Five Days in the Komodo National Park

Travelling across the world really broadens the mind, especially when you explore a truly majestic destination like Indonesia. Offering unrivalled scenery, world class diving and ultimate tranquility, there is no better way to spend your holidays than on an Indonesia yacht charter. Get ready to embrace everything that this part of the world has to offer!

Private Beaches, Everywhere!

Your landscapes will change every day, and even throughout the day as the tides come and go. Spend the morning snorkelling with Manta Rays in Karang Makassar and then relax on your own private beach. Your service orientated crew will find the perfect beach set up for you to relax and dip your toes in the cerulean waters.

Diving with Turtles and Sharks

Diving on the Phinisi LAMIMA is offered for all levels, whether you’re a complete beginner or extremely advanced. Jump on the tender with Wawan and Ali and you will discover magical coral formations and everything that lives in between. You can expect to see everything from white fin reef sharks to blue spotted rays and turtles. Your mind will be blown!

Spa Treatments and Honeymoons

If you prefer to take your holidays a little slower, wake up to sunrise yoga on the sundeck, followed by breakfast and a trip to the LAMIMA spa. Koko specialises in a full array of massage and beauty treatments. When in Indonesia, sample the Balinese massage to the sound of traditional Gamelan music and the ripples of the water below. Whether you’re seeking a family vacation or Indonesia honeymoon yacht charter, this destination will not disappoint.

When you think you’ve seen everything, think again. Your crew will go the extra mile and set up the ultimate final evening for your guests to experience. How does a private beach BBQ sound? Yes, all is possible onboard LAMIMA. Contact your Boatbookings Broker to plan the trip of a lifetime.

Americas Cup

Your majesty, there is no second.

the response given by the royal correspondence to Queen Victoria when she asked “Who came second?”

Charter a yacht to watch the 2021 Americas Cup unfold in New Zealand!



On the 20th August 1851, sahiling history was made and The Americas Cup was born.  A group of New York businessmen set sail, crossing the Atlantic Ocean to compete in the Hundred Guinea Cup on the British Isle of Wight. In an old schooner, the New York businessmen claimed victory of the Hundred Guinea Cup and subsequently renamed this as the notorious ‘Americas Cup’.

San Francisco, California, USA – August 21, 2013: 5th race between New Zealand & Luna Rossa for Louis Vuitton Cup in San Francisco Bay

When the race began, Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert were sat watching the race unfold. The emergence of an American yacht was seen as a race between the New and Old western world and attracted nationwide attraction.

The Needles, United Kingdom.

America comes to England

The American schooner made its way around some of the toughest sailing conditions in the world. The Needles on the Isle of Wight is incredibly tidal and often profits from very strong winds. This race was not just a standard yacht race, it was a test which would define the beginning of the new Western age.

Americas Cup

The Americas Cup, stayed in the hands of American sailors the following 100 years and 24 Americas Cup races before it was eventually taken in 1983 by the Australian racing team.

Naples, Campania, Italy – April 06, 2012: The Team Oracle during workouts America’s Cup World Series AC45

“Your majesty, there is no second”

When Queen Victoria asked who was in second place her royal correspondence replied ‘ Your majesty, there is no second’, defining yacht racing history and making the Americas Cup no longer just a sailing competition. This is a fierce and forceful worldwide competition that can make or break international relations. Known as a ‘perpetual challenge cup for competition between nations’ it is not a regatta to be missed out on.

Americas Cup 2021 – Save the date!

The 36th Americas Cup event held in 2021 taking place in New Zealand. Teams are already practicing on the shores of Auckland, (New Zealand) to show their presence and determination to win the legendary trophy. The boats are sleeker, the teams are faster and the crowds will be larger than ever. The stakes are high for the 2021 world cup. The US sailing team have already confirmed their commitment to the cup, making the regatta come into play from an early stage. The 35th Americas Cup, presented by Louis Vuitton in Bermuda saw both precision and performance however New Zealand is set to offer more than this!

Karaka Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Dates are from the 6th to the 21st March 2021 and boats are already booking up to watch the spectacle!

Charter a yacht to watch the action, follow the race and be a part of the action for the day! Get in touch with our regatta expert, Alice, for more information!


Not only does BOOMSHAKALA have a wonderful chef and crew, but she is also the most eco-friendly yacht we have had the pleasure of visiting. Her solar panels can keep the generators running for 12 hours! She uses eco-friendly products where possible and there are no plastic water bottles in sight! For more information about Green Chartering please visit this page.

Gourmet Portuguese Chef Josué Eliziario joins the wonderful team on board BOOMSHAKALAKA!


Find out more information regarding yacht chartering in our
Luxury charter yacht guide

We had the pleasure of experiencing the amazing cuisine cooked by accomplished chef Josué Eliziario on board BOOMSHAKALAKA. His cuisine is full of flavour and extremely creative. Having worked in high standard kitchens with demanding teams in Michelin starred restaurants, 5* luxury catering, a private chef on yachts and in villas for high-end guests, he brings a wealth of experience to the BOOMSHAKALAKA.

BOOMSHAKALA, based in Croatia.


Josué prepared wonderful canapés including gazpacho shot with oregano toast, Mediterranean bruschetta with kalamata olives, lemong, fleur de sel, olive oil and basil sprout, creme brûlée parmigiano, ceviche and chicken breast marinated in sesame oil wrapped in bacon.

Check out our crewed yachts in Croatia!


Followed by a starter of pea cream, pata negra toast, soft cheese, mange-tout, pea sprouts and quail egg.

Check out our 7 Day Crewed Yacht Itinerary here!

Fish Course

His fish course was poached sea bass, clam cream, cucumber and chilli with lemon verbena.

View our Yachts in Croatia!

Meat Course

Followed by grilled rib eye steak, seasonal mushrooms, tartar emulsion, leeks and potato gratin.

Information about the Adriatic Sea


The dessert was to die for! Chocolate lovers watch out, this one is for you! Chocolate ice-cream, sorbet, gelatine, cream, crumble and cake!

Petit Fours

All complemented by a stunning 3 tiered platter of more chocolate delights! Josué is also great with vegan food and other dietary requirements.

Yacht overview

The yacht has a stunning contemporary feel and her full beach master cabin is truly impressive with his ‘N hers sinks and large walk-in shower. The saloon area is bright with lots of natural light flooding in and leads onto her exterior dining area which is complemented by sofas and sun pads!

She is booking up fast for 2019, so please enquire now to secure your dates on board!

Is it safe to charter in Turkey?

In this article, I will discuss the safety of traveling to Turkey post-2016 coup d’état and the effects this has had on tourism.


Over the past few years, specifically from 2016 onwards, Turkey has seen the downfall in tourism due to political conflicts and terror-related instances. In this article, I aim to dissect Turkeys conflicting past, understand what affects this is having to the present and what this means for the future.


Turkey – where east meets west. A culturally vibrant corner of the Mediterranean enriched by its ancient history. Turkey is home to over 82 million people. Away from the larger towns, such as Istanbul or Bodrum lays a country of vastness. Approximately 104.5 people per square kilometer as opposed to England’s 427 people per square kilometer. (Statista, 2017).

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While there are some problematic trends include rising unemployment and inflation, education in Turkey still remains strong. The literacy rate is high at 95.6%, a surprising statistic, however, the Turkish take their education seriously, even in rural areas. The most common foreign language, besides the native dialects, is English. Children residing in Turkey are enrolled in mandatory English classes from ages 8. Subsequently, in this culturally diverse country, the population can still communicate well with holidaymakers. (Turkey Population, 2018).


Check out our crewed yachts in Greece!

Political unrest

Turkey was consumed by a failed Coup d’état, a word that derives from the French language “To overthrow of an existing government”. Coups are generally a quick and sudden act of violence by a small sect of people, often military. Since 1950 an astonishing 463 Coup attempts have happened worldwide with an even more staggering statistic that 233 Coups were successful – just over 50% success rate. (Besaw, C. 2018).  In the last century, there have only been two years where a Coup was not attempted, 2007 and 2018. According to OEFResearch’s Coupcast predicts that Turkey is down in the risk of another Coup, while countries like Thailand, ranked 2nd highest in `odds of a coup attempt` are up in their risk. (Coupcast, 2019).

Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Istanbul.

The Turkish Coup, arranged by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), attempted to seize control in several politically important areas including Ankara and Istanbul. The Coup was formed in retaliation to the Government, who was accused of controlling the media and what deemed to be enforcing undemocratic laws. The delivery of Coups are generally over quickly, however, the accusations towards to Government in question and the outcome never recede as quickly as the delivery of the Coup.

BBQ on the bow – what more could you want.

Turkey was in a state of shock, with many people killed and arrested it was a very dark time in Turkeys 95-year political history. What was often missed out in the media was something quite unprecedented. The civilians of Turkey took to the streets armed with kitchen utensils, garden tools to fight against the Turkish Armed Forces. Shoulder to shoulder with the loyalist soldiers and the Turkish police force, they were able to defeat the coup attempt within a few hours.

Early morning, Gocek.

Ancient trading routes

The years following the devastating events took a toll on Turkey in many ways – but most importantly the Tourism. Turkey is no stranger to hosting different cultures. Turkey is home to one of the many ancient networking trade routes that linked the east and west. These ancient trade routes, named famously as the ‘Silk Roads’ became established in the Han Dynasty of China era, which dates back between the times of 130BC – 1453CE. According to the European explorer Marco Polo, he noted down that the roads were used for the delivery of many goods including livestock, spices, foods, and carpets. (Masefield, J. 2011).

One of the many Silk Road routes.

The trading routes which networked through Turkey meant they were more advanced in their lifestyle development than what Europe ever was until it came to the industrial revolution. In the turn of the century, Turkey turned to tourism as being one of its main revenue sources. Turkey did this extremely well and what was impressive is that it didn’t even have to try, it sold itself. The country appeals to the masses. You have history, architecture, beaches, nightlife, sailing, exploring, tracking, health tourism and all at an extremely reasonable price. Direct flights from London means you can be totally immersed in the hustle and bustle of Turkish life within four hours.

One of my most favourite places on earth, Fethiye.


In 2014, Turkey was ranked 6th most popular tourist destination in the world, 42 million foreign tourists traveled to enjoy all of what Turkey has to offer. This injected 32 billion euros of revenue, this provided socioeconomic growth throughout the country. (Daily Sabah, 2015). Since 2014 tourism started to decline due to the political situation that Turkey was involved in. In 2015 tourism dropped by 6 million and then in 2016 it dropped another 11 million resulting in a total drop of 17 million. This was detrimental to the country when they needed the money most. Recovery began in 2017 when tourism increased to 32 million, still 10 million less than when Turkey was in its heyday.

Ölüdeniz Belediyesi


Nautical tourism is increasing in popularity for holiday choices. With the rise of Flotilla holidays where certificates are not always needed and thousands of bareboats around the world, it has created an accessible industry for various classes. Just like traveling by plane, yachting was seen as elitist. It was more expensive to charter yachts 30/40 years ago because there simply wasn’t a lot of yachts to charter. With the advancement of ship manufacturing, and marina building it has created a gap in the market for sailing holidays.

Two traditional sailing yachts, Gullets.

With more hulls in the water, this gave way to more accessible sailing, typically in the Mediterranean. Turkey grabbed at this opportunity and concentrated on building the infrastructure to hold yachts of all sizes and types. Turkey has many attributes that sailors look out for mainly sailing conditions and anchorages.


The Mediterranean is typically popular because of line of sight sailing which means even novice sailors can get around with ease. Adding to this, there is barely any tide to factor making anchoring, passage planning and general maneuvering of the yacht easier.

Temple of Apollo

Turkey is in the prime position for an eclectic mix of chartering. The wide range of yachts that take advantage of this historic country may surprise you. From traditional sailing boats all the way through to superyachts – this country has something for everyone. Not only does Turkey offer some of the best sailing in the Mediterranean, but it also offers a lot of excursions on land too.

Lycia, Fethyie

Historical sites dating back to a mind-blowing 10th millennium BC. Turkey is also famed for its Turkish Hammams, which are extremely popular not just in Turkey but worldwide. Turkish Hammams combines the Roman baths and the Arabic steam baths, Hammam is actually the Arabic word for ‘bath’.


To date, France and Turkey have the same threat level on the UK Home Office travel advice page stating that attacks are very likely to be carried out. However, this did not stop 89 million tourists visiting France alone in 2018. This indicates that even though there are threat levels people are still willing to visit terror hit countries. It begs the question that perhaps culture is more the defining factor rather than the threat level.


Personally, I believe as a nation, and as a fellow sailor, we should not let these terrorist groups dictate our lives and hinder what we can and cannot enjoy in life. This is not to say we should not proceed with caution, but if we exercise too much caution, we could overlook some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain


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The Authentic Amalfi Coast Restaurant Guide

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most dynamic and fascinating places to enjoy your summer 2019 luxury yacht charter. Cruising from village to village offers unrivalled scenery, history and natural beauty. Your Amalfi Coast itinerary will include some of the best restaurants, spa hotels and beach clubs in the country.

Villa Maria - Ravello - Amalfi Coast
Image from

Hotel Villa Maria – Ravello

Originally a Roman nobleman’s retreat, Hotel Villa Maria is a grand mansion situated in the heart of Ravello, looking out to the most spectacular sea views of the Amalfi Coast.

Villa Maria - Ravello - Amalfi Coast
Image from

The restaurant is definitely one to try, attracting many celebrities and celebrity chefs. The chefs use the freshest ingredients that are homegrown in their biological gardens to produce creative and innovative dishes that capture the taste of the Amalfi region.Set on a picturesque terrace, this really will be a dining experience to remember.

Villa Scarpariello – Ravello

Villa Scarpariello Relais - Positano - Amalfi Coast
Image from

Who wouldn’t want to spend a night living the fairy-tale dream in a medieval castle on the sea? Villa Scarpariello is an impressive building, situated just down the coast from Ravello, where you can delight in the old world charm of its romantic rooms and beautiful terraces.

With private access to the sea and your private Amalfi Coast yacht, this is an ideal spot to stop during your charter vacation and enjoy unparalleled tranquillity.

Il San Pietro – Positano

Il San Pietro - Positano - Amalfi Coast
Image from

Zass restaurant at Il San Pietro is simply sublime; from its breathtaking views over Praiano and the coast, to the gastronomic menu, you will not be disappointed. Chef Alois Vanlangenaeker guided the restaurant to be awarded its Michelin star in 2002, and he has sustained this high standard ever since.

Il San Pietro - Positano - Amalfi Coast
Image from

The restaurant’s food is refined and pure, designed around the concept of taking fresh and locally grown Italian ingredients, and elevating them to new level.

We trust our Amalfi Coast insights have sparked your imagination to charter one our luxury yachts; please contact your Boatbookings Broker today, who will be happy to organise and book your charter around your exact specifications.

Top Kitesurfing spots in Greece

The Greek islands can be windy in July and August. This, however, is an advantage for our action seeking clients! Kitesurf is the new fad with an increasing number of devotees.

Kitesurfing requires a basic level of lessons from an instructor, but after some lessons, you can find yourself skimming on top of the waves –and if you are bold enough jumping above them!!! Some Greek luxury charter yachts have their own kitesurf instructors onboard, but there are several spots in the Greek islands where you can get your lessons. Here’s a selection of the best kite surfing spots in Greece:

Naxos Island is the most known kitesurfing spot in the Cyclades. When the meltemi is blowing, Mikri Vigla bay is the ideal playground for kitesurfers. A steady wind of 20-25 knots and relatively high waves combine to create the ideal conditions for spectacular jumps. When you are not wrestling with the wind and waves, take some time to explore the island of Naxos, particularly the Northern inland villages, which are unspoiled by mass tourism.

In the Ionian Islands, you can kitesurf in Lefkada island. The beach in Agios Ioannis is conveniently close to the marina and has some of the best waves in the area. In general, the Ionians boasts very calm seas on the Eastern shores (which represent the favorite yacht cruising ground in the area), but are exposed to the long stretch of open sea on their Western shores (which can be windy and abundant with waves).

Contact now our expert broker team and start planning your Greek motor yacht, sailing yacht or catamaran charter. Your captain will make sure you can go to one of many kitesurf paradises in the Greek islands and organize your adrenalin-filled lessons!

Stay in Bali before your Indonesia Yacht Charter

Chartering a luxury yacht in a destination off the beaten track does not normally offer international airports, world class facilities and cutting edge hotels. Waking up in a new time zone, even for the experienced traveller, can be tiring. The answer; stay on land to recuperate before boarding your private yacht. With new direct flights from London to Bali, or multiple connections via Singapore, your Indonesia yacht charter has never been so accessible.

Four Seasons Sayan, Bali

Bali is famous for its rice fields, also known as paddy fields. The Four Seasons Sayan, located just an hour north of the airport, offers spectacular views from the comfort of your own suite. With world class facilities and service second to none, you will be pampered ahead of your Indonesia sailing experience. Stay at the Four Seasons Sayan and embrace a truly authentic Balinese experience this winter.

W Hotel Seminyak, Bali

Bali is just as famous for its long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, which are a haven for surfers. Seminyak is only 30 minutes from the airport in the Kuta district, an area renowned for surfing. The W Hotel offers a myriad of swimming pools which cascade towards the beach. Stay on shore before your Bali – Lombok 7 day luxury sailing itinerary, and enjoy a party vibe experience like no other.

Your Brokers continue to visit your charter destinations, so they can continue to provide unrivalled insights. Ben is currently spending this week discovering the wonders of LAMIMA as she cruises the Komodo National Park. Stay tuned to see photos of the magical Komodo dragons, as well as some of the most spectacular scenery in the world!

Top 3 sailing destinations in picturesque Italy

If you haven’t visited the Italian coastline by boat, you probably have missed some unique destinations. A sailing holiday can offer you an exciting new experience to discover what this versatile country has to offer.

Have a look at 3 top destinations where to go sailing in this magnificent peninsula.


Sardinia is one of the best sailing destinations in Italy. The food, blue sea, beaches, sun, restaurants, and the local people are just so authentic. By visiting the Emerald Coast by boat you will reach unique beaches and secluded islands on assessable by yacht.

Aerial view of the famous Cala Luna Beach in Sardinia, Italy. Location: Gulf of Orosei, Province of Nuoro, East Sardinia.

The Emerald Coast is one of the most beautiful and famous coasts in the world, you will be able to visit bays, coves, and white sandy beaches. The perfectly clear turquoise waters seem to come straight out of a Caribbean dream!

You absolutely cannot miss visiting La Maddalena Archipelago! A National Park which consists of seven islands that could be compared to paradise on earth! We have a large selection of day yachts that are available for exploration through the park.

Mistral winds from the North West can set in for a few days during summer, which brings a pleasant breeze in the evenings. Exposed beaches on the North coast are the main areas affected by this wind, especially towards the straits of Bonifacio. This is why Porto Pollo is known as one of the best windsurfing beaches in the Mediterranean.

If this wasn’t enough very close to north Sardinia, there lays a beautiful island. Corsica. You are able to reach this island by sailing in just 2 and a half hours! You must visit the small island called Cavallo and the Bonifacio town.

Amalfi Coast

One of Italy’s most picturesque regions, the Amalfi Coast. This exclusive coast offers bays, coves, and unique landscapes. The houses almost look like they’re tumbling into the sea.

Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano, Capri, and Ischia are breathtakingly and beautiful spots where you can stop and try traditional Italian cuisine! Pizza with fresh mozzarella, pasta with clams, tiramisu and why not a good wine, all of this in one of the many restaurants with the sea view.

Not too far from the coast there is the wonderful island of Capri, classified in 2018 as one of the 20 most beautiful islands in the world.  Surrounded by clear turquoise waters, rocky coves, emerald green grottos, beach clubs and stunning restaurants where you can spend your time.

In a one-week charter, you can also visit the Island of Procida and Ischia, two tiny islands off the coast of Naples, both rich in uncontaminated nature and history.


With perfect winds, unique landscapes and a sunny season that starts in mid-April and lasts until mid-October, Sicily turns out to be a perfect sailing destination, but these are only some of the reasons why you should visit this amazing island. This island is abundant in both history and culture. Sicily also possesses a coastline with pristine warm waters and a cuisine to die for.

The most popular destination is the Aeolian Islands, a Unesco World Heritage site due to their outstanding natural beauty. It is a volcanic archipelago composed of seven enchanting islands: Stromboli, Vulcano, Panarea, Salina, Lipari, Alicudi and Filicudi.

The islands are extremely diverse, all with spectacular views and black rock formations, quiet picturesque villages and exclusive ports all within hours of each other.

A Very British (Virgin Islands) Christmas!

Specializing in Caribbean charters, charter broker Alice tells us the top 5 reasons to charter a yacht why the British Virgin Islands is officially one of the best places in the world to charter a yacht for the 2019 holiday season!

Escape the bleak mid-winter and spend Christmas 2019 island hopping between the white sand beaches of the British Virgin Islands. The worlds best sailing conditions, island hopping, world-class scuba diving grounds, a Christmas day conch meal. This plus an unforgettable New Year’s Eve makes the British Virgin Islands the only place to charter a yacht this Christmas.

Christmas day on the yacht

Whether you’re a seasoned yachtie or sailing around the best sailing grounds of the Caribbean is something you’ve always dreamt of, a yacht charter in the BVI is guaranteed to make 2019 your best Christmas yet.

Although you’ll be on a yacht in the Caribbean, don’t worry there is still plenty of decorations to make you feel just at home. Expect to see masts with fairy lights going to the top, red and white bikinis and palm Christmas trees.

Spend this Christmas walking around the white sand-beaches of Anegada and join in the local celebrations! Chose from having your own personal crew onboard to sailing solo around the many BVI white-sand beached islands.

New years eve at Foxy’s

Be sure to head to the island of Jost Van Dyke to bring in the New Year. Foxy’s on the island is renowned as being one of the top 5 parties in the world on New Year’s Eve.

Instead of celebrating the ‘New Year’, this bar celebrates the ‘Old Year’s Night’, making this iconic location different from every other New Year Party on the globe.

Hop off your boat and enjoy being in one of the best places in the world this New Year. Be sure to catch the theme before deciding on your outfits!

December diving

Switch the traditional family board games on Christmas day for a scuba diving lesson! Scuba dives are an extremely popular Christmas day activity and really make it a Christmas day to remember.

The BVI waters surrounding the islands of Norman Island are renowned for being extremely clear during the months of December and January. The Caribbean waters are full of different corals, turtles, shipwrecks and thousands of different species of fish.

Surprise your loved ones with a diving course and give the gift of the ocean this Christmas!

A Caribbean Christmas lunch

Eat like a local and celebrate the festivities with a freshly grilled lobster or conch! Head over to the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda for your Christmas lunch, be sure to book early this year as most restaurants serving local Caribbean Christmas delicacies tend to get booked up very quickly.

Unrivalled weather conditions

The trade winds blowing across the islands of the BVI offer a consistent breeze, ideal for sailing and for keeping slightly cool during this period. Christmas is without a doubt one of the best times of year to visit the BVI due to long, sunny days with ocean breezes coming through in the afternoon and slightly cooler evenings.

The BVI is known for ‘line of sight’ sailing and protected bays for anchorages and sailing. Unlike other locations in the Caribbean, the waters in the BVI are usually a lot calmer than many other locations.

Aftermath of Irma

Despite the saddening damage, caused by hurricane IRMA in 2017, the BVI’s are being cared for and maintained. The process of rebuilding infrastructure has been a work in progress since the hurricane struck, however, the BVI is back on track and the boat standards and sailing grounds are as popular as ever.

Don’t let the damage caused in 2017 put you off from a yacht charter in the BVI this Christmas – the BVI is up and running. For current information, we please see our “what is open in the BVI after Irma” page, which is updated regularly.

Give Santa a change from the chimney and let him slide down your mast this Christmas! Get in touch today!

SUP paddle boarding – HOW?!

SUP boarding, originating in Hawaii is a spin-off from surfboards. As opposed to the paddle-less sister, sup boarding offers a range of activities perfect for your summer and winter charters!

Standing Up Paddleboards have become available to the masses, with almost all bareboat yacht owners offering SUP boards as an extra to their charters why not add one onto yours? Most crewed yacht charters will now have SUP boards, along with other water toys. But did you know there are so many ways to use them?! See below!

The classic – SUP Boarding.

In the Mediterranean, you will often see people push their sups off the side of the yacht and go for a paddle – join them! Bend your knees and make sure you have the paddle the right way around! As you become an expert over the week start to use some technique and draw a ‘J’ in the water. By doing this you only need to paddle on the one side.


Downward dog!

Get up early, enjoy the stunning scenery of Croatia, Greece, Italy, Caribbean, wherever you are and get out on the SUP board. Go through some simple yoga exercises to get you ready for the day. Early morning around 6 am is the most special time on the water – so get out and enjoy it.


Back in my Flotilla days in Greece, SUP boards were used for almost everything. Something which was seriously good fun, with not only the kids but also the adults was ‘The Balance’. Very simple – how many people can you get standing. Not as easy as it sounds!

Sun Bathing

Sup boards come with a wrist strap, to save you floating away to one of the other islands attach it to your bathing ladders or your anchor chain. It’s super relaxing – until someone thinks its a great idea to jump off the yacht and splash you! Yes – even the adults sometimes cannot resist making someone scream out of shock!

Darling, lets go to the races!

In your stunning anchorage, be it Greece or the Caribbean some people on the yacht might need to expel some extra energy! Or to get the whole group up with a little bit of competitive sport! This is a great way to have some quality time together and make memories. Try racing around the yacht and timing each other – or attach a fender to a kedge anchor and use it as a racing buoy! Make sure you use the correct knot to attach the kedge!

Wobble wars

It is what it says on the tin! Get two people to stand up on the board and wobble the yacht until someone falls off! A simple and effective game that brings hours of fun on the water. Very popular with kids, but it has been known for some 68-year-olds to get involved.. perhaps the G ‘n’ T had something to do with it!

If you would like to know more about adding sups to your charters, or interesting in chartering with us this coming summer or winter do email here!