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16 Jun 2022
J.S. chartered NO BAD IDEAS
Truly the best crew we have ever seen! Your joy is infectious! You are all stellar in your craft and we have enjoyed every moment with you. We can't wait to see you all again! Thank you Boatbookings to guiding us to No Bad Ideas!
16 Jun 2022
S.J. chartered NO BAD IDEAS
The crew are fantastic. Boat is fantastic.
16 Jun 2022
M.P. chartered BOOM
Everything is wonderful captain and crew are fantastic. Our trip was amazing. Consistent support and advice from Boatbookings!
16 Jun 2022
S.N. chartered PAREAKKI
Thank you so for the wonderful time. Everyone was incredible. We shall be back next year with the assistance from Boatbookings!
15 Jun 2022
P.A. chartered PHANTOM
WUNDERBAR! WOW! We feel so honoured to have found and boarded this beautiful boat. From the moment we came aboard, we felt special, taken care of ok and like we were spending a week with long lost family. Dino spoiled us with the most extraordinary breakfast (scrambled eggs to die for!), lunches kit for kings, and dinners we savored while making memories. Chefs like Dino play such an important part in family memories and we won't forget a single meal. We leave Greece with happy bellies and full hearts. We tried to name our favorite dish and there were too many to list. Thank you! Valia, you are the perfect addition to this team. Your kind heart, lovely smile and the BEST cappuccino making ability will forever make this the best trip we've ever had. You have the perfect calming and caretaking demeanor, and have a gift for making everyone feel welcome and cared for. Not to mention, a lovely spirit and kind heart. We're lucky to know you. Costas! What do we say? We feel like you are our long lost cousin who fits right into our mortley crew. Your tents abound - from cocktails, to wakeboarding, to sea bobs, to emergency wine runs, you are someone we are proud to consider a friend. You and Mia are a gift to this country - Santorini, especially! Thank you for the history, commentary and friendship. Captain! What can we really say about your expertise navigating, calm demeanour (remember the crazy port guys in Naxos) and expert sunset chasing. We are so lucky to have you as our captain and guide. Your crew truly respect you and your guests feel so comfortable and safe with you at the helm. Thank you!
15 Jun 2022
D. Family chartered PHANTOM
What an AMAZING vacation! Thank you! After sailing together for a week, we are so thankful for your skills. We only hope to continue our friendship! Captain Nikos - your patience and sense of calm are truly admirable. Thank you for guiding us through the islands with grace and expertise. You have a quiet happiness! We spotted you smiling alone behind the helm. Your joy for your country is contagious! Chef Dino - As B. said many times - Wunderbar!! Thank you for accommodating our tasks and exceeding our expectations! You taught us so many new flavours and your creativity is beautiful! We all had so many favourite new dishes from your Ceviche to Eggplant to Tuna Tartare to White Grouper to Shrimp stuffed mushrooms... SO many food memories! And we will never mess up scrambled eggs again after your lessons. If you ever want to start a restaurant in the US... you have a few investors! Costas - your love for the sea and for people is obvious with how you treat your guests. We felt your love from the second we boarded. You engaged us with conversation, danced with us, CARED for us, took the kids wake boarding, educated us about Greece, and taught us about sea bobs.You always had a smile and so much joy for people and your job. You're an AMAZING human. We will all leave Greece a friend! Vaila - thank you for the cocktails and cappucinos! Your care for us was evident when you walked us to your recommended restaurant and spoke to them about us to make sure we had an amazing experience. We love you for caring for us so much. You are a sweetheart! To all of you - please know you always have a place to visit in the US Atlanta. You will always be welcome!
15 Jun 2022
B. chartered GALUX ONE
I appreciate all your hospitality and hard work to make our week a memorable one. There's a reason I was always the last one up each night - I did not want the day on GALUX ONE to end! All the very best this season and to your families. Hope our paths on the water cross again!
15 Jun 2022
L.B. chartered GALUX ONE
Thank you for being a part of our extraordinary vacation. We loved seeing Greece and spending priceless time with our families. What was unexpected was making new friends with our exceptional crew. We haven't even left and we miss you already! Mike, you had us laughing and guessing at your magic tricks! And you are right - you are the best with kids! Captain, thank you for being kind and making us feel safe. Demi, thank you for your beautiful heart. You are like the wind! Sofi, thank you for sharing your love with cooking and for teaching me your recipes. Thank you also to your families for sharing you with us this week. We had the BEST time! P.s. I want a recount on the diving test!
15 Jun 2022
B.L chartered GALUX ONE
Thank you for being very nice and giving me a fun week. You made this a trip I will never forget! It was such a fun trip, thank you for always pushing us in the water!
15 Jun 2022
A.L chartered GALUX ONE
Thank you so very much for the most amazing week! We will cherish these new friendships and memories forever! You were exceptional in every way - you have a special gift and we are so thankful that we got to experience our friend trip to Greece with you! It's not goodbye - but til next time!
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