discerning celebrity up on their feet, dancing the night away as only the Italians can! 

Stay tuned for the next blog in our Amalfi Coast series, where we will continue to show you the must-visit hotspots to ensure an unrivalled Amalfi Coast yacht charter experience. Don’t leave your holidays to chance, leave It with your dedicated Boatbookings Brokers

Lerins islands Lavish Restaurants

Panoramic aerial view of the Lerins islands.

Sainte-Marguerite island

Lerins islands are a small group of Mediterranean islands that is home to some of the most upmarket restaurants in the South Of France. The two largest, and most famous islands are called Île Sainte-Marguerite and Île Saint-Honorat each with a different vibe – but ultimately boasting similar incredible scenery and gastronomy delights.

La Guerite restaurant.

The island of Saint Marguerite is home to the impressive La Guerite restaurant. The rustic wooden structure, coupled with the intensely green lavish trees makes you feel like you’re in a Greek Taverna. Look across the water with spectacular views of Cannes, and the foothills of the Alps.

La Guerite restaurant.

Be seduced by the incredible food, atmosphere, and views. Sip on a glass of refreshingly cool Rosé and soak up every moment of this magical corner of the world. This is truly the place to be while on the island of Saint Marguerite. Why not book a day charter that departs from Cannes, takes you for a swim on your very own private yacht before dropping you off for lunch? Be picked up in style by your captain and then returned to Cannes for parties on the beach! Chat to one of our experienced brokers today to find out more!

La Guerite on the beach.

Saint-Honorat island

Church at the Cistercian Monastery on St. Honore Island

The baby sister of Saint Marguerite, Saint Honorat lays directly south of the bigger island. Saint Honorat has been a monastic community since the 5th century. But these monks are like no others – they produce wine! There are even wine tasting tours that you can do on this incredible little island.

La Tonnelle

Hidden amongst the picturesque palm trees lays one of the most loved restaurants on Saint Honorat. Property of the monks, La Tonelle has been serving food for not only the locals but to many luxury seekers all over the world. This affordable restaurant is sure to create memories in a very memorable place!

La Tonnelle

If you are looking for culture, and something a little bit different this is the island for you. The Caribbean like waters coupled with the monk’s energy that ozzes into the atmosphere creates a calm, laid back environment perfect to escape the fast-paced life at home. Chat to one of our yachting experts to see how you can get here!

La Tonnelle

“Today, this community is composed of 22 monks living modestly and peacefully in this preserved, sunny paradise … an oasis of silence”

La Tonnelle