Step by step guide on how to understand your bareboat quote

This blog is to help you understand the bareboat quote when you receive a quote. I have provided a step by step to understand the quote and all the pricing.

Almost all bareboat operators work from an online platform where bareboat yachts are stored using live availability. We then sift through hundreds of yachts and suppliers to give you the most suitable yacht selection. The quote you will receive will probably look a lot like this:

So you have all this information…but what does it mean!?

  • You have the picture of the yacht, and next to that is the make/model of the yacht. Sometimes the yacht owners then add in brackets additions like “GEN, AC, WATERMAKER” which is simply listing elements/equipment that sets the yacht apart from others.
  • Above the yacht and the yacht model, you have the date. 9 times out of 10 it will be on a Saturday to Saturday this is just how the Mediterranean works. It’s the ‘change over day’ in the yachting world.
  • Under the title, you then have various bits of information like where the yachts home is “Base: Lavrion Main Port”, how many cabins, length, and prices etc.

Now for the fun bit…..Actually understanding on how to estimate your charter price: a heads up, it’s easier than you first think!

Step 1. Charter fee

The first number to look at is the number in green – in this case the price is: 6,935.00 €. This is your charter fee – the price to charter this yacht. This price will be inclusive of VAT, if it isn’t then we will tell you.

Step 2. Obligatory extras.

Obligatory extras are in addition to your charter fee and must be paid (normally at base). Security deposits are a pre-authorization on your credit card – just like what hotels do. Security deposits range from yacht type and whether you have hired a skipper or not. You are looking at around 2,000 euros – 4,000 euros on a monohull and up to 9,000 euros on catamarans.

A comfort pack is normally added to the charter fee which normally consists of linens, towels and some galley extras such as soaps and bin bags. Each yacht owner provides different bits in the comfort package so make sure you clarify with us so you know what to buy.

In this case, the charter fee is now 6,935.00 + 300 euros (Comfort pack) + 3,500 (Security deposit) = 10,735. Remember the 3,500 will be refunded providing that there is no damage to the yacht and that the 300 comfort pack will be paid in cash upon arrival.

4. Optional Extras

When you receive the quote you will see a button saying ‘more info’ on that link you will find pictures, yacht specifications like beam, loa, type of sail engine HP etc. Further down the page, you will come across a list of optional extras. These are all items you can add to your charter.

The optional extras are in addition to your charter fee/comfort package/security deposit and will always be paid in cash upon arrival. Some of Boatbookings favourite options are SUP boards and early check-in so you can leave the port the same day you get there…after all, you’ve travelled there to sail, right?!

5. Other payments to remember.

Sorting out the yacht fee, security deposits, obligatory and optional extras is done, the other elements you need to consider are the following:

  • Fuel. Dependant on yacht and weather. We recommend setting aside 250/500 euros for a 40ft monohull or a 40ft cat.
  • Food. Again, dependant. You could be big foodies or a lover of the canned tuna – it depends on how and what you want to eat. What I would say is to stock up on dry foods at the beginning of the week and stock up with fresh during the week. Bottom line is, It’s a weeks worth of food shopping for everyone onboard (including the skipper and host food)…and always, always remember to buy salt and pepper!
  • Port fees. Based on your yacht size and where your moor. If you’re in an anchorage it’s free, if you’re in a town quay, it’s normally free but you have to pay for electric and water. If you’re in a port/harbour/marina you will pay by ft. Normally between 5-10euros per ft.
  • Skipper/Host gratuity. We always recommend your skipper/host 10% of the charter fee*. Remember, the charter fee is in step 1, not charter fee + extras.

This should be enough information to get you started…as ever your Boatbookings Broker is here to help with any questions you may have!