METSTRADE 2023 Updates: The Waves of Decarbonization

Decarbonization is an issue of high priority within the boating sector. At Boatbookings, we are passionate about this dynamic topic, regularly staying ahead of the developments and innovations working to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. 

At this year’s METSTRADE show in Amsterdam, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) presented their latest report, ‘Pathways to Propulsion Decarbonization for the Recreational Marine Industry.’ 

The Report 

This comprehensive report focuses on boats under 24 meters. It outlines a strategic portfolio of technologies to propel the recreational marine industry toward a greener future. 

The research investigated propulsion technologies across nine common recreational watercraft, evaluating the impact on lifetime greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, financial costs, usability, performance, range, and infrastructure. 

The technologies examined included battery electric, hybrid electric, hydrogen, and internal combustion engines (ICE) with sustainable marine fuels and traditional diesel engines. 

Main Findings

  • It emphasized the need for diverse solutions in the quest to reduce carbon emissions. Noting that 80% of a car’s environmental impact is in its usage, a far higher proportion of a boat’s environmental impact comes from its manufacture – as high as 50%. Given the unique on-water environments and varied interests of boats, the study suggests a one-size-fits-all approach is not feasible. Instead, the sector must consider a range of technologies. 
  • Among findings, sustainable liquid marine fuels, such as renewable drop-in fuels, emerge as a highly promising energy source for decarbonizing boats by 2035, potentially reducing emissions by 90%. 
  • Hydrogen also stands out as a potential source for emissions reduction, provided the production process is optimized. 
  • Electric propulsion, while part of the strategy, is stated not to be universally suitable for all types of craft and use cases. 
  • Hybrid boats that use electric motors and ICEs powered by liquid fuels offer the potential to reduce emissions from boats in certain scenarios – boats used for longer periods and over greater distances. Hybrid technology provides the most potential for emissions reduction for charter.

Report Recommendations

The report recommendations included the following:

1. Adoption of a technology-neutral decarbonization approach for marine environments.

2. Acceleration of the development and distribution of sustainable marine fuels, supported by educational campaigns.

3. Collaboration between consumer safety, government entities, and recreational marine industry to establish marine electric technology and safety protocols.

4. Expansion of R&D tax credits and investments to improve electric battery density and hydrogen research applicable to maritime. 

5. Continued research to evaluate existing and emerging technologies and optimal application. 

No Easy Answer

While an interesting report, there are evidently various connected factors that will prove influential in the coming years. These include innovative products, new technologies, changes in consumer behavior, improvements in recyclability, the reuse of materials, emerging battery technologies, and the availability of these sustainable fuels.

To read the report in full, visit If you’re interested in chartering a greener crewed charter catamaran in the Caribbean this winter, contact one of the Boatbookings team today.

Discover the Caribbean with the Sunreef Eco 80, Sol

With the Caribbean season warming up, we wanted to showcase one of our newest Sunreef Eco 80 catamarans, Sol, as part of our more sustainable offerings. At Boatbookings, we advocate for greener crewed charter catamaran options, which is why we love having Sol to offer to clients. 

Sol officially debuted at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show last month and is Sunreef’s newest Eco fleet member.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Sol today: 

1. Sol is more sustainable 

Sol is a Sunreef Eco 80 and utilizes cutting-edge technologies and systems to minimize waste and emissions. The electric propulsion system runs silently and is bolstered by the large solar panel covering (integrated into the superstructure, hull and bimini roof) and battery banks. Inside, Sol has vegan furniture and finishes, showcasing cruelty-free decor. 

Sol also has an efficient waste management system featuring onboard composting, and there is limited single-use plastic with the water filtration system and reusable bottles. The crew onboard Sol use non-toxic and reef-safe toiletries and cleaning. Meanwhile, the chefs offer seasonal and local menus to guests to further reduce the yacht’s carbon emissions and to support local businesses. 

2. Sol offers great wellness packages 

As well as sustainability, the crew onboard Sol prioritize you. This Sunreef Eco is the perfect base for a wellness-focused experience in the Caribbean. The crew provides the ultimate amenities to relax and recharge, complete with yoga and meditation spaces. There is also the opportunity for plenty of spa treatments on your charter. The onboard menus can also be tailored to a wellness-based retreat with gourmet, plant-based menus as an option. 

3. Sol has plenty of activities 

The Sunreef Eco is always equipped with plenty of amenities, and with Sol, this is no different. There is an array of on and off-the-water activities, including beach toys, kayaks, paddle boards, snorkelling e-bikes and foil boards. 

4. Sol cruises the Caribbean 

All of our crewed charter catamarans are perfect for cruising the Caribbean; like Sol, Sunreef’s can get into the best anchorages throughout the BVI’s through to the Bahamas. We can create a tailored and bespoke itinerary for you to cruise Sol. Whether you want to spend your days simply relaxing onboard or getting out on the water for adventures, your vacation will be truly memorable onboard Sol! 

Get onboard Sol today! 

Contact the Boatbookings team today to enjoy a greener crewed charter catamaran on Sol in the Caribbean. We want to protect our oceans and minimize the impact the boating industry is having, which is why we champion builders such as Sunreef. Make a difference today and book a more sustainable charter option. 

Charging the Electric Boating Revolution

Electric boating has gained momentum as the world envisions a cleaner and greener future.  At Boatbookings, we have advocated for this electric revolution within our greener crewed charter catamaran offerings.

However, the success of electric boating relies heavily on the availability of electric charging infrastructure in marinas. As electric boats become more popular, is the current global marina infrastructure prepared for the influx of these greener boats? 

Here, we explore the growing need for electric charging infrastructure in marinas and the changes to meet this demand. 

The Infrastructure

Electric boats, like electric cars, rely on charging infrastructure to keep them powered up.

Rising Demand for Charging Stations.

The increasing number of electric boats on the water means demand for charging stations has surged. There is now a need for more convenient places to top up electric boat’s power reserves. 

Encouraging Investment.

The increased demand has spurred both marinas and port authorities to invest in developing more electric charging infrastructure. These investments aim to make electric boating more accessible to all. 

Technological Innovation.

To meet the growing need, there are plenty of companies investing in the development of more efficient charging technologies. This includes creating faster charging options, smart charging systems that optimise energy use and wireless charging solutions. These innovations are essential as the electric boat market continues to expand. One company is Aqua superPower, integrating their charging systems in the US, UK and Italy, enabling users to charge all electric boat brands. They have partnered with MDL marina group, the first UK marina group to offer charging. 

The Challenges

Like with all development and change, there are some hurdles that the boating sector is facing when it comes to supplying this infrastructure for the transition to electric boating. The main concern is the cost of developing and maintaining this new infrastructure, resulting in some resistance to change. 

The Marinas of the Future 

Marinas consistently have to adapt to meet the changing needs of boaters. We are seeing new smart marina management systems put in place to optimize energy usage. Many marinas are exploring and investing in research and development for renewable energy sources to enhance sustainability credentials further. Looking ahead, there will need to be increased collaboration to establish these networks and to promote the growth of electric boating. 

As more infrastructure is developed, it gives more confidence for owners to make the switch from traditional to electric. A vital transition for reducing emissions and promoting more greener practices. Contact Boatbookings today to find out about our greener and electric crewed charter catamarans.  

How to Have a More Eco-Conscious Christmas Charter Vacation

The holiday season is upon us, and Christmas is not far away! What better way to enjoy the festivities than aboard a Caribbean yacht charter

But while the festivities and celebrations get underway, sometimes sustainability can take a beak seat, where the potential for excess waste is high, and overconsumption is rife, but there are small changes that can add up to bigger impacts. 

If you have decided to charter one of our crewed charter catamarans or bareboat charter catamarans this year to celebrate Christmas in the Caribbean, we have highlighted some things you can do to tread a little lighter. 

Choose a Greener Yacht 

The type of boat you select is pivotal in your overall impact. At Boatbookings, we have a range of greener crewed charter catamarans you can choose from to help reduce your environmental impact. Choose more eco-conscious brands, such as Silent Yachts and Sunreef Eco Yachts, who have implemented hybrid propulsion and renewable energy into their catamaran offerings. 

Buy Better Gifts 

Gift-giving is synonymous with Christmas, but there are ways you can make it better for our planet and oceans. Firstly, if you want to buy physical gifts, research what you are buying; buy second-hand, ethical, local, and sustainable products. You could also introduce a Secret Santa into your yacht vacation, meaning you only buy for one family member or friend. Another idea, and perfect for those on a yacht vacation, is to purchase non-physical gifts and arrange a day out or activity for your loved ones. Think horse riding in the BVI’s, scuba diving in the Bahamas, or fishing in the USVI’s.  

Or, Give Your Time

When it comes to Christmas, sometimes the sentiment of giving and receiving can get lost in overconsumption. Instead of buying and consuming any gifts, give the gift of your time. There are various initiatives within communities around the festive period to help those in need. Why not spend an afternoon of your vacation volunteering ashore? Contact us to find out about the local community volunteering projects happening in the area you are chartering in. 

Offset Your Carbon 

At Boatbookings, we advocate for carbon offsetting, and our handy carbon emissions calculator can help you offset your carbon on whatever yacht you choose for your Christmas vacation. This proactive and responsible response can encompass multiple benefits to steer the boating industry toward a better future. We ensure carbon credits are purchased through Climate Care, which funds UN-approved products reducing carbon emissions worldwide. 

Eco-conscious playtime 

All yacht charters are just as much about the toys as they are about the destination. But, there are toys you can choose to play with that do not leave as much impact on our oceans and are still as fun. Our fleet at Baotbookings has an array of more eco-conscious water sports to choose from. Spend a Christmas morning kayaking in Antigua, snorkeling the Bahamas’ reefs, or kitesurfing in the BVI’s. There are plenty of watersports options that do not leave a significant impact on the oceans in comparison to the fuel-guzzling, sound-pulsing engine-powered toys. 

Natural Decor

If you want to decorate the bareboat charter catamaran you charter this Christmas, be sure to opt for decorations that are kinder to the planet. Consider reusable ornaments made from natural materials. If you are in the Caribbean, there will be plenty of pretty shells and driftwood to choose from versus plastic decorations. 

Eat Locally

Eating locally and seasonally not only tastes better but also reduces your overall impact on food miles. The Caribbean offers plenty of opportunities to savor the region’s rich flavors. From sustainably caught seafood to ripe tropical fruits and Caribbean spices, there are many culinary choices to enjoy this Christmas. 

More memories, less impact 

By making more conscious decisions this Christmas, you can ensure you have less impact aboard your greener crewed or bareboat charter catamaran. Contact the Boatbookings team to finalize your Christmas charter in the Caribbean today!

Greener Catamarans: A Spotlight on Fountaine Pajot

Fountaine Pajot, one of the world’s largest yacht manufacturers, has taken significant strides toward creating greener and more sustainable catamarans. The French shipyard is renowned for its commitment to building great catamarans of the highest quality while prioritizing sustainability.

Aside from their green credentials, the catamarans are spacious, comfortable, and perfect for island hopping in areas such as French Polynesia, the Caribbean islands, and various Mediterranean destinations. 

A Sustainable Vision 

Last year the shipyard launched its vision to lead the environmental transition through its Odyssea 2024 business plan, where the company is planning to deliver net carbon-neutral cruising boats by 2030. For 2023, the mission of this Odyssea plan is to facilitate more research on fuel cells, which will see the implementation of hydrogen-powered motors on the catamarans. 

To achieve these ambitious goals, Fountaine Pajot is leveraging collaborative platforms like ODSea Lab. This platform is helping accelerate technological solutions to transform the choice of materials and implement innovative solutions regarding energy, propulsion, and operations onboard.

Lifecycle Analysis

The End of Life factor is a huge issue to consider for the boating industry and it is one aspect that Fountaine Pajot is particularly focussing on within its catamarans. They are investigating processes to limit the impact on the environment within the boat-building life cycle that include recycling, repurposing, and reusing many of the parts of their cats. 

Greener Propulsion 

To reduce the boating industry’s carbon footprint, the shipyard works with various stakeholders to implement greener parts and equipment that help reduce overall emissions. They do this through two main methods. The first by reducing the amount of transport in its supply chain, and the other by using recycled and bio-sourced materials that can be recycled. 

The Aura 51 

One particular model harnessing a more eco-conscious approach is the Aura 51, equipped with an electric propulsion system and intelligent onboard energy management system. This is the first model to offer Fountaine Pajot’s smart electric option. The technology utilized within the Aura catamaran results from the work supported by the ODSea Lab innovation platform. As well as being voluminous, the coachroof design also integrates solar panels.

Charter Today!

Want to charter a Fountaine Pajot yacht today? You can combine a unique, luxurious and silent cruising experience while reducing your carbon footprint, joining the green revolution. Contact the Boatbookings team to find out more about a greener crewed charter with Fountaine Pajot.