Chartering “Rehab” to St Tropez’s Nikki Beach – Sustainably!

Boatbookings was the first yacht charter company to focus on “Green Chartering”, having introduced a carbon calculator and encouraged our clients to offset their emissions since 2013. Our industry depends on a healthy environment and we are deeply committed to doing our part. So when a client asked to sustainably charter the beautiful Rehab to Nikki Beach for a fabulous day in St Tropez, we were excited to help.

A day charter from Cannes to St Tropez

Rehab arrives, right on time of course!

Our client had the day people dream of when chartering from Cannes to St Tropez. Rehab showed up right on time at 10 am at the sunny Port Canto (Cannes) wharf, and after a quick safety briefing, the party was treated to the view of the Cannes waterfront during the Film festival while enjoying fresh fruit and French pastries.

Breakfast while crusing by the Cannes Film Festival

Captain Chris took us next to the picturesque port of Agay, and anchored in the bay so everyone could get some early swimming in.

Are we having fun yet?

An then off to Nikki Beach for an early lunch at 12:30. Boatbookings recommends booking an early lunch so that there’s plenty of time for watersports in the afternoon.

The shared starter plate – Nikki Beach St Tropez

The ambiance at Nikki Beach was exceptional, with a smooth sax player playing along with the mellow DJ tracks, and the food was amazing. With the obligatory rose wine, people watching, and fashion model walking between the tables, it really was the perfect lunch!

Wakeboarding in the Golfe of St Tropez

After a long luxurious lunch, we headed to the Golfe of St Tropez, where people wakeboarded and paddle boarded in the shadow of the old town of St Tropez and many amazing superyachts.

When everyone was suitably tired out, the crew broke out another bottle of Rose and a beautiful charcuterie plate for the fun ride home. Amazing day!!

Rehab Carbon Offsets and Sustainablity

The Nori Carbon Offset Certificate

As mentioned, the client wanted all of the emissions from this day to be offset. Boatbookings has all the tools to make this easy and low cost. The Captain informed us that the charter had consumed 815 liters of diesel fuel. Using the Boatbookings carbon calculator, we helped the client purchase enough credits to offset all of the emissions. The cost was less than the price of a bottle of NIkki Beach Rose! The Boatbookings system bought credits that are traceable to the actual farm and authenticated. The client was presented with this certificate – a reminder that their amazing day was done as sustainably as possible. (Not only were the emissions offset, Rehab does not use single-use plastics, all trash was recycled, and not coral-harming sun creams were used.)

Boatbookings commitment to sustainability

Boatbookings puts a premium on sustainability and is working towards all of our charters being zero-carbon in the near future. We work with yachts that have a similar focus on protecting the environment and are ready to offset emissions on any charter. Please read more about Green Chartering here, and we hope you join us in this important endeavor!

If you would like to book a charter on Rehab or any of our other amazing yachts worldwide, please contact us and ask for carbon offsets as well!

Cruising USVI in Style

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

** Coronavirus Update – St Thomas and the US Virgin Islands are OPEN for charters June 1, 2020. Please contact us for information and itineraries from St Thomas to St John and St Croix. More on our Chartering after Coronavirus page**

Looking to charter closer to home this summer? Then check out our USVI Itinerary! Explore the hidden anchorages, and some of the most highly rated beaches in the world, the hardest question is which beach bar should you go to first?!

What are the USVI?

Caribbean, St Thomas US Virgin Islands. Panoramic view.

The United States Virgin Islands, more commonly known as the USVI or Virgin islands is snuggled between the vibrant island of Puerto Rico and the USVI’s sister archipelago, the BVI’s. Located in the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean sea, the USVI is made up of 4 individual islands each with their own unique personality and history.

Our favourite anchorage

aerial view of Magens Bay in Saint Thomas, US Virign Islands

Megan’s Bay, voted one of the best beaches in the world! Once you arrive enjoy lunch and a long walk along the white sandy beaches. Hike into the lush green woodlands that surround the anchorage, or simply relax on the yacht. This area is perfect to lounge on the sundeck of your private yacht or on the beach! With a cocktail in hand, watch the sunset over the beautiful surroundings ready for dinner on board!

What charters are available?


We currently have crewed motor yachts based in St Thomas, and crewed catamarans. Each of the charters can be charters out the minimum of 7 days during high season with shorter charters minimum 4/5 days in low season. We recommend chartering for a full week so you can truly get to experience the beautiful islands. Looking to charter? Speak to us today!

Coronavirus restrictions easing in the Mediterranean

All of the major Mediterranean charter destinations, including France, Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro, have made announcements this past week about when they will re-open their ports and yachting industries. There will be a summer yachting season in the Med in 2020!

Croatia reopened on 15 May, Greece on 25 May, and Italy on 3 June. For complete details, please see our regularly updated Coronavirus Yachting Planning Guide for up to the minute status of the Mediterranean ports.

Our Boatbookings Brokers receive daily updates from key yachts and marinas throughout the world. Please contact us for any questions you may have and for help planning your Summer 2020 Med charter or a Caribbean charter for Christmas or New Years!

Sailing the Seychelles

Anse Lazio beach on Praslin Island

Located roughly 1255 miles of the east coast of Africa lay an oasis like no other – The Seychelles. Steeped in white sand beaches, Caribbean like water this destination should be on everyone’s sailing bucket list!



The Seychelles Islands are an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, consisting of approximately 115 islands, most of which are not permanently inhabited. Seychelles offer timeless beauty, tranquillity and harmony that is famous for a great natural diversity both above and below the waterline.



From Mahe, you’ll want to visit the twin islands of Cousin and Cousine, and then continue on to the island of Praslin, home to the Vallée de Mai and numerous world-famous beaches. The island offers numerous safe anchorages along its 18-mile coastline.



The Seychelles’ climate is just about perfect – always warm, sunny nearly every day, with no major extremes. The temperature seldom drops below 24°C/75°F or rises above 32°C/90°F. All but the remotest southern islands lie comfortably outside the cyclone belt so there are very rarely storms or prolonged rainy periods. The north-west trade winds arrive during the months of October and March. At this time the sea is generally calm and the weather warm and humid, with average winds of 8-12 knots.

January and February are the rainy season when the islands receive 30-40 cm of rain on average, bringing life-giving water to the islands and rejuvenating the foliage, rivers and streams. The months between May and September bring drier, cooler weather, and livelier seas – particularly on south-eastern coasts – and winds of 10-20 knots.

The table below is a summary of the statistical averages for the Seychelles International Airport from 1972 to 2005. (Courtesy of the Seychelles Meteorological Services).

Rainfall (mm)402.6283.2194.9186.7151.6105.176.6119.3154.0189.7206.3302.8
Temperature (°C)26.927.427.828.127.826.726.026.026.526.926.926.9
Relative Humidity (%)828080807979808079798082
Wind Speed (kts)

Top Tips on how to book your bareboat sailing charter with a broker

If you are new to the charter world it can seem a daunting task to charter a yacht. With sailing terms, paperwork, invoices, and deposits, it can seem like a bit of a minefield when trying to book your charter. But don’t worry – it really isn’t too hard at all! I will take you through some steps which will allow you to book a yacht charter in the most painless way!

Work with a broker – it’s free!

Shot of a young man writing while out on his yachthttps://

First of all, it’s best if you work with a broker. Not only can you compare all the bareboat yachts available to you, get advice on the area, have the best yachts in the market suggested to you, but this service is completely free. Brokers are paid by the yacht owner – you just benefit from all the broker’s knowledge and insight! Just like mortgage brokers, they tend to find the best deal with the best supplier. Brokers are there to assist and support you throughout your charter. Find a broker that has been in the industry a long time, that is more than just a ‘booking platform’ but most importantly – listens to your requirements.

Know what you want

There are over 2,000 bareboat yachts based in Greece alone. If you want a yacht you have to know at least 4 things.
1) DESTINATION! There are too many options to list and show you there are thousands of yachts worldwide ready for a bareboat charter. If you need advice on a sailing region we are more than happy to help – this is best done by a phone call!
2) BUDGET! The most important. Bareboat yachts range from 2000 – 15,000 euros – save your time by trawling through yachts which are not applicable and let us know what your budget is!
3) How many cabins do you require? You’re a family of four and need three cabins, but you also need a skipper and would also like a host. Skippers and hosts need a cabin each, so from thinking you only need three cabins, in fact, you need 5 cabins.
4) Dates. High seasons, midseason, and low season rates vary hugely. As a rule of thumb, high season rates are almost double what low season rates are. For the Mediterranean for example, April/May low season June Midseason July/August sometimes early September High season, September midseason October low season.


Give us as much information as possible! Every bit of information you give us helps us to find the best yacht for you and your guests. Whether you prefer in-mast furling to full batten however small the detail is it helps us so much! Let us know how much experience you have, sailing yachts have different rigging, some areas are better for first-timers than others.


Happy couple sailing on a yacht and listening to music online sharing earphones and smiling

It is so important that your broker receives feedback on the yachts provided otherwise we cannot continue to assist you with finding you the most suitable yacht. If you disliked the first selection of yachts – tell your broker! We have access to all of the yachts available worldwide so just tell us what you are looking for!

Booking the boat

A good broker will ask if you want to place a selection of yachts on hold – this avoids disappointment! Holds general last around 4-7 days depending on the time of year. Within this time, you have to sign the contract, and transfer the funds – that is it. If you need to get your license verified, do this prior to booking – a good broker will always get this done before you make your first payment.

Itineraries and extra planning

Pair of compasses for navigation on a sea map. Horizontal shot

Brokers are undoubtedly the first point of call when discussing great routes and the best islands to check out. We know, because we go. We have all sailed, travelled swam in the oceans of which we put our guests onto. These itineraries are to be taken with a pinch of salt – weather can hinder plans. Try and keep as flexible as possible, after all its the unplanned adventures which make the memories.

Are you looking to charter?

Get in touch! Whether you are a first-timer, or a salty sea dog we love putting people on the water that are from all walks of life. Speak to our bareboat team here!