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Cruising the Bahamas

A Luxury Yacht Charter is the Ideal Way to Explore all 700 Islands of the Bahamas in comfort and style

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Widely considered the Eden of the yacht charter world, the Bahamas is a tranquil haven of islands and crystal clear waters. Known for their rich histories, thriving culture, local cuisine, and serene views these islands are perfect for any holiday escape. Venture into the Exuma Cays, the Abacos, or any of the myriad other islands and discover local attractions like the famed swimming pigs, bioluminescent bays, and Escobar's sunken plane wreck. Whether you are looking for the ultimate vacation in the Bahamas, a Bahamian boating birthday bash, or a honeymoon yachting escape, the Bahamas are the perfect escape.


Bahamas Snorkelling
Snorkeling in the Bahamas


Each of these 700 islands has its own kind of charm and cruising between them on a private yacht provides an unparalleled opportunity to tap into that local lifestyle and truly embrace the beauty of the Bahamas. With direct flights from New York, Florida, the UK, and more, the Bahamas is the ideal charter destination for some barefoot bliss this winter.

Our Charter Experts will help you design your ideal motor yacht or crewed catamaran itinerary to include adventure-rich activities and must-see destinations. Their unrivaled first-hand knowledge of the Bahamas allows us to deliver the finest tailor-made yacht charters, and we have hundreds of Five Star Bahamas Charter reviews from our happy customers to prove it!

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The Best Bahamas Charter Yachts, by Type

Top Bahamas Charter Destinations

Marsh Harbor & The AbacosFreeport & The Grand Bahama Island | Nassau | Other Islands

The Bahamas has so much to explore, with 700 coral islands and 2,400 cays spread over 5,358 square miles. Only about 30 of the islands are inhabited, meaning everywhere you go there is something new to discover. With so many possibilities, it can be hard to decide on what part of the islands you want to visit. With almost twenty years of experience organizing charters in the islands, we think we know a thing or two about these waters. Our Charter Experts have put together a little bit of insider information about chartering in each region and some of the unique adventures these islands offer.

The Exumas

Charters in the Exumas


Embark in Nassau and set sail for the Bahamas' most popular island chain, the Exuma Cays. Taking a yacht charter through these unique islands means you can say hello to the Iguanas in Highbourne Cay, cruise to Staniel Cay for a swim with the pigs at Big Major's, and dive through Thunderball Grotto before you jet-ski through the mangroves at Wax Cay. 

For those more adrenaline-seeking guests, consider scuba diving with sharks or head over to Norman's Cay to discover the last remaining evidence of a notorious drug smuggling operation. Laying peacefully on the seabed off the cay, lies the skeleton of a plane. Dip below the surface and discover the story of how Norman's Cay was at the epicenter of Pablo Escobar's drug-smuggling ring in the 70s and 80s. 

Contact our Charter Experts for all the tips and tricks to creating a perfect itinerary and to discover the best motor yacht for your needs.

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Marsh Harbor & The Abacos

owl Cays,Abacos,Bahamas yacht charter with boatbookings
Anchored off of Owl Cay, Abacos


After landing at Treasure Cay International Airport, embark on your luxury yacht charter in Marsh Harbor and set out to explore the Abacos. As you sail through these waters, You can trace the beautiful lines of sandy cays like Man-O-War Cay, Treasure Cay, Fowl Cay, and Green Turtle Cay, stopping off from time to time for a splash in the sea or to take advantage of the water toys on board your charter.

Our 7-day Abacos itinerary is available so you can see what a charter exploring these islands looks like. From spotting the famous red and white striped lighthouse of Hope Town as you cruise by to spending hours exploring the unique and beautiful marine life in Pelican Cays National Land and Sea Park, there is no shortage of space to explore in the Abacos.

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Freeport & Grand Bahama Island

Anchored off of Grand Bahama Island


The capital of Grand Bahama Island offers everything you could wish for in a holiday destination– utopian beaches, contemporary shopping malls, lush golf courses, and buzzing nightclubs for those who can not resist a party. Beyond the hidden beaches and endless wildlife, you will find the famous underwater cave systems in the Lucayan National Park and the flourishing botanical Garden of the Groves. Explore it all from the private luxury of a yacht charter.

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Nassau, New Providence Island

Sailing in the Bahamas with Boatbookings!
Snorkeling the reefs


Nassau is one of the most fascinating destinations in the Bahamas, boasting a rich history and unrivaled sailing. As the capital city of the Bahamas, Nassau contains 70% of the country's entire population making it an incredibly dynamic and exciting city. Home to some of the best resorts, restaurants, and casinos in the world, Nassau is the perfect place to start your charter in the Bahamas. From Nassau, it is only a few hours by sail or motor to reach the start of the Exuma islands and untold adventure. Our Charter Experts are available to help you plan your perfect journey.

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Map of the Bahamas


Top 10 Bahamas Attractions

1 - Paddle with the Pigs

Swimming with the pigs


Head to the uninhabited island of Big Major’s Cay, also known as Pig Beach. Although no one knows how the pigs arrived, this adorable family of pigs is loved by tourists and the locals. They live freely on the sun-soaked sands and after basking in the sun for hours, enjoy a swim in the surf.

The pigs are very friendly and love nothing more than to greet visitors who bring them treats to coax them out from the shade of the almond trees. Conveniently located five minutes away from Staniel Cay Yacht Club, you can enjoy a conch burger at one of the most atmospheric restaurants in the Exumas following a paddle with the pigs.

2 - Swim with the Sharks

Snorkel with Sharks,Bahamas Yacht Charter
Swimming with sharks


In the Bahamas you can dive amongst eagle rays, a family of friendly reef sharks and, if you’re lucky, you might even catch sight of turtles! While these creatures are slightly less surprising than swimming pigs, they are uniquely fascinating and will provide all ages with an experience they will never forget. The sharks are typically friendly nurse sharks, and you can expect to see them swimming around searching for food while you are mooring your boat.

3 - Andros Barrier Reef

The Andros Barrier Reef is not only the third longest reef in the world but the third-largest living organism on Earth. Its enormous size and multitude of hidden pockets make it both a diver's and a snorkeller’s dream. Delve into shipwrecks, blue holes, and caves where you can discover a myriad of sea creatures - the Andros Barrier Reef is well worth a visit during any charter holiday.

4 - Dive with Dolphins

Wild dolphins thrive in the Abacos, and you can experience the sheer energy and thrill of these incredible creatures during your Bahamas yacht charter holiday. Our expert crews know exactly when and where to take you to find these tranquil and friendly beasts. Whether you get the opportunity to sail alongside them or to swim through the waves with them, finding dolphins in the Bahamas is always an event.

5 - Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park

swimming with turtles on your bahamas yacht charter(abacos)
Swim with the turtles


Snorkel with sea turtles and eagle rays amidst sparking coral in this stunning conservation. Just south of Marsh Harbor, Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park is easy to access and is home to some of the world's most stunning underwater caves, flora, and fauna. It is perfect for families and people looking to get up close to some rare wildlife.

6 - X Marks the Spot at Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay is a 3 ½ mile-long sandy beach consistently listed as one of the world’s top beaches. Arrive by water in your charter catamaran and soak up the picture-perfect views. Relax in absolute paradise as you enjoy the perfect water and pristine white sands, or head inland for a round of tropical golf.

7 - Thunderball Grotto has a License to Thrill

With a barely-there secret entrance, this fascinating underwater cave system is located just west of Staniel Cay and is perfect for snorkeling, diving, and wading. The famous grotto got its name from the 1965 James Bond film "Thunderball," which was shot there. The grotto is filled with brilliantly colored coral reefs and exotic fish, ideal for snorkeling at low tide. Be sure to take your charter to Thunderball Grotto to see some of the most exotic fish in the Exumas.

8 - Harbour Island's Pink Beaches

Stunning Pink Beaches

Harbour Island is known for its stunning candy-floss-pink sand beaches. The pink sand is a mixture of coral, broken shells, minute rocks, and calcium carbonate from tiny marine invertebrates giving the whole island its distinct color and magical feel. For a picture your friends will never believe back home, Harbour Island has to go on your bucket list.

9 - Shroud Cay's Wonderous Washing Machine

Shroud Cay is located at the northern ridge of the Bahamas National Trust, Land and Sea Park. Here you can drop jet skis and paddle boards into the water and head through the mangroves before checking out the "washing machine". This natural wave machine is a swirl of currents that whip you along at an exhilarating pace in what can only be described as the world's best wave machine and it is not for the faint-hearted!

10 - Nassau's Very Own Atlantis

The Atlantis resort is a destination the kids will love, with the opportunity to get up close and personal with an array of the exceptional marine life that flourishes in the Bahamas. For the adults, the Atlantis resort boasts many fine restaurants and bars where you can spend the evening, before taking a dive into the thrilling casino.

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chartering in the bahamas weather
A trusty local weather forecast


The Bahamas enjoys an amiable climate with gentle trade winds and the Gulf Stream flowing throughout the area. The most pleasant time of year is between November and May when the temperature averages between 70-75°F (21-24°C). Summer brings warmer sunshine and more humidity, with temperatures reaching between 80-85°F (27 and 29°C). For more information on the weather and climate of the Bahamas, please check our weather page here.

With temperatures rarely fluctuating more than 5°C, these island chains provide ideal cruising conditions year-round and is superb for all types of charters. Our itineraries, are meticulously prepared by our expert yacht brokers to show you the most exquisite destinations in the Bahamas.

See our blog on the best spots to relax and bask in the sunshine in the Bahamas; perfect for anyone in need of unwinding in a beautiful retreat.

Bahamas Yacht Charter Types

You can find nearly any type of yacht for charter in the Bahamas. The favorites tend to be motor yachts that can whisk you to a variety of islands on the same day and catamarans that keep you close to the water and allow you to sail in even the shallowest areas. Whether you want to cruise from spot to spot, explore shallow deserted bays, or experience what it is like to sail on a sailboat in one of the world's premier sailing destinations our Charter Experts can find the perfect yacht for you. Discover the different types of charter available for your next Bahamas getaway, below.

Bahamas Crewed Motor Yacht Charters

Luxury Bahamas Yacht Charter on AVALON
A luxury yacht in the Bahamas


Rent a crewed motor yacht in the Bahamas for an exclusive and luxurious experience. A motor yacht allows you to cover vast distances while having a tender craft means you can enjoy days on secluded private beaches and access the usually inaccessible. Host to a great array of water toys, you can explore your surroundings no matter where you are, be it whizzing around mangroves on jet skis or dipping below the surface on sea bobs.

Most of the available motor yachts in the Bahamas are available in the Exumas and depart from Georgetown or Nassau. Embarking there allows you unrivaled access to these islands. There is no better way to see every corner of this tropical paradise than from the comfort of a crewed motor yacht.

Bahamas Crewed Motor Yachts Crewed Motor Itinerary

Bahamas Crewed Catamaran Charters

Crewed Catamaran Charter Yacht Anchored in the Bahamas
A Bahamas crewed catamaran


A catamaran charter is a truly unforgettable way of sailing and experiencing the Bahamas. Catamarans generally have shallow drafts, which enable you to sail through the web of sandbars and anchor just meters off deserted beaches, where you can make ready use of the onboard water toys.

Guided by a dedicated crew, you will be treated like royalty as you cruise from one spectacular cay to the next on your crewed catamaran charter in the Bahamas. For groups looking to unwind, and enjoy unparalleled waters, stunning scenery, and world-class diving, look no further than a crewed catamaran in this island oasis for your next vacation.

Bahamas Crewed Catamarans Crewed Catamaran Itinerary

Bahamas Bareboat Charters

Bahamas bareboat yacht charter
Bareboats at anchor


Having the freedom and privacy to sail your own boat is one of the joys of bareboat chartering in the Bahamas and there are few places as open and vast as here. Hundreds of islands and thousands of beaches, cays, and lagoons are waiting for you to discover, drop anchor and bask in. Your holiday is entirely within your power, and we are on hand to help create your perfect Bahamian sailing itinerary.

The comfort and stability of catamarans make them the favorite choice for bareboat charterers in the Bahamas, as they also allow you to cruise over the countless sandbars and to anchor closer to the incredible white sand beaches. Both the Abacos and Exumas are home to crystal blue waters, island hopping opportunities, and lots of undisturbed wildlife to spot from your yacht.

Bahamas Bareboat Yachts Bareboat Itinerary

Bahamas Honeymoon Charters

A Bahamas Honeymoon


It is no wonder that so many newlyweds choose to wake up to azure skies, cerulean waters, and pearlescent beaches in the Bahamas for their honeymoon.

On a yacht charter, you can island hop and enjoy private beach set-ups with your loved one, sip on sundowners on the aft deck while the setting sun casts a dreamy mesh of pastels into the sky, and delight in your private chef's culinary expertise beneath a slowly growing blanket of breathtaking stars.

The service onboard a crewed yacht exceeds that of a 5-star resort, allowing you to explore the Bahamas while maintaining that sought-after privacy and luxury experience. Make your honeymoon adventure like no other by chartering a luxury yacht.

Luxury Yachts in the Bahamas

Boatbookings - The Bahamas Yacht Charter Expert

Boatbookings has been arranging charters in the Bahamas since 2005 and will always find you the best charter yacht to meet your needs. Wherever possible, we regularly inspect the boats and catch up with the Captains and crews, to ensure that you get the quality and service you expect. To begin planning the ultimate vacation, contact our Charter Experts and we will recommend the best yacht for you.

Plan Your Bahamas Charter!

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