Bahamas Strong

Bahamas after Dorian
The beauty of the Bahamas will return!

We were horrified watching Category 5 Hurricane Dorian camp out over the Bahamas for 2 straight days, and then seeing the damage this storm has wrought. Our thoughts are with the Bahamians and all of the people who call these islands home.

We will keep you up to date about the progress of rebuilding these islands, and when it is reasonable to visit again. In the long run, the best thing you can do is to ultimately charter or vacation there, as it brings back the funds they need to rebuild their lives.

Please see our “Bahamas after Dorian” page for current status of chartering and sailing in the Bahamas.

The BVI went through a similar disaster and rebuilding process virtually two years ago this week. They are now almost completely rebuilt, and many were open for business within 6 months. Islanders are incredibly resilient people. We hope the Bahamas can rebuild this quickly as well.

Bahamas Strong.

Wine and Dine As You Sail Croatia

In previous articles we have covered the pristine beauty and historic treasures of Croatia and the stunning Dalmatian coastline, but another reason to charter in this part of the world is the incredible selection of bars and restaurants, where you can while away the days or evenings sampling the local fare. With a multitude of options, I will concentrate on a couple of our clients favourite spots from Split to Hvar.


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New Year: Why the BVI?

It’s nearly the big day, Christmas is just around the corner now. However, once that hoop is jumped it’s time to welcome in a new year – but how will you be doing it? Perhaps its a night in with the family, or maybe you’ve headed into town with a group of friends to see 2016 out in style. However, have you considered doing it in the BVI?


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Riviera Wonderland: Best Winter Views

Winter is coming. Well, winter is here! The crowds have vanished, the heat of the summer has slipped into a mere memory and the winter coats have had their annual dust off. However, the beauty of the French Riviera doesn’t just pack its bags and leave – oh no – the summer sun has become a winter wonderland of sparkling seas, scintillating squares and exciting ice rinks.


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Fantastic, Fun, Fiji!

The South Pacific has long been associated with beautiful beaches, palm trees and picturesque little huts perfect for private getaways. What’s less familiar, however, is the diversity of activities available around island nations such as Fiji for those seeking something a little different.

Monriki Island

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Our Five Favourite French Riviera Activities

With so many celebrated activities, choosing our five favourites wasn’t easy. However, one thing’s for certain; whether you’re into hiking, water sports or cocktails, the Côte d’Azur never disappoints.

Firework Frenzy in Cannes

World famous, world renowned, world class. Cannes has so much to offer throughout the summer months and is a hotspot on the French Riviera that’s not to be missed. Since 1967 the skies above the Côte d’Azur have been illuminated by the Fireworks Festival which you’ll have prime position for, anchored in the Bay of Cannes.


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