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With approximately 4,660 miles of coastline, a yacht charter Italy is bound to surprise you around each corner- lose yourself in the artistic, fishing village of Portofino, trace the Amalfi Coast, before continuing to the glamorous island of Capri and picturesque Postitano. Cruise to the shopping and jet-set hangouts of Sardinia and timeless Sicily. Thinking of planning a charter in Italy, and unsure about the seasons? Check our weather page here to see when the best time of year is best to book your memorable yachting charter!

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Italy is a versatile and beguiling destination, which will invade all of your senses from the colours of the flowers, the familiar smell of the local fishing towns and the busy chatter of the friendly locals. Whilst some parts of the Italian coastline remain consistent, such as the pastel-coloured houses and hill-top towns, most towns will vary in their character, which provides a unique experience at each harbour. 

With the shimmering lemon groves, secluded beaches wedged between cliffs and endless impressive scenery, the views will make you dizzy and your Instagram pop! Enjoy the mouth-watering local cuisine, the kaleidoscope of colours and the sparkling Mediterranean which will always invite you for a swim off your yacht. 

See below for our expansive list of guides, itineraries and yachts on offer across a variety of Italian destinations that past guests have loved and we personally recommend. We offer crewed, bareboat, motor and sail, so can cater to a spectrum of needs. If you require one-to-one guidance, click on the green button below for a broker to get in touch.

Amalfi Coast Crewed Charter

amalfi coast charter

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most famous coastlines in the Mediterranean, and for good reason. The picturesque mountains, littered with pastel colour houses are just some of the reasons to fall in love with this corner of paradise. The coastline is dotted with some of the most sought-after crewed motor yachts, catamarans, and high end super sailing yachts. Shopping in Capri, beautiful weather, sea view restaurants what more could you want from your luxury charter? Unlike commercial cruises, you can have complete control over your charter! 

Amalfi Coast Crewed Motor Yachts Amalfi Coast Motor Yacht Itinerary

Amalfi Coast Bareboat Charter

amalfi coast bareboat charter

Do you have a skipper's license and looking to explore Italy in the best way possible? Then hire one of our bareboat sail yachts! We have sailing yachts from 35ft all the way up to 55ft in a range of models and types so we can find you the most suitable yacht for your charter! Not feeling confident in taking the yacht out for yourself, or you don't have a license? No problem! We can organise a skipper to be onboard and show you the very best of what Italy has to offer, after all, there is nothing like local knowledge when being on vacation!

Bareboat Catamarans Bareboat Sailing Yachts

Amalfi Coast and Capri Day Charter

amalfi coast day charter

Adding a day charter to your Amalfi Coast escape is the perfect way to enhance your Italian experience! There is no better way to view the Amalfi Coast than on board one of our crewed motor yachts. Allow the skipper to take you along one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world, stopping off along the way for some water fun! How about including a visit to Capri for the day? Capri is only accessible by yacht, so it would be rude not to include a visit to the famous Faraglioni rocks!

Amalfi Coast Day Charter Information Amalfi Coast Day Charter Yachts

Sicily Crewed Charter

sicily crewed motor yacht
Chartering a crewed motor yacht in Sicily is the only way to experience this corner of Italy properly. Your dedicated, knowledgeable crew are on hand throughout your charter to share with you the diverse culture on your Aeolian Islands Crewed Motor Yacht Itinerary. Service is at the forefront of any crewed charters, but especially when you are in Sicily and surrounding areas. The captain will showcase the very best of Sicily and the Aleonian islands, together you will discover the most beautiful bays found in Italy!  Alicudi and Filicudi are some of Boatbookings most favourite anchorages. Your chef will shop at local markets to deliver authentic Italian cuisine, after all, you are in the country of people who live to eat!

7 Day Sicily Crewed Itinerary Sicily Crewed Motor Yachts

Sicily Bareboat Charter

sicily crewed charter

Go off the beaten track this summer and discover the Aeolian Islands with our 7 day bareboat itinerary! The Aeolian islands are perfect for intermediate sailors who have chartered before or skippered their own yacht for a few years. This off the beaten track area exposes you to some of nature's finest formations, noticeably Stromboli - the resident Volcano which smokes and simmers! Dive into the deep blue Mediterranean sea under the glorious sun in the privacy of your own charter sailing yacht. You decide where you want to go, when and for how long! Chartering a yacht in Italy gives you the ultimate sense of freedom to explore one of the most culturally vibrant countries in the world. 

7 Day Sicily Bareboat Itinerary Sicily Bareboat Monohulls Sicily Bareboat Catamarans

Sardinia Crewed Charter

Sicily yacht charter

Start in Porto Cervo, and discover La Maddalena and Corsica! A motor yacht is a perfect choice for your Sardinia yacht charter to hop from one place to the next in luxury, speed and style. There is only one place to be in Sardinia, and that is onboard a superyacht. Be in awe of your surroundings soaking up the Sardinian sunshine in the large and luxurious outdoor spaces. A luxury motor yacht is an excellent choice for your charter with friends and family next summer!  

7 Day Sardinia & French Riviera Crewed Itinerary Sardinia Motor Yachts

Sardinia Bareboat Charter

sardinia bareboat charter

Let's face it - that anchorage is Paradise! La Maddelena is full of protected anchorages like this, the only problem is, which one to do you to first?! By starting your charter on the northeastern tip of Sardinia, you are in the prime position of exploring Corsica as well as La Maddelena - two of Boatbookings top suggest places to charter! La Maddelena and Corsica are steeped in natural beauty where turquoise bays and rugged coastlines can be seen at every turn (or tack!)

Sardinia Bareboat Monohulls Sardinia Bareboat Catamarans

Sardinia Day Charter

aicon day charter

Adding a day charter to your Sardinia vacation is a MUST! La Maddelena, and the coast of Sardinia is best explored by water and is the only way you can fully grasp the pure beauty of Sardinia! Embark in one of the ports on the North-Eastern tip of Sardinia and cruise around one of the most stunning areas in the Mediterranean. Sit back, relax and let the crew do all the work. Soak up true Sardinian culture with an onboard traditional aperivitio, or a glass of cold rose wine! jump off the back of the yacht into the crystal clear water below, or sunbathe on the foredeck! Arrive at your chosen restaurant in style for a long relaxed lunch! 

Day Charter Yachts Sardinia Day Charter Itinerary


italian culture

Italy's diverse culture stems backs thousands of years but one main element remains - family. Recieve service like no other at the traditional Italian restaurants dotted down the cobbled streets. Experience arts and architecture when you walk around the ancient streets, imagining what this area looked like back in the Roman times. Italian food is like no other - and each region is different! From Sicily to the Amalfi, to Ischia to Sardinia, each region has its own 'dish' which they specialise in. Some of our favorites are Spaghetti Alla Norma topped off with some Lemoncello!


Getting There

getting to italy

Amalfi Coast: For access to the Amalfi Coast, it is best to fly into Naples and catch a taxi down. By flying into Naples you have access to the Naples Gulf, where you can spend a few days prior to your charter! If you are flying in from JFK, there are no direct flights into Naples, you will have to catch a connection flight normally from Amsterdam or Paris.

Sicily: Most yachts are berthed on the northern coast of Sicily so flying into Palermo is the easiest. The main airport on the island is Catania Fontanarossa, which is around 2.5 hours away from Capo D'Orlando. Direct flights from London, most east coast airport will stopover in one European country before heading into Sicily.  

Sardinia: This island has only three airports, so it's really down to you where you are picking the yacht up from. If you are chartering in the Northern part of Sardinia, Olbia and Alghero airport is easiest. If you are chartering around the southern part of the islands, Cagliari is the best airport to fly into. 

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