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Discover Sicily and the Aeolian Islands on this 7 day crewed motor yacht itinerary around Riposto, Taormina, Messina, Vulcano, Panarea, Stromboli and Lipari

Day 1: Riposto | Day 2: Taormina | Day 3: Messina | Day 4: Vulcano | Day 5: Panarea | Day 6: Stromboli | Day 7: Lipari

Charter a Sicily crewed motor yacht for the summer to sail this fabulous itinerary around the northeast of Sicily and the breath-taking Aeolian Islands. With some of the most diverse and verdant vistas in the Mediterranean thanks to its volcanic nature, you can enjoy astounding views alongside delicious Italian cuisine as well as azure waters ideal for making a splash with the water toys on board.

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Day 1: Riposto and Taormina


Today your will begin your fabulous week of sailing the coast of Sicily from Riposto. This is the ideal port from which to visit Mount Etna, an active volcano and an unforgettable hike through the Sicilian countryside. In the afternoon, you can motor to Taormina and organise a car to take you to the stunning vineyards of Gambino. They are located to the side of Mount Etna, amongst the trees of the national park; here enjoy breath-taking views of the volcano and countryside. Visit the famed ancient Teatro Greco (Greek Theatre) and explore the rugged terrain of the Isola Bella Nature reserve before heading back to your yacht for a meal cooked by your onboard chef.

Day 2: Taormina to Messina

Sicily Yacht Charter

This morning you will cruise with your crew to the city of Messina, mere miles from the Italian mainland. This modern town offers little historical architecture due to the terrible earthquake of 1908, but the Sacrario di Cristo Re, a large and beautiful memorial dome built in 1937 in memory of the victims of WWI stands majestically overlooking the city and is worth visiting. You can wander the Piazza del Duomo, surrounded by Messina’s cathedral with its astronomical bell tower and a beautiful fountain depicting Orion, the mythical founder of Messina. In the town, treat yourself to a cannoli with ricotta with a cup of fresh Italian coffee or a mocha! 

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Day 3: Messina to Vulcano


Leaving behind the metropolitan Sicily, you will today cruise to the most iconic island off the coast of Italy. Vulcano, with its sulphurous surroundings, makes the perfect dramatic backdrop to a delicious lunch on deck prepared by your chef. In the afternoon, you can, of course, climb the crater, soak in the mud baths and walk the black sand beaches. However, there are less well-known spots to escape to of unexpected exquisite beauty often unvisited by tourists… Wander the green central plateau, full of life and birdsong or enjoy the volcanic beaches of Gelso, perfect for swimming from or relaxing by the clear waters! Welcome to the Aeolian Islands!

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Day 4: Vulcano to Panarea


The best Aeolian island to be seen this summer, Panarea is the destination of jet-setters and fashion fanatics, described as the VIP Island of the archipelago. Wander the stunning whitewashed streets of San Pietro where you can berth for the night. You can visit the islets off the island’s coast with beautiful coves and beaches such as Le Guglie. Find some of the best spots for swimming off the islet of Lisca Bianca or even make the most of the water toys included on board; in the evening, enjoy the sunset over the Aeolians. This is the place to truly enjoy the small pleasures!

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Day 5: Panarea to Stromboli


The most remote of the islands, Stromboli, is little more than a volcano rising out of the sea. Stromboli is a fully active, typically cone-shaped volcano in a constant state of mild activity, punctuated by occasional larger and fiercer eruptions. Stromboli is popular for trips out at night to see magma spurting out of the cone like a dramatic natural fireworks display. Enjoy the exciting show while you enjoy a drink on the deck or a fabulous Italian-style dinner party!

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Day 6: Stromboli to Lipari


With two pretty harbours, Lipari is the largest Aeolian Island known for its beautiful aquamarine waters. Within easy reach are the castle and its museum, archaeological park and the Cathedral, perfect for an afternoon stroll. There are also many beaches located around the island ideal to anchor off for some water sports. Shops, cafés and restaurants are just a short stroll away. The volcanos are considered inactive, though steaming fumaroles (emissions of hot gas and steam) may still be seen.

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Day 7: Lipari to Riposto


Today you will return to Riposto, stopping off along the Sicilian coastline at some remarkable bays for lunch and some last fun with the water toys. Spread out on deck and enjoy the beautiful views of the mainland as you sail through the straits and say a final goodbye to your fabulous crew and luxury motor yacht. Boatbookings will work with you to understand your needs and match them to the perfect yacht. We can find you virtually any yacht to charter in Sicily and the surrounding waters for your summer holiday, so just contact us below and let's start planning. 

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