Give Back to Our Oceans This Christmas

We are in full festive Christmas spirit here at Boatbookings. As we organize and exchange gifts, it is the perfect time to go beyond the traditional and consider presents that not only bring joy but also give back to our oceans. With our oceans facing unprecedented threats, supporting ocean conservation and sustainability is more critical than ever. 

Here are some ways to make a difference to our oceans this Christmas: 

Adopt Marine Life

If you have a loved one with a particular affinity to a sea creature, why not adopt one as a gift this Christmas? Many marine conservation organizations offer adoption programs, whether it be a sea turtle, dolphin, or even whale. One of those is the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). The funds raised from these often go toward further research and conservation efforts to protect these amazing creatures and their habitats.

Ocean-Inspired Products

With more awareness of the dangers our oceans face, an increasing number of companies and artisans are coming onto the scene to craft upcycled products from ocean trash. A lot of these brands also donate a portion of their profits to marine conservation projects, allowing you to give a great gift and contribute to a healthier ocean. Innovative brands such as Waterhaul create sunglasses from waste fishing nets. For jewelry lovers, 4Ocean produces ocean-themed bracelets from the removal of ocean plastic. It isn’t only fishing nets and plastic but also sails that can end up in our seas; SeaBags take worn-out and discarded sailcloth to make numerous products, including toiletry bags. 

Eat & Be Merry, Sustainably 

Without a doubt, Christmas is a time for indulgence, but what if you could enjoy this while having a lighter impact? Firstly, opt for local and seasonal produce wherever you are this holiday season to reduce your carbon footprint and minimize food air miles. Consider also choosing a sustainable wine producer like SeaChange wine, which is dedicated to providing eco-friendly wines that actively contribute to marine conservation. Their commitment includes removing plastic wrap-around corks and donating to marine charities with each bottle sold. 

Push The Boat Out 

If you want that extra special gift, why not gift a greener crewed catamaran charter this Christmas with Boatbookings? We advocate for a more sustainable boating industry and strive to protect our oceans. Choose from our selection of greener crewed charter catamarans.

Our oceans are vital to everything we do; by choosing gifts that give back to the ocean, we can collectively positively impact marine ecosystems and work toward a more sustainable future. Contact the Boatbookings team today to chat about what we are doing to help our oceans in 2024. 

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