Top 5 off the beaten track destinations!

Top 5 bareboat itineraries to escape the crowds and get back in touch with nature. Feel the wind in your hair, and breath in that healing sea breeze onboard your bareboat charter!

Greece – Ionian

One house bay – Ionian

You want to sail in Greece, but you down want the crowds – where should you go? Simple answer – the Ionian! Secluded anchorages, fair winds, and fantastic tavernas makes the Ionian one of the best places to sail in Greece!

Caribbean – BVI’s


Thinking about celebrating Christmas a little bit differently this year? Have your summer holiday plans been canceled and you’re looking for the next celebration? Then a BVI bareboat charter should be for you! With Scuba itineraries, and island hopping adventures – could this be the next tick on your to-do list?

French Polynesia – New Caledonia

New Caledonia

Thinking about a sailing trip in the southern hemisphere far away from any local continent? How about New Caledonia?! A few hundred miles of the coast of mainland Australia lays the New Caledonian archipelago! Enjoy the peace and quiet of what these islands have to offer. An incredible mix of French and Polynesian cultures!

Portuguese Atlantic – The Azores

The Azores

Do you have an Atlantic crossing on your bucket list? Do you need an area to test your sailing skills? Do you need a mile builder itinerary? Then the Azores is for you! An incredible mix of Atlantic and Portuguese culture with the backdrop like something from Jurassic Park. Explore the Volcanos and lava fields on your bareboat charter.

Step by step guide on how to understand your bareboat quote

This blog is to help you understand the bareboat quote when you receive a quote. I have provided a step by step to understand the quote and all the pricing.

Almost all bareboat operators work from an online platform where bareboat yachts are stored using live availability. We then sift through hundreds of yachts and suppliers to give you the most suitable yacht selection. The quote you will receive will probably look a lot like this:

So you have all this information…but what does it mean!?

  • You have the picture of the yacht, and next to that is the make/model of the yacht. Sometimes the yacht owners then add in brackets additions like “GEN, AC, WATERMAKER” which is simply listing elements/equipment that sets the yacht apart from others.
  • Above the yacht and the yacht model, you have the date. 9 times out of 10 it will be on a Saturday to Saturday this is just how the Mediterranean works. It’s the ‘change over day’ in the yachting world.
  • Under the title, you then have various bits of information like where the yachts home is “Base: Lavrion Main Port”, how many cabins, length, and prices etc.

Now for the fun bit…..Actually understanding on how to estimate your charter price: a heads up, it’s easier than you first think!

Step 1. Charter fee

The first number to look at is the number in green – in this case the price is: 6,935.00 €. This is your charter fee – the price to charter this yacht. This price will be inclusive of VAT, if it isn’t then we will tell you.

Step 2. Obligatory extras.

Obligatory extras are in addition to your charter fee and must be paid (normally at base). Security deposits are a pre-authorization on your credit card – just like what hotels do. Security deposits range from yacht type and whether you have hired a skipper or not. You are looking at around 2,000 euros – 4,000 euros on a monohull and up to 9,000 euros on catamarans.

A comfort pack is normally added to the charter fee which normally consists of linens, towels and some galley extras such as soaps and bin bags. Each yacht owner provides different bits in the comfort package so make sure you clarify with us so you know what to buy.

In this case, the charter fee is now 6,935.00 + 300 euros (Comfort pack) + 3,500 (Security deposit) = 10,735. Remember the 3,500 will be refunded providing that there is no damage to the yacht and that the 300 comfort pack will be paid in cash upon arrival.

4. Optional Extras

When you receive the quote you will see a button saying ‘more info’ on that link you will find pictures, yacht specifications like beam, loa, type of sail engine HP etc. Further down the page, you will come across a list of optional extras. These are all items you can add to your charter.

The optional extras are in addition to your charter fee/comfort package/security deposit and will always be paid in cash upon arrival. Some of Boatbookings favourite options are SUP boards and early check-in so you can leave the port the same day you get there…after all, you’ve travelled there to sail, right?!

5. Other payments to remember.

Sorting out the yacht fee, security deposits, obligatory and optional extras is done, the other elements you need to consider are the following:

  • Fuel. Dependant on yacht and weather. We recommend setting aside 250/500 euros for a 40ft monohull or a 40ft cat.
  • Food. Again, dependant. You could be big foodies or a lover of the canned tuna – it depends on how and what you want to eat. What I would say is to stock up on dry foods at the beginning of the week and stock up with fresh during the week. Bottom line is, It’s a weeks worth of food shopping for everyone onboard (including the skipper and host food)…and always, always remember to buy salt and pepper!
  • Port fees. Based on your yacht size and where your moor. If you’re in an anchorage it’s free, if you’re in a town quay, it’s normally free but you have to pay for electric and water. If you’re in a port/harbour/marina you will pay by ft. Normally between 5-10euros per ft.
  • Skipper/Host gratuity. We always recommend your skipper/host 10% of the charter fee*. Remember, the charter fee is in step 1, not charter fee + extras.

This should be enough information to get you started…as ever your Boatbookings Broker is here to help with any questions you may have!

Top 3 sailing destinations for newly qualified skippers.

So, you’ve just passed your skipper qualification and you’re looking for somewhere to test out your new skills. The only things is; where?! Seeing as 71% of the world is covered in water you have a lot of choices, but it’s making the right choice that will better your first experience as a skipper.

Number 1. The Ionian, Greece. (July and August).

Foki Bay, Ionian.

The Ionian is the perfect place to shake out the sails on your own! With protected anchorages and steady calm winds during the high season, it’s the perfect alternative to the Cyclades.

  • Most of the sailing is done by line of sight, so don’t worry too much if your chart reading isn’t slick yet.
  • Various anchorages offering great holding and even better protection from prevailing winds.
  • There are many town quays which means free moorings! If you cant get onto that, then you can always moor up to a restaurant for a free night. (You will have to eat in the restaurant).
  • Winds are very consistant F1/2 in the morning F2/3 in the afternoon and 90% of the time they will be north westerlies.
  • The Ionian is less saturated with yachts compared to the Cyclades meaning maneuvering/mooring is less stressful.

Number 2. French Riviera, France. (June and September).

Porquerolles, French Riviera

The French Riviera is not just for the rich and famous, its also for bareboaters too! You have the stunning Lerins islands or the picturesque Île de Porquerolles, located southwest of St Tropez.

  • Coastal sailing, always line of sight.
  • Protected anchorages between the Porquerolles islands. The water around there is similar to the Caribbean!
  • June and September is less crowded and less competition with the big superyachts
  • Enjoy beautiful french cuisine along the Cote d’Azur.

Number 3. Split, Croatia. (June and September).

Plakinski Islands 

Croatia is becoming one of the fastest-growing yachting areas in the world and it’s not hard to understand why. The island-hopping, line of sight sailing and picturesque anchorages creates a perfect place for you to test out your new skills.

  • Steady winds throughout the morning and afternoons
  • Warm weather, and ever warmer seas!
  • Easy anchoring, with mooring buoys at almost every anchorage.
  • Island hopping sailing, so you are able to do short stints and no exhaust your new crew.

If you are a newly qualified skipper, and need some advice on sailing locations do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are all sailors, and travel experts, this means we are better to advise on your perfect charter holiday!

Broker Alice’s Top 5 Insights for Your 2019 Charter

1. Book your sailing boat to beat the winter blues and head to the Bahamas before its too late! Some of my top recommendations for the Bahamas are the Lagoon 42 and 450 catamarans and Pegasus, a 40 foot Jeanneau. Either charter in Nassau, island hop around the Exumas and visit pig beach or in Marsh Harbour to anchor upon amongst the idyllic Abaco Islands.
Catamaran – Lagoon 42
Catamaran – Lagoon 450
2. Get your friends together to book the ultimate vacation sailing around Croatia this summer. Starting from Split or Trogir a two-hour sail a day in crystal blue waters can take you from quaint fishing villages to the party islands of Hvar. I would suggest the Lagoon 52 for a skippered experience, the Saona 47 or a Sun Odyssey 449 for the ultimate sailing experience.
3. Guadeloupe- find France within the Caribbean. Navigate around the archipelago of islands and immerse yourself amongst the green landscapes of this fascinating mixture of the Caribbean and French influences.
Be sure to visit the waterfalls of Grande Terre, eat Creole dishes with the friendly locals and visit Jaques Cousteau’s dive site at Bouillante which offers some of the best diving in the world, the instructors will even pick you up from your yacht to take you diving!
Sailing around this island is rugged, inspiring and sophisticated at the same time. I would suggest the Sun Odyssey 509 for exploring and sailing performance or the spacious Catana 47 catamaran for the ultimate Guadeloupe sailing trip with friends and family.
Visit my Guadeloupe blog to see why this Caribbean island needs to be on your 2019 sailing to do list!
4. August on the French Riviera – Sail from Cannes to Monaco and spend the nights at anchor overlooking some of the most glamorous locations in Europe or in the slightly smaller ports of Golfe Juan or Villefranche to avoid the busy ports of Cannes or Nice. Boats to charter are the monohulls such as the Sun Odyssey 349  or the Oceanis 48 for a romantic break or a family holiday or add a hostess on a catamaran such as the Lagoon 450 to receive the five-star treatment of the French Riviera.
5. Summer island hopping the Cyclades from Athens. Start your bareboat charter in the ancient city of Athens and spend a week exploring the iconic Cyclades islands. Spend each night on a different island and explore some of the finest Mediterranean beach clubs, ancient ruins and the traditional white rooftops of Santorini and Mykonos. Catamarans are the best way to explore these islands with friends and family but if you want to profit from some of the most idyllic winds in the world take the Oceanis 62 and profit from its sailing capabilities.