New Year: Why the BVI?

It’s nearly the big day, Christmas is just around the corner now. However, once that hoop is jumped it’s time to welcome in a new year – but how will you be doing it? Perhaps its a night in with the family, or maybe you’ve headed into town with a group of friends to see 2016 out in style. However, have you considered doing it in the BVI?


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Christmas with a Thai Twist!

Christmas for many families means hoping for snow, indulging on Christmas Pudding and watching Love Actually on repeat…Why not shake things up this Christmas? Christmas in Thailand would mean waking up to gorgeous heat, spending the day on the luxurious beach, swimming in the dazzling sea. Surely an island paradise sounds more pleasurable than wrapping up warmly and having the same routine year on year?

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Winning Winter Windows!

Christmas is done and dusted, but the festive spirit is still everywhere, as the holidays continue and we look forward to New Year’s Eve! One of my favourite things about Christmas is seeing the effort and skill of the luxury shops windows, you can sense a competitive vibe from all the high-end stores on who has the most impressive visual merchandising! It builds the Christmas vibe as you stroll down the streets doing your Christmas shopping, whilst seeing which windows catch your eye! Keep reading for some of my favourite, fabulous Christmas displays…

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