The BVI is Bouncing Back!

This year, the Caribbean saw devastation the likes of which haven’t been seen for many, many years; businesses were shut down, lives turned upside-down, and some islands have been deeply scarred by hurricanes Irma and Maria.

However, the sheer power of nature has been outshone by the greater force of community strength. Times like this prove that people all over the world can come together and help one-another; rebuilding lives and strengthening bonds; providing moral support and showing great respect for those who have suffered.

It has only been a few months since the disaster, yet we are delighted to announce that some of the BVI’s most popular eateries and restaurants are either back, or on their way back, ready for Mid-December in time for the Christmas and New Year holidays, as the Caribbean comes back from this travesty bolder, stronger and just as beautiful!

Foxy’s Tamarind Bar 

Foxy’s is a hidden, colourful jewel nestled between the palms on the island of Jost Van Dyke. Beginning its life in 1966, Foxy’s has climbed through history to become the best known bar in the Caribbean; famed for it’s fresh ingredients and exquisitely cooked beach-food, guests can enjoy a range of items, such as Jerk Chicken, Pulled Pork and Calamari.

Coco Loco Beach Bar

Coco Loco’s Beach Bar is still on the mend, and hopefully will be back to normal by December, but we couldn’t miss this superb establishment off of our list! Run by Uncle Wendell and based in Jost Van Dyke, Coco Loco’s is an increasingly  popular restaurant and bar with widely praised pizza, fresh fish and stunning views.

The Watering Hole

The Watering Hole is the centre of parties in Road Town, with Full Moon Tiki Parties, an incredibly well-stocked bar (with capacity to open a second bar when things start to boom!) and astounding reviews for their cuisine. This fine establishment offers guests a range of food, from pizzas, to burgers, sandwiches and salads; the perfect food to eat whilst your toes are buried in the sand!

Gram’s Place

Gram’s Place is incredibly popular amongst the locals- which is always a good sign! Situated in the East End of Road Town, Gram’s Place offers a menu reflective of the true Caribbean palate. The menu changes daily, featuring wonderful Caribbean stews, beautifully cooked fish and traditional side dishes.

Irene’s Restaurant & Bar

Irene’s is a newer addition to the Caribbean restaurant family, however, their Friday Night Grill’s have already made a big splash with visitors and locals alike. Featuring traditional Caribbean foods, as well as some more popular Western dishes, Irene’s is a superb mix of fun, food and festivities!

We’ve compiled a list of reputable charities should you wish to help out with the continued efforts to rebuild:

The BVI is back up and running, and there is every reason to charter a yacht around this jaw-dropping archipelago! Get in touch to realise your dream Caribbean getaway on board a Crewed Catamaran Charter!

See our BVI Charter Guide and Itineraries to give you some inspiration for your escape!

Did someone say ‘Barbie on the Beach’?

Australia is a country filled with rich history from all sorts of backgrounds: native Aboriginal culture mixes with the Western World on this vast island of mystery and pure, natural beauty.

The truth is Australia is a vast, expansive and beautiful land that is bursting with wildlife: flora and fauna unique to this exotic environment are waiting to be discovered, and there is no more freeing way to explore such tantalizing destinations than by sea!

A week onboard MASTEKA 2 will be the best way to give you a true taste of Australian life.

Sydney is an incredibly sophisticated city; a perfect reflection of the Western World nestled into the lush forests and expanding deserts of the Southern-Pacific Ocean island. A hub of culture; you would be forgiven for thinking you were still in Europe after travelling half-way across the world! However, the combination of superb cityscapes and laid-back beach-life; those two completely contrasting ways of life come hand-in-hand to make Australia the incredibly special and mysterious land we know today. 

MASTEKA 2 is the ideal boat to give you a true taste of Australia life; from bobbing along with the rustic ambiance of the Whitsundays to cruising through the bustling metropolis of Sydney Harbour, she is a sleek, spacious and most importantly mobile alternative to feeling the wind through your hair from a hotel balcony!

Around Sydney, there are loads and loads of National Parks, and one of our favourites is the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, an incredibly accessible, boat-friendly and luxuriant park that is hiding a plethora of secrets about the origins of Australia. Whilst you’re there, be sure to hike along the Aboriginal Heritage trail, and keep an eye out for all sorts of wildlife!

It would be impossible to mention an Australia Yacht Charter without mentioning the Great Barrier Reef and the kaleidoscope of living colour that dwells beneath the tranquil, turquoise surface. Imagine if you could wake up in the morning to see the stretching reefs, rippling blues and gorgeous greens that give way to a Jackson Pollock painting of life; flashes of technicolour as shoals of fish dart from coral reef to coral reef. Snorkeling or diving in the Great Barrier reef is on everyone’s bucket list, but imagine if you could live there.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, and want to experience the classic ‘barbie on the beach’ Aussie lifestyle, we can help you choose your ideal yacht charter. From bareboat sailing to crewed motoryacht cruising, our brokers are here to ensure you have a choice of boats and itineraries, so don’t be afraid to get in touch!

A Day in the Life of an Intern Part VIII

Whoever said the life of an intern was filled with those horrible jobs that nobody else wants to do? A sunny September’s day saw broker Ben and I heading off to the glamorous St Tropez for an amazing day at sea aboard the beautiful KIDI ONE.

Strolling through St Tropez, it’s not hard to see why so many return to this stunning town year after year. St Tropez is a beautiful little fishing village at first glance, however, through the windy cobbled streets, lined with charming terracotta buildings lies a vibrant shopping capital. Designer boutiques nestled into petite, classically French buildings with shuttered windows and golden walls. Eventually the narrow, windy streets open up to the port, a fascinating juxtaposition of beautiful, quaint buildings against immense, modern Super Yachts and bustling bars. St Tropez truly is a sleepy, fishing village that has been brought to life and doused in glamour and I was instantly enchanted.

Upon meeting our fellow travellers, a lively and welcoming group of brokers from other companies, I was gifted with a beautiful little bracelet to commemorate my day at sea in St Tropez! We were all split between 3 beautiful yachts NEGARA, OF VILLA ROMANA and ours, KIDI ONE. KIDI ONE glided toward us, effortlessly cutting through the water, a vision in sparkling white with royal blue detailing. KIDI ONE was beautiful, with the theme of turquoise running throughout the exterior, hints of blue in the salon and then glossy, cherry brown and crisp white with splashes of gold spreading elegance and class throughout the guest cabins and bathrooms, the photographs truly do not do it justice.

Ben and I sat on the sun pads on the bow of the yacht and the views were breath taking, stunning yachts, towering mountains flourishing with green and the sparkling sea, St Tropez is paradise. Finally, we came to a halt and anchored beside Plage de L’Escalet, the hillside teeming with lavish villas and the sea, an incredible shade of turquoise. Now it was time for water toys! My first choice, the humble paddleboard – easy! Or so I thought. My first attempt at standing up resulted in my first plunge into the icy cold water, the September Sea is beautiful and wonderfully energising. I powered through, yet round 2 was still unsuccessful and resulted in another soaking, perhaps paddleboarding is not for me. On to the big boy toys, the Sea Bob, whizzing across the surface of the sea was the most incredible feeling, though I didn’t dare dive beneath the surface, it was an amazing rush to skim across the surface of the water like a human jet ski, that’s a new one for the Christmas list!

The afternoon was spent munching on Foie Gras sandwiches, sipping wine and getting to know everyone in an incredible setting. Too much food and too much fun resulted in a quick power nap on the sundeck in the warm glow of the sun – bliss. After an amazing day in dazzling St Tropez we finally cruised back to dry land.

Being able to meet so many wonderful people and experience such an incredible yacht in the most enchanting place was truly surreal and an experience I will never forget! Boatbookings internships are definitely not your average internship, with so much responsibility making way for valuable experiences and, of course, it doesn’t hurt getting to charter for the day on a stunning luxury yacht!

The International Unveiling of the New Lagoon Seventy 8

Since 1984, Lagoon have produced over 3,000 sailing catamarans globally, firmly placing themselves as one of the leading pioneers within the industry. In more recent years they have been at the forefront of the catamaran world and they continue to push the limits of innovation and quality.

In an interview earlier this year, the globally renowned designer Patrick le Quément, who designed the exterior of the Seventy 8, stated: ‘Our desire was to increase the emotional charge of the Lagoons, giving them greater charm to accompany the architectural breakthroughs that have made the brand an archetype.’

So, how has Patrick and the rest of his design team attempted this and has it been successfully achieved? Our brokers went to the international launch of the Lagoon Seventy 8 at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2017 to check it out.

From the get-go, we were completely enchanted by the Seventy 8. Stepping aboard, we were greeted by a large wooden dining table, complete with super comfortable seating pads, we couldn’t help but fall in love with her effortless style.

Walking into the cleverly compartmentalised saloon, it was obvious to see why Lagoon has become serious competition for the builders of luxury power catamarans. Two large corner sofas dominate the living area – perfect for relaxing evenings with family. The innovative design of the saloon allows for further sofa space whilst keeping the Captain’s controls separate from guests.

Head downstairs into the Master Cabin and you will notice that the elegant interior styling flows seamlessly throughout, with subtle trim lighting adding a modern edge. Without a doubt, the highlight of the Master Cabin is the drop down hydraulic balcony. This space allows for total privacy; your own personal platform for gazing out onto breath-taking views, peer through the glass floor and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the kaleidoscopic sea life in the crystal-clear waters below.

The flybridge provides another shaded platform for dining and enjoying the surroundings as well as a bar for endless cocktails and canapés. The Lagoon Seventy 8 is seriously impressive and stylish, we’re hooked!

What’s changed from the Lagoon Seventy 7?

What we believe has been achieved in the Lagoon Seventy 8 is the outstanding and innovative use of space on the bow, never seen before on their previous models. For example: on the Seventy 7 range, the bow is dominated by duo netting for sunbathing, whilst the Seventy 8 has opted to replace these nets with teak decking and beautifully appointed sunpads and puffer-stools, resulting in both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically advanced effects, as well as opening-up the space.

So, the question is, has Patrick and his design team achieved what they set out to do? Does the Lagoon Seventy 8 host features of emotional charm and architectural breakthroughs? Overall, our brokers unanimously agree that the new Lagoon line is 78ft’ of expertly designed, yachting perfection. From aft deck to bow, from master cabin to the four-peak cabin, from the state-of-the-art entertainment system to the silverware; the Lagoon Seventy 8 is simplistic innovation at its finest.

Watch this space for Lagoon Seventy8’s debut into the charter market, we can’t wait to get our hands on it!


It’s all Fun and Games Unless You Forget the Water Toys!

It’s the week of the Cannes Yachting Festival, and, whilst the electric pulse of innovation ripples through the air, whilst there are scores of brand-new, shining-bright yachts all lined-up and immaculately presented; whilst you can walk through the gate and see nothing but boats, masts, sails and sea all around, my attention has turned to the water toys.

Seeing all these newly-released yachts and catamarans truly is an experience, however, it gets to the point where all these boats begin to melt into one big entity; the stunning-white of the hull, the neutral, contemporary trim of the interior, the comfortable, open aft-deck… This is when you start to notice the smaller things; the bold splashes of colour that stand out amongst the avalanche of white tents and boats; the water toys.

When it comes to chartering a superyacht, in my opinion, the actual yacht itself is only half of the decision. That’s not to say it’s not important, however: this boat will be your home for the next week or so, so it has to be up to standard! Yet, to me, the purpose of chartering a yacht is not only to enjoy an incomparably luxurious experience, but it’s also make the most of the complete freedom and privacy that comes with being on open water- and how can you do that if you haven’t got a good selection of toys with which to stretch your legs on the high seas?

Nowadays, in a world of innovation and original thought, there seems to be an endless supply of imagination when it comes to the invention of toys and tenders to accompany your superyacht; with such a wide range of choice, and even more on the horizon, it’s hard to decide which aspects to even begin considering for your charter! One thing is for sure, though: whether you are with family or friends, with parents or young children, or maybe with clients and potential buyers; whatever the occasion, you will definitely want some water toys to go with your charter!

To some people, yacht-toys may seem a bit like overkill: when you take into consideration the size of the yacht, the completely bespoke interiors and luxuries one can only imagine in a top-star hotel, it’s understandable why some people don’t see the importance of such amenities. However, from some perspectives, the addition of yacht toys such as jet skis, waterskis and inflatables is a total necessity; it provides you with the opportunity to try new things, explore different places, and maybe even discover a new, adventurous side to your personality. For families, water toys can be the perfect option for tiring out the kids and getting some well-needed rest. They are also, however, the perfect family-bonding opportunity; just imagine the laughter, jokes and memories that accompany your first time trying to ski on water; or maybe getting some family competition stirred-up in the form of jet ski racing, or even shouting words of encouragement to whomever is holding on for dear life, being pulled at top speed on the back of a donut!

I have done some research and compiled a list of my favourite water toys, ranging from the universally popular ones to the most innovative:


The Sub-Wing began its story as a piece of driftwood and a waterski rope in 2010. Simon Sivertsen formulated the concept of mimicking flying underwater, and graduated from a plank of wood to two chopping boards tied to a pole and then, finally, after much careful crafting and calculation, to the professional piece-of-kit we see today.

The usability of the Sub-Wing is incredibly simple, with a range of sizes to suit different ages, the Sub-Wing is a piece of equipment that won’t take long to work out – hold on to both wings and twist forward or back to go up, down or barrel-roll – and, once you’ve got the hang of it, it can be one of the most rewarding, adrenaline-fuelled water activities!


The Seabreacher looks like it was taken straight out of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie (I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where the idea came from); a Frankenstein’s combination of, well, submarine missile, F1 fighter jet and- depending on which model you go for- either an orca whale, dolphin or shark.

For a taste of the tranquil life of dolphins, or the predatory, high-octane life of sharks, the Seabreacher is the only vessel that can provide it! Dive down to 5 feet, and then burst through the surface in true Jaws-fashion at speeds of up to 60mph! Step up your game by practicing the various stunts that are possible, such as barrel-rolling or launching out of the water.

Water Slide/ Yacht Blob

These two inflatable amenities really speak for themselves in the world of water toys; who could say no to the thrill of sliding from the Flybridge of your yacht charter and being greeted by the refreshingly cool, clear waters of the Mediterranean or Caribbean? Perfect for every member of the family-including your dog- the yacht water slide is a welcome addition to the yachting world.

The Yacht Blob, however, is for those who seek more of a thrill than the slide can provide. Imagine a giant, inflatable…blob…floating next to your yacht. This blob has been designed in a way as to quench the thirst of the adrenaline junkies by literally launching them through the air. They will sit on one end of the blob, and a couple of other people will jump from the highest (and safest) point of their yacht, landing on the other end of the blob. The combined weight and force of the two people will cause the one at the other end to be launched away from the boat through the air and landing safely in the sea.


The Seabob has become a well-established amenity in yacht charters. This water toy could be likened to an underwater jet-pack, but you will have to hold on tight as it pulls you through the water!

The Seabob is a toy for confident swimmers, reaching speeds of up to 14km/h under water. Imagine being in the middle of a pod of dolphins or turtles, matching their pace as they race through the open water- that is the experience that a Seabob will allow you to achieve!


How could it be a water toys blog if it didn’t feature the Jetlev water jetpack? Every time I see one of these it reminds me of the imaginatively-absurd technology one sees in James Bond- but this is real!

This water-propelled jet-pack has taken the world of water toys by storm; a worthy opponent to parasailing, I’m 100% positive it’s one of those activities that looks easy until you actually attempt it yourself.

If you are interested in trying out these different toys, one of our charter brokers will be more than happy to discuss with you the best charter to suit your interests- just drop us a line, and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

Labor Day 2017 Weekend Party-Planning

If you’re wondering about what Miami is offering for your Labor Day Weekend Celebrations, wonder no more! Here is a quick guideline of parties, places and socials that you cannot miss out on!

Thursday 31st August – Story Night Club Labor Day Weekend Kickoff

  • Featuring Young Jeezy @ Story Night Club

What better way to start your Labor Day Weekend than an all-night party at Story Nightclub, hosted by American Rapper Young Jeezy! Just a short walk from South Pointe Beach, you won’t have to worry about transport as you saunter back to your berth in time to watch the sunrise.

Friday 1st September – Labor Day Weekend Jungle Fest

  • 10am – 5pm @ Jungle Island

For a day of sun, tropical dancing, barbecue and beer supplied by Concrete Beach Brewery, Jungle Island is the place to be! This event will also feature a Private Beach Experience, including cabanas and water sports.

Friday 1st September – Nicky Romero

  • 11pm @ Ora Night Club

Nicky Romero is spearheading the EDM scene with an impressive track record, and more promise to follow. Having performed with artists such as Calvin Harris, Romero has become an established name within the EDM community, and Ora Night Club will bear witness to what will undoubtedly be an impressive headline set.

Saturday 2nd September – Labor Day Pool Party

  • 12 – 6pm @ The Hampton Sky Lounge

There’s no better way to nurse your hangover than with a freshly-made cocktail, some pumping bass music and a rooftop swimming pool- which is exactly what is on offer at The Hampton Sky Lounge! Spend your afternoon dancing to your best abilities, and then retreat back to your private yacht for an after party!

Sunday 3rd September – Camp Nikki Beach

  • 11am – 4pm @ Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach knows exactly how to celebrate in unreserved style, and for Labor Day Weekend this year you can expect a throwback to those good old days of camp! S’mores by the campfire, songs and a few cheeky swigs of alcohol will be sure to provide an unforgettable afternoon!

Sunday 3rd September – Hyde Night Swim Labor Day Weekend Edition

  • 6pm @ Hyde Beach Club

Hyde Beach Club are taking Vegas to the East Coast for this Labor Day Weekend, with a Vegas-inspired pool party to keep the celebrations going!

Sunday 3rd September – Labor Day Party

  • 9pm – 5am @ Foxhole Club

After having started the day at Camp Nikki, and then possibly retreating back to the yacht for a quick change of clothes and a freshen-up, you’ll be able to hear Foxhole beckoning to you! Located in South Beach, Foxhole is in the perfect location for celebration!

Monday 4th Sept – Splash Labour Day Pool Party

  • 12pm- 6pm @ Miami Gardens

If, after 3 days of complete partying, you’re still not completely wiped out and craving a day of floating and relaxation in the Miami sun, EPIC Hotel is hosting its very own Labor Day Summer Pool Party. Finish the day in time to return to your boat, set sail and enjoy the rest of your charter in celebration!

Feeling ready for the festivities? Drop us a line, and we can make sure you won’t forget this year’s partying!

Miami Biscayne National Park: The Underwater Treasure Chest of History, Colour and Buried Secrets

Biscayne National Park holds a myriad of mysteries, secrets and natural wonders; ranging from jaw-dropping scenery to vast coral reefs, alive and bustling with a full spectrum of tropical fish and other aquatic wildlife- there is a lot more to see than meets the eye!
Biscayne Bay

Biscayne National Park is one of the largest marine parks in the National Park system. Comprised of 95% water as well as a portion of the third largest coral reef in the world, this National Park is almost exclusively accessible by boat. If you really want to see why Biscayne is so widely renowned, you’ll need to get below the surface to really experience this treasure chest of history, nature and an unforgettable display of colour.
The Secrets Beneath the Surface

The human history of this immense body of water and scattering of islands dates back almost 10,000 years, to the very first Native American settlements and Caribbean societies. Buried amongst the bejeweled coral reefs many meters under the water, or nestled safely within the timeless, emerald forests and twisting maze of mangroves, the history of humanity is embedded into the nature of Biscayne Bay, swallowed up, but not forgotten. Biscayne Bay holds the key to a myriad of secrets, and it’s up to us to find the clues and piece together the puzzle of life.
Boca Chita Key

During the 17th and 18th Century, Biscayne Bay was the centre of operations for a notoriously revered pirate: Black Caesar. The name of Black Caesar resonates throughout history; being the subject of many myths and tales, it is said that Black Caesar had used Elliott Key and Old Rhodes Key as bases for buried treasure that had been seized from North American ships and trade ships of other nationalities. The evidence of major conflicts is laid-bare on the bottom of the ocean in the form of shipwrecks, cannonballs and various other relics, preserved over time, that have been gracefully absorbed into the natural world and transformed into beautifully established, perfectly functioning vibrant coral reefs, alive with a myriad of flashing colours.
The Sunken Wreck of Erl King, 1891

Biscayne National Park has something to offer for everyone; from lovers of history, to those who become captivated by the wonders of the natural world, to those who become captivated by the warmth of the sun and the sparkling, golden sand. The Maritime Heritage Trail, preserved carefully by the park rangers, paints an illustration of human history through various nautical skeletons and ancient infrastructure, such as the Fowey Rocks Lighthouse, which was built in 1878. This trail is only accessible via boat, so if you want to travel through history then get in touch with us about Miami Day Charters!

What some may see as the biggest attraction of Biscayne National Park can be found absolutely everywhere; under every rock, hidden in every nook and cranny; on land, in the sea and even in the sky… This is referring to the vast range of wildlife that inhabits Biscayne Bay, from the smallest insect to possibly the largest crocodile you will ever see, Biscayne Bay is home to a surprisingly wide variety of animals.

American Flamingo

For SCUBA divers, there is an endless list of sealife to be found beneath the surface; ranging from Turtles, Seahorses, Angelfish and Scorpionfish to a myriad of Shark species (including Great White) and the more friendly Dolphins– if you’re lucky you may even bump into a peaceful Manatee, which is a protected species in this National Park, but everywhere you look there’ll be something waiting to catch your eye!

For twitchers (bird watchers to the layman), Biscayne National Park offers an enchanting assortment of bird species; from your Common Loon, to the American Flamingo, to the rather self-descriptive Greater Yellowlegs, to name a few. On land, there is a spectrum of reptiles, butterflies and insects for you to search for, as well as native rodents such as the Key Largo cotton mouse.

Kayaking through the Mangroves

Biscayne National Park is perfect for fishermen, photographers, artists, explorers, sunbathers – you can see where this list is going, but most importantly, this secluded island surrounded by a plethora of buried secrets is only accessible by boat. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning on board your own private yacht, stepping out onto the sundeck and enjoying your morning coffee with this tropical paradise as your back garden for the day- it can’t get much better than that!

If, after reading this blog, you’re itching to go on an excursion to see for yourself the breathtaking sights and menagerie of wildlife, we can help you, just drop us a message and we will sort you out with a personalised itinerary.

Miami: Prepare your Tastebuds for a Culture Shock!

Miami offers a myriad of dining options, ranging from the cheap and cheerful coconut stalls and authentic Spanish gelato vendors all the way up to the top-star, fine dining restaurant experience. Miami, rippling with endless culture, never ceases to keep originality in the foreground, as illustrated by such restaurants as SuViche– a Japanese, Peruvian fusion. It’s difficult to even imagine such an unlikely pairing, but, in true Miami style, they’ve nailed it. At SuViche you can enjoy either lunch or dinner tapas-style dishes such as Tiradito, and with 3 locations across the city (Wynwood, Brickell and Miami Beach), there’s no excuse not to stop by!

Photo taken from
Tiradito- a speciality dish by Su Viche

Miami is renowned for its alligators, and, whether you like them or not, a restaurant called Kush offers you the chance to bite back- in true Miami style. Kush’s menu consists of alligator bites and alligator tacos- but don’t worry- you’ll also find some tasty, alligator-free burgers if you’re not feeling up to it! But, for those of you who may be interested in munching down on an alligator, apparently it tastes like a mixture of chicken and turkey! Kush is located in Wynwood, which is definitely worth a visit!

Photo courtesy of
The interior of Kush

Another notable restaurant to look out for in Miami is NaiYaRa– a fusion of Thai, Japanese and other Far Eastern street food. This restaurant offers a vast range of high-quality seafood; even flying in rare fish and delicacies from all over the world! NaiYaRa offers original takes on some familiar dishes, for example a Salmon Taco, topped with spicy mayonnaise, avocado and truffle oil.

Photo courtesy of
A Sushi Donut from NaiYaRa

Wynwood is the place to be for foodies, instagrammers and even coffee-enthusiasts. Panther Coffee, located in the Wynwood Art District, is well-renowned for -you guessed it- coffee! Panther boasts the freshest coffee around; who would say no to daily roasted coffee beans, providing that fresh, full flavour that just resonates with all of your senses? From the farm, to the table- this coffee house is simply a must for those who know what a good cuppa joe should taste like!

Photo courtesy of
Panther Coffee

If you are up for trying new foods and embracing different cultures, then you would love a trip to Miami! Why not take it one step further and have a look into Miami yacht charter?

Fireworks will always look better from a boat!

On the evening of Monday 7th August, we went from the Boatbooking’s office down to the harbour, in order to watch Austria’s entry into the Cannes Festival D’Art Pyrotechniques fireworks competition on board Argo, one of our favourite boats, and paired with Gerard, one of our favourite captains!
It made truly such a big difference being able to view the fireworks display from a yacht; the atmosphere around us was buzzing and the fireworks felt so close that we could reach out and touch them!

Here’s just a few photos from the night:

Heading to port!

More and more boats gradually joined us, making it feel really communal even though we were all in different places!

It wouldn’t be a proper fireworks display without a bit of love in the air!



We all had such an amazing night, and no one thought seeing the fireworks display from a boat would make much of a difference- but how we were wrong! I think it’s safe to say none of us will ever want to go back to watching the fireworks on the land anymore, and we are more than ready to arrange the same experience for you next time!

There are still two dates left: 15th and 24th August,

Check out our Cannes Fireworks Day Boat Charter page for all the info you’ll need to arrange your own unforgettable charter:




The Peaks of Luxury: How Big and Bold are these Boats going to Become?

I was reading an article, the other day, regarding the new technologies revolved around glass in construction on Superyachts; for example, some yachts now have an underwater viewing deck, such as Feadship’s SAVANNAH, which has a charter price of €1 million a week…

SAVANNAH’s underwater viewing lounge, photo courtesy of

At the sheer astonishment of such a hefty price tag for- well, no one can disagree that SAVANNAH illustrates the snowy peaks of haute-décor luxury, I began my descent down a marble-coated, golden-detailed, velvet-carpeted rabbit-hole with one burning question in mind: How far are these Superyachts going to go in order to obtain new standards of luxury?
I remember, when I was younger, a 50ft yacht was a very impressive sight; lining the harbours of Monaco, Greece and elsewhere around the world; I remember gazing in awe and wonder at any and every boat- big or small. Now, as I get older, I find myself only really looking for the larger yachts; the 100+ footers- the Megayachts. Gargantuan vessels, bright white, like icebergs jutting out of the ocean- an air of calm serenity floating around them, slowly moving across the horizon, dwarfing both people and other boats in comparison. Speculation over who owns them and what the interior is like is all part of the excitement upon encountering these yachts, and one can only imagine the swathes of leather, antiqued wood and Italian marble that spectacularly crowns the inside of these floating palaces.

The Boats during the Monaco Grand Prix, photo courtesy of


Although, since working in the yacht industry, I have to admit I’ve become slightly desensitised to a lot of these ships. Superyachts like VICKY, a 73m Turquoise, and O MEGA, a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 83m Megayacht, with all the bells and whistles one expects of a Superyacht, is perhaps starting to become the norm of the luxury industry. This is an industry that will always go by comparisons, with the same question in mind: How can we make it better?

VICKY’s helipad- don’t worry, there’s a plunge pool round back!

Does this mean more gold? More marble? Rarer wood, and fancier light fittings? Does this mean just bigger in general? Stretching 150ft to 250ft? I think, maybe, this means a lot of different things.

All yachts have to be manufactured under certain terms and conditions; such as SOLAS and PYC, which ensure the safety and structural integrity of the vessels. All of these conditions limit the extent to which Superyacht manufacturers can go regarding design, shape and size.
However, where manufacturers may be limited in some aspects of Superyacht design, it’s opened-up a Pandora’s Box of innovations within the technological side of manufacturing. Going back to SAVANNAH, with the underwater viewing salon, that was only made possible due to the advancements in glass technology and the invention of Gorilla Glass.
Progression in computing technology has allowed for much more precise navigation of these Superyachts, allowing the captains to get a more intimate feel for the waves and surroundings, meaning that sailing on through the night will be absolutely no issue! Advanced controls in the wheelhouse also means more control over the yacht itself; security measures such as locking systems, cameras and alarms are all computerised now, so, although you may not see it, it can almost certainly see you!
But, more advanced tech doesn’t just mean stronger glass and computerised security, it also means more fun, more luxury, more comfort- it just means more!

Wheelhouse on board POLARIS I

Stronger glass means that maybe, within a few years, it will become a standard for Superyachts to feature an underwater viewing deck- and maybe the top end ones will feature an entire glass panoramic viewing room! Imagine, wherever you travel, having a changeable, giant and most importantly all-natural aquarium for you to gaze into from the comfort of a plush, leather sofa…

Lightweight construction material such as aluminium has vastly reduced the weight of these ships whilst maintaining the strength of the superstructure, resulting in more room for the fun stuff: that bigger jacuzzi, more gym equipment, more toys and maybe even a bigger tender. It has also opened up a plethora of options for new designs, due to its malleability.

Some Superyachts nowadays look more like spaceships than boats, for example the Superyacht ADASTRA by John Shuttleworth Designs. With boats like this making full use of the modern technologies and new materials being created daily in the construction world, it really makes you think about the future of the luxury Superyachts we have become accustomed to!

Superyacht ADASTRA, photo courtesy of

Whilst the future of Superyachts may be an open book, the one certainty is that- whatever the next move- Boatbookings will be ready to welcome the next generation of nautical vessels with open arms, and provide you with an experience of luxury, technology and innovation!