Sardinia Top Attractions - Things To Do on a Yacht Charter

Sardinia offers something to do for everyone while on your charter. You have glorious scenery, historic towns, gorgeous beaches, and world renowned resorts, all with an Italian/Mediterranean flavor. Here are some of the key attractions that Sardinia has to offer.

Costa Smeralda - The Emerald Coast

The port in Porto Cervo,full of Super Yachts

This strictly defined 10-kilometre strip of coastline in the Northeast is still the most famous address in Sardinia for elegance and luxury, and is the 'The Hotspot' for the international jetset.

The architecture of Porto Cervo as its 'capital' embodies the dream of an idyllic Mediterranean village without any irritations of real life… Porto Cervo exults in its exclusivity, with a glittering yachting marina as its centerpiece.

Don't be suprised to meet Kate Moss, Flavio Briatore or Silvio Berlusconi when you sip a coffee in one of the gorgeous little bars in the grotto-like shopping arcade in Porto Cervo's centre or at the chic Cala di Volpe hotel and resort. And be sure to admire all of the Super Yachts anchored just offshore!


The port in Porto Cervo,full of Super Yachts

The Island of Tavolara belongs to a protected marine area in the Northeast of Sardinia which is rich in Mediterranean colours with a numerous series of inlets, sandy beaches, stunning bays and promontories. The Tavolara is a true limestone edifice that is 600 meters high, 4 km long and 1 km wide. Its plateau really looks like a big table. The high cliffs drop straight into a uniquely coloured sea creating a perfect marine sanctuary where sea species which are strictly protected.

The present King Tonino runs "Da Tonino", one of the two quaint little restaurants on the island that offer extraordinary fresh seafood. Don't miss the unique opportunity to visit the "Cinema Tavolara" if you visit Sardinia around the 20th of July when the island hosts a famous event called Una Notte In Italia (One Night In Italy). For three evenings a variety of independent Italien movies are presented underneath the stars in the beauty of a wild and romantic scenery.

Cagliari Old Town

Cagliari Old Town - a nice stop on your Sardinia Sailing holiday

Cagliari's Castello quarter is the most atmospheric part of Sardinia's capital in the South of the island, a dense warren of alleys girded by thick walls. Walk the streets of this historical district and discover the cosmopolitan flair of this unique town where culture, folklore and cuisine are not cliches.

You'll find a great range of restaurants and lively places for ice creams and late-night drinks around the Via Sardegna, Via Roma and Piazza Yenne.


Alghero - a great stop on your Sardinia Yacht Charter

Alghero on the Northwest coast of Sardinia is real treasure with a strong Catalonian influence. It underwent Spanish colonisation for a lengthy period of time which left its mark on the local language and in many vivid traditions. The old town centre on the sea front with its architecture, the labyrinthine network of narrow, car-free lanes and quaint little shops is reminiscent of the Gothic quarter in Barcelona.

Numerous bars, cafes and restaurants preserve Alghero's reputation for excellent wines and seafood like the famous "Aragosta alla Catalana" (Catalonian style Lobster).

Cala Gonone

Alghero - a great stop on your Sardinia Yacht Charter

Hugging the coastline at the base of the mountains, Cala Gonone was once only accessible by boat. A tunnel carved through the mountains now connects this town to Dorgali, the centre of the renowened Cannonau wine-growing region in the East of Sardinia. Cala Gonone's profound beauty and hidden charm is all about its high mountains, archaeological wonders, a postcard-perfect harbor and secluded beaches. These beaches include include the famed Cala Luna, where both versions of the film "Swept Away", the 1975 original and 2001 Madonna remake, were filmed.

The Bue Marino Grotto near Cala Gonone is definitely worth a visit and can be accessed only by boat. The "Grotta del Bue Marino" is famous for being one of the last habitats of the monk seal and for the height of some of the caves. There are traces that show the presence of man since ancient times as early as the Neolithic Age, when it was probably used as a place of worship.


The beautiful rock formations of Chia,Sardinia

The area around Chia in the South of Sardinia combines a deserted cliff-hung coastline and interesting rock formations sheltering numerous idyllic small beaches. Definitely a must-see during your charter!


Carloforte is a picturesque fishing village located on Isola di San Pietro (Saint Peter's Island),world renowned for its tuna fish, which is coveted by the best restaurants in Japan. Located approximately 7km from the South Western Coast of Sardinia, its pastel-coulored houses and cobbled streets, Carloforte maintains the charm and intrigue of an ancient village. The Girotonno is the main event of the summer which crowns this tasty fish dish, prepared in thousands of ways,as king of the cuisine, in a huge feast of flavours and taste and everyone is invited to attend!


The view of Castelsardo,Sardinia,Italy

The small town of Castelsardo in the North of Sardinia is set on a rock overlooking the sea and an extraordinary example of Medieval town that developed around the castle, with the old town walls still intact. The historical town centre is no doubt the most interesting part.

In the surrounding area the Elephant Rock, a prehistoric Domus de Janas tomb that was shaped like an elephant by the wind and rain. It is worth a visit as well as the old monastery and a few nuraghes (ancient megalithic edifices) nearby.

La Maddalena and Caprera

The town of Madallena in Sardinia

La Maddalena is the only inhabited island of the Northeastern archipelago which is made up of 7 large islands and around 20 islets in the Strait of Bonifacio. From here you can easily reach Caprera where Giuseppe Garibaldi spend the last years of his life. His house and tomb are national monuments and can be visited daily from 9:00am to 6:00 pm.

The Maddalena Seapark is an irresistible attraction for those who love the sun, the sea and seek a one-of-a-kind connection to nature in its purest form.

Capo Testa and Santa Teresa Gallura

Capo Testa rock formations,one of the must see destinations in Sardinia

Capo Testa is the most Northern point of Sardinia. The rocky coast has been shaped by the winds of time, transforming the immense granite stone into sculptures that will peak your imagination. An old lighthouse, overlooking Cala di Luna, casts its guiding light to the white cliffs that mark the entrance to the port of Bonifacio, Corsica.

Neighbouring Santa Teresa Gallura with its unique natural harbour is a portrait of an enchanting costal village with excellent leisure facilities and the perfect base for a sailing trip to Corsica.

Chartering a Yacht in Sardinia

Do you want to see these attractions in person from the easy access of your own boat? Boatbookings will work with you to understand your needs and match them to the perfect yacht. We can find you virtually any yacht in Sardinia and surrounding waters for your holiday or business event - but we'll recommend the ones that are well taken care of and that offer the best crews. Click here to see a selection of our Sardinia Charter Yachts or simply contact us and we'll recommend the best boat for you. 

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