Sardinia Charter Itinerary - Carloforte to Cagliari

Chartering a yacht in southern Sardinia from Carloforte to Cagliari
The magic of a Sardinia yacht charter

Southern Sardinia Charter Itinerary

The Stunning Southern Coast - Carloforte to Cagilari

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Time required: 7 days


Sailing in the southern part of Sardinia offers a fascinating trip along a beautiful coastline where the landscape alternates between bright beaches, high steep coasts and many bays protected from the wind. The cliffs' ruggedness, the solitary white sandy beaches and the stunning vegetation represent an important destination for anybody in search of the "real" Sardinia.

Located approximately 7 km from the South Western Coast of Sardinia, Carloforte is a picturesque fishing village located on Isola di San Pietro (Saint Peter's Island). World renowned for its tuna fish, Carloforte maintains the intrigue of an ancient village with its pastel-coulored houses and cobbled streets.

The highest point of Saint Peter´s Island is Guardia dei Mori. Here you still find an old abandoned lighthouse and you´ll have a spectacular view reaching out in all directions, beyond the wonderful pine woods surrounding the hill.

Travelling along the coastline, you'll find the Girin, the Punta Nera and the beautiful Bobba beaches only ten minutes from the famous Columns. These two red trachyte stacks are situated 20 metres from the coast and represent the symbol of the natural beauties of Carloforte. Continuing along, you'll come across the Costa della Mezzaluna, a beautiful inlet characterised by cliffs and caves.

Do not miss to visit the various bays: Cala Fico, Cala Vinagra, Cala Lunga, Geniò and the amazing Spalmatore beach on the western coast with its light coloured sandy seabed mixed with cliffs where the sunrays reflect million shades of green in the crystalline turquoise waters. The contrast of the red rocks and the green, the typical Mediterranean vegetation that surrounds the bay and the unique panorama deserve to be explored in detail.

Moving on southwards you get to the island of Sant’ Antioco. It is the largest of the small islands belonging to Sardinia and connected to the "mainland" with a bridge. This island is characterized by its absolutely unspoiled natural vegetation such as juniper and olive plants. Flat limestone and sparse volcanic cliffs, caves and small inlets complete the romantic feeling of the area. Rare birds species have got their home here as well.


Long beaches and rocky bays where the transparent crystalline water laps encircle the island. The beaches Maladroxia, Coacuaddus, Le Saline, Capo Sperone and Cala Sapone are particularly beautiful.

Explore the only two villages on the island: Calasetta, Genovese by tradition and Sant’Antioco with its typical historical centre. Enjoy the freshness of fantastic seafood and taste the local Carignano wine from Sulcis.

After you have left Sant' Antioco sail along the Gulf of Palmas towards Porto Pino with its twenty meters high white sand dunes. With a base of fine-grained sand alternating with the cliffs you will be breath taken by the Mediterranean vegetation, rigorously growing between the dunes.

After leaving the dunes, head towards Teulada. The vegetation grows along the cliffs, which lead down to the coast. From the beach called Dune until the beach called Porto Zafferano you must sail at a distance from the coast as it is a military area where you cannot go. Porto Zafferano is accessible only from the seaside.

This beach is covered by the finest grain of white sand, bordered by dunes and bathed by an extraordinarily transparent sea shining in a bright turquoise colour.


Carry on sailing southwards through the jagged coastline you will get to the beach of Porto Tramatzu. Opposite the headland you can see Isola Rossa, a rocky island covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation, it is easy to sail around it. Just a few more miles and you get to the Porto di Teulada and all its comforts for sailors.

Visit the little village of Teulada and enjoy excellent seafood in quaint local restaurants!

A few miles from leaving the port you will arrive in front of the small characteristic port of Capo Malfatano. A landing place for small fishing boats. Here you can berth in harbour and have a swim in the wind shielded calm water of the gulf.

Sail on for half a mile and the beautiful beach of Tuerredda will appearin front of you. This area is very popular and frequented by numerous sailboats, which anchor a few metres from the coast and often stay for several days.


Carry on along the coast where you will see many bays each more beautiful than the other. After getting to Capo Spartivento with its old lighthouse, you’ll get to Chia, part of Domus de Maria. Its white beaches are very popular in the summer months and are also beautiful out of season. Cala Cipolla, Dune di Campana and Sa Colonia, are just a few of the most stunning beaches in the area.

Sailing on towards Cagliari, you will pass fantastic long beaches such as Santa Margherita and Nora in the commune of Pula, a popular well known tourist area in the south of Sardinia.

A few more miles ahead and you get to the Gulf of Cagliari. The majestic white city shelters behind its castle area called Castello and leads down to the sea. Just a few more miles and you arrive at the port called Marina Piccola.


Cagliari is the regional capital of Sardinia with 164,250 inhabitants. This vibrant place full of fascinating traditions and friendly people is a historical city and the leading centre of the Sardinian economy at the same time.

Walk the streets of its historical district and discover the cosmopolitan flair of this unique town where culture, folklore and cuisine are not clichés. Excellent local facilities and inviting little bars and restaurants create an enjoyable atmosphere and fill the air with the aroma of spices and delicious food.

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