The Yacht Charter Experience - Getting the most from your yacht charter or boat rental

Getting the most from your charter
Articles to enhance your charter experience

Articles to help you get the most out of your yacht charter

You've booked your charter boat - congratulations!  You're ready for one of the best holidays or vacations of your life.  To enhance the experience, here are articles that will help you get the most out of every second of your charter. From Playlists to gourmet food to technology to bring along (and helpful checklists).  As in everything a little extra planning can greatly enhance your experience.  We hope you find these articles helpful!

Green Chartering
Save the seas, choose sail! Reducing Plastic Waste | Lowering Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Buying Carbon Credits | Sustainable Energy Yachts | Replacing Diesel with HVO Boatbookings has been championing sustainab...  [Read on]
The Latest Trends in Yacht Charter
A cleaner, quieter future Imagine cruising through crystal-clear waters, feeling the gentle sea breeze against your skin while basking in the lap of luxury and hearing virtually no noise from your motors. Yacht char...  [Read on]
Water Toys for Yacht Charters
Hydrofoils | Jet Skis | Waterskis & Wakeboards | Subwing | Paddle Boards | Towable Toys Seabobs | Waterslides | Jet Lev | Inflatable Toys | Jacuzzis Not only is a luxury yacht charter synonymous with ...  [Read on]
Boatbookings Yacht Charter Affiliate Program
If you have a web site with customers who might be interested in chartering yachts - sailing boats, gulets, motor yachts, super yachts, corporate entertainment and event boats - just about anywhere in the world, we...  [Read on]
Become a Boatbookings fan on Facebook
If you're a Facebook user, like us to follow all of the developments on Boatbookings, including special deals, the hottest destinations of the moment, the top yachts and information about the yacht charter market. S...  [Read on]
Mobile Technology for Yachting - iPhone, Kindle, Laptops and iPads
There has been and explosion of technology that can be used on a charter, both in terms of mobile devices such as Blackberries and iPhones, and also Apps that help you navigate, plan and enjoy your charter experience...  [Read on]
iPhone apps for boating, Yachting and Sailing
App Categories: Maps and Charts | Weather and Tides | Sailing | Yacht Management | Accessories | General In our continuing goal of bringing you information that is helpful for your next yacht charter - we've been ke...  [Read on]
Boatbookings Sailing Club Discounts - Repeat Purchase Savings
If you've chartered a bareboat sailing yacht or catamaran before through Boatbookings, we want to reward you for your loyalty! As part of our "Boatbookings Sailing Club", we will give you 5% off of your next charte...  [Read on]
Yachting Etiquette - 10 Top Tips To Get The Best From Your Crewed Charter Experience
Get the most from your yacht charter On most luxury yacht charters, you will be asked to fill out a "preference sheet", where you are asked to detail your food likes and dislikes, desire for privacy, and other ite...  [Read on]
Travel Agent and Event Planner Yacht Charter Program - Boatbookings
If you are a travel agent or event planning company with clients who might be interested in chartering yachts - sailing boats, motor yachts, super yachts, corporate entertainment and event boats - just about anywhe...  [Read on]
Useful Links - Boatbookings
Boatbookings UK - Boatbookings Germany - Boatbookings Netherlands - Boatbookings Belgium - Boatbookings Spain - Boatbookings F...  [Read on]
Sailing Music Playlist
If you're planning a charter, one thing you want to have are great tunes! Here is a playlist we compiled when chartering in the BVI years ago, and we've been adding to it since.  Yes, there are a lot of classic rock...  [Read on]
Boat Drinks - Top Cocktails for Your Yacht Charter
Aptly named ‘boat drinks’ from the song of the same name by Jimmy Buffet and his songs of sailing the Caribbean seas, these mixtures of rums and fruit juices will go hand in hand with your yacht charter! Also k...  [Read on]

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