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Below please find a series of articles about the basics of chartering

Charter and Rental Pricing and Boat Affordability for 2024 and 2025
Yacht Charter Pricing Overview  - the best value in travel? | Caribbean Crewed Catamarans - An amazing deal! | Bring your friends for a better deal | Specials, discounts, and deals | Shopping for the Best Pric...  [Read on]
Charter distance and cost calculator!!
We're constantly asked the distance and fuel cost for our charter itineraries, so that you can plan your charter or jouney with a better idea of the distance, time and costs involved. While these calculations can v...  [Read on]
Why Charter With Boatbookings?
The Boatbookings Advantage | Chartering through Boatbookings | Advisory Board Members | Industry Memberships | Testimonials | The Company | Press |...  [Read on] There are 3 additional articles in this category.
About Boatbookings
The Boatbookings team is a group of highly-talented and passionate travel and yachting experts, with unrivalled knowledge and experience of the yachting industry. With a mix of backgrounds from yacht crew to tech...  [Read on] There are 26 additional articles in this category.
Crewed Yacht Charter Checklist
You've booked your luxury charter, so now all there is to do is pack. We've created a list for you so you won't forget any of the important stuff, so once you're aboard all you have to worry about is which swimmers t...  [Read on]
Yacht Charter Insurance
The main reason for purchasing Travel Insurance is to give you peace of mind. We recommend insurance if the answer to any of these questions is "yes": Is there any way I could miss my trip (due to work commitm...  [Read on]
Yacht Charter Basics
Crewed Charters | Luxury and Motor Charter | Catamaran vs Monohull | Sailboat Charter | Bareboat Charters | Bareboat with Skipper | Corporate and Specialty Charter Basic Information about Chartering a Yacht T...  [Read on] There are 3 additional articles in this category.
Yacht Charter Fees and Insurance
Charter Fees |Mooring and Berth Fees | Charter Security Deposits | Charter and Travel Insurance We know you don't like surprises along the way on your charter, so we do our best to list or estimate as many of the ...  [Read on]
Why Charter a Yacht?
You have many options for your next holiday – thousands of package tours and resort hotels on a beautiful beach where you can get a great tan, dine with your family and friends, and maybe find a club to go to in ...  [Read on] There are 1 additional articles in this category.
Frequently Asked Charter Questions - Yacht Charter FAQ
Does my charter need to be a week long? Do I have to tip the captain/crew, and if so what's the normal amount? What's a bareboat charter?What's a crewed charter? Do I need certification if I charter bareboat? How do ...  [Read on] There are 1 additional articles in this category.
Boat Rentals Guide - how to Rent a Boat for a Charter Holiday Vacation
Bareboat Rentals | Bareboat with Skipper | Crewed Boat Rentals | Sailboat Rentals | Catamaran vs Monohull If you are interested in chartering a yacht, whether it is for a Bareboat vacation (your sail the boat yours...  [Read on]
The Yacht Charter Experience - Getting the most from your boat rental
Articles to enhance your charter experience You've booked your charter boat - congratulations!  You're ready for one of the best holidays or vacations of your life.  To enhance the experience, here are articles th...  [Read on] There are 13 additional articles in this category.
Yachting and Boating Glossary of Terms
The yachting world is full of nicknames and jargon - it can be hard to understand some of the technical language used. Scroll down to read through some of the most popular sailing terms and what they mean!  S...  [Read on]

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