7 Day Tahiti Crewed Catamaran Charter – Day 8 – Eagle Rays, Snorkeling, and Disembarkation

The final day of a charter is always bittersweet, so we tried to make the best of it by getting up for the sunrise and savoring every moment.

Jerome took us by tender to a place in a remote reef where he knew we would see Eagle Rays. They truly look like birds as they slowly swim together in synch. A breathtaking sight.

We then did our obligatory family jump off of the back of the boat, dutifully filmed by Captain Jerome.

Jerome then headed back around Bora Bora, past the WWII gun emplacements, and to our disembarkation point – the Pearl Bora Bora, where we spent three wonderful nights before heading back home.

Heading home
A fond farewell to Clara and Jerome

Disembarking at the Pearl Le Bora Bora. From one great adventure to another, without ever getting into a car!

Here’s a map of the entire itinerary, in case you would like to mirror any part of it!

Final Thoughts

As you can tell by the blog posts, this was a fabulous charter for everyone in the family. The beauty and unspoiled nature of the islands, the food, the amazing water and snorkeling, the relaxed pace and friendly Polynesians. We were at a loss as to how it could have been any better.

If you love being on the water as we do, we highly recommend considering Tahiti for your next charter. Here’s more information in our Tahiti Yacht Charter Guide. Or contact us directly at charter@boatbookings.com! Mauruuru!

7 Day Tahiti Crewed Catamaran Charter – Day 7 – Christmas on Bora Bora

Our last full day was going to be special, it was Christmas on Bora Bora!

After breakfast, we headed clockwise around the island to the south side, past the beautiful hotels with hundreds of bungalows over the water. On the way we passed Santa, on his outrigger, relaxing after his long night.

Santa uses an outrigger in Tahiti, of course

Our anchorage was a huge shallow lagoon shared with about 10 other catamarans that offered a constant view of the Bora Bora peaks and waves crashing on the reefs. This area is famous for the color of the water, and didn’t disappoint! Most of the day was quiet – snorkeling, kayaking and swimming. As it was our last full day on the boat, we wanted to enjoy every moment, and also celebrate Christmas as a family.

Drone shot of our anchorage

Nature blessed us with another gorgeous sunset, this time with the Bora Bora peaks in the foreground.

And of course, we celebrated Christmas Happy Hour with a bottle of Bubbly on the fly deck.

For Christmas dinner, Clara prepared a Capon, as there was no turkey available, which was beautifully cooked with all the trimmings! A very merry, Tahitian Christmas!

Read more in our Tahiti Yacht Charter Guide.

Tomorrow – disembarking and final thoughts on Tahiti!

A Very British (Virgin Islands) Christmas!

Specializing in Caribbean charters, here are our top 5 reasons to charter a yacht and why the British Virgin Islands is officially one of the best places in the world to charter for your 2020 holiday season!

Escape the bleak mid-winter and spend Christmas 2020 island hopping between the white sand beaches of the British Virgin Islands. The world’s best sailing conditions, island hopping, world-class scuba diving grounds, and a Christmas day conch meal. All of this plus an unforgettable New Year’s Eve makes the British Virgin Islands the only place to charter a yacht this Christmas!!

Christmas day on the yacht

Whether you’re a seasoned yachtie or sailing around the best sailing grounds of the Caribbean is something you’ve always dreamt of, a yacht charter in the BVI is guaranteed to make 2020 your best Christmas yet.

Although you’ll be on a yacht in the Caribbean, don’t worry there’s still plenty of decorations to make you feel just at home. Expect to see masts with fairy lights going to the top, red and white bikinis and palm Christmas trees!

Spend this Christmas walking around the white sand-beaches of Anegada and join in the local celebrations! Chose from having your own personal crew onboard to sailing solo around the many BVI white-sand beached islands.

New years eve at Foxy’s

Be sure to head to the island of Jost Van Dyke to bring in the New Year. Foxy’s on the island is renowned as being one of the top 5 parties in the world on New Year’s Eve.

Instead of celebrating the ‘New Year’, this bar celebrates the ‘Old Year’s Night’, making this iconic location different from every other New Year Party on the globe.

Hop off your boat and enjoy being in one of the best places in the world this New Year. Be sure to catch the theme before deciding on your outfits!

December diving

Switch the traditional family board games on Christmas day for a scuba diving lesson! Scuba dives are an extremely popular Christmas day activity and really make it a Christmas day to remember.

The BVI waters surrounding the islands of Norman Island are renowned for being extremely clear during the months of December and January. The Caribbean waters are full of different corals, turtles, shipwrecks and thousands of different species of fish.

Surprise your loved ones with a diving course and give the gift of the ocean this Christmas!

A Caribbean Christmas lunch

Eat like a local and celebrate the festivities with a freshly grilled lobster or conch! Head over to the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda for your Christmas lunch, be sure to book early this year as most restaurants serving local Caribbean Christmas delicacies tend to get booked up very quickly.

Unrivalled weather conditions

The trade winds blowing across the islands of the BVI offer a consistent breeze, ideal for sailing and for keeping slightly cool during this period. Christmas is without a doubt one of the best times of year to visit the BVI due to long, sunny days with ocean breezes coming through in the afternoon and slightly cooler evenings.

The BVI is known for ‘line of sight’ sailing and protected bays for anchorages and sailing. Unlike other locations in the Caribbean, the waters in the BVI are usually a lot calmer than many other locations.

Aftermath of Irma

Despite the saddening damage, caused by hurricane IRMA in 2017, the BVI’s are being cared for and maintained. The process of rebuilding infrastructure has been a work in progress since the hurricane struck, however, the BVI is back on track and the boat standards and sailing grounds are as popular as ever.

Don’t let the damage caused in 2017 put you off from a yacht charter in the BVI this Christmas – the BVI is up and running. For current information, we please see our “what is open in the BVI after Irma” page, which is updated regularly.

Give Santa a change from the chimney and let him slide down your mast this Christmas! Get in touch today!

Crewed cats in the Exumas

2 top Crewed Catamarans in the Exumas/Nassau/area in the Bahamas that have not been affected by Dorian.

We all witnessed with grief the unimaginable destruction brought upon Great Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands by hurricane Dorian and we pray for the fast and smooth recovery of the stricken areas.

Regardless, the Bahamas remains one of our most popular year-long yachting destinations: Dorian only affected the above-mentioned islands but the rest of the islands is as beautiful as always.

In any case, the majority of charter vessels have always been based in the Nassau cruising area. The Exumas combine a protected sailing area with magic sandy beaches, turquoise waters and high temperatures all year long. Some of the most popular charter vessels in Nassau and the Exumas are crewed catamarans


AMURA II is a lovely Lagoon 560, with a professional crew of 2 (captain and hostess/chef). Based all year long in Nassau, AMURA II will also consider one-way charters starting Nassau and finishing in the Exumas; this will allow you more time in order to explore the islands!


Available out of Nassau for both day charters as well as for longer period cruises is SEA SENOR! Excellent catamaran with a very experienced crew, ideal for short escapes out of Nassau! Feel free to contact now our expert broker team and start planning your next crewed catamaran charter in the Bahamas.