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Tips for successful yacht charters with children that will inspire their love of boats, the outdoors, and nature

A yacht charter with your family is undoubtedly one of the most magical vacations you can take, especially following time apart. Popular destinations for families are the Greek Islands, Croatia and the Caribbean; all of which offer a variety of beautiful anchorages great for watersports and snorkeling, dining options ashore, and cultural attractions to keep the interest of little ones. The Amalfi Coast and French Riviera are generally best enjoyed by families with teenagers; offering glamourous hangouts, lively nightlife, and many restaurants and bars to sample - there is less focus on watersports and snorkeling here.

Yacht charters are made for families!

Charters offer the unique chance for adventure to be reimagined, especially with a knowledgeable captain and fun crew to capture the interest of youngsters, bringing learning to life and providing hours of entertainment. Off-grid destinations are becoming increasingly popular for families are the Bahamas and Tahiti. With access to the more remote areas, come opportunities for unusual encounters with nature - be it on land or below the surface - which will ingrain memories and often inspires a lifetime of exploring the wonders of nature by boat. 

At Boatbookings, we are on hand to design family experiences alongside total island bliss, as our global expertise allows us to send you to the best areas teeming with vibrant aquatic life for snorkeling and serene bays with space to make the most of the watersports. Chat to our Charter Experts for a tailored itinerary designed with little adventurers and young adults in mind, with the top pick family-friendly yachts available for charter.

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Expert Advice and Tips for Successful Yacht Charters with Young Children

St David Family Motor Yacht Charter Vacation

A yacht holiday offers something for everyone to enjoy; be it soaking up the sun and reading a book, tearing around the yacht on water toys or venturing further afield to explore the surrounding bays. There are a couple of factors to consider when determining which yacht is best suited to your family.

Many of our clients ask us if it's a good idea to bring children along on a yacht charter. Not just for the obvious safety reasons, but because they're worried the kids will feel cooped up and ruin the vacation for others. These are valid concerns, but from our experience, this is rarely the case. In fact, children love being on a yacht. They learn to respect the rules of the boat and are normally better behaved as they are entranced by the experience. This can a huge growth experience for them.

Here are a few tips and recommendations we have for successful charters with kids:

1) Set clear safety rules. Discuss the rules of a charter before the trip and reinforce them the moment you get on the boat. Rules we've used are:

  • Always wear life vests when not in the cockpit
  • Never leave a boat without permission from an adult
  • Never go to the front of the boat without an adult
  • The skipper is the boss, his word is the law
  • No running
  • Always swim in twos, like at camp

St David Benetti Sundeck Lounge Children Board Game

2) Keep sailing distances short. This reduces the chances of boredom and gets them excited for what lies ahead. Instead of a 4 hours sail, do two 2 hour sails, stopping on a beach to run around and play in between.

3) Bring plenty of Beach & Water Toys. If possible, rent a kayak and or a paddleboard, they'll love the freedom (they should always go out in twos and wear life jackets, of course). Make sure their snorkeling equipment fits and works, and that they've practiced breathing at home (even if it's in a bathtub). It's hard to teach how to use a snorkel in salt water.

4) Learn new skills and introduce them to sailing. Show them the charts, the instruments. Have them use the winch and push the button for the anchor. They will feel more "connected" and begin a lifelong love affair with boats

5) Expose them to nature. Bring fish and wildlife guides (most charter yachts have great ones aboard, but it's fun to mark them off and keep them afterward), so your children can learn more about what they're seeing. The laminated colorful fish charts are a big hit. Make a game out of it! See how many different fish, marine animals, and birds they can find and keep a scorecard.

6) Keep them off of screens and social media. Your children will have plenty of great pics to post on Instagram or Snapchat, but the simple pleasures such as playing cards, watching the stars, and reading books tend to fit much better into the "vibe" of a yacht charter. This is also a great chance for them to see that they don't need their phones 24/7 to have fun. Often yachts have weak or limited WIFI, so this may be naturally enforced, so giving them good alternatives will help ease the addiction!

Water Toys for Yacht Charters

Finding the Perfect Family Charter Boat

Family Fun on a Crewed Catamaran in the Mediterranean

While yachts are often synonymous with fine dining and champagne on tap, there is an ever-growing demand for boats dedicated to family fun. If you're chartering with children, it's important to get the right boat so that there is plenty of space for them, and if crewed, then a captain and crew who enjoy working with children.

With the likes of outdoor cinemas and the best toy collections in the business, motor yacht options are endless. While bareboats are a great way to spend quality time together and pick up new skills, chartering a crewed catamaran is a wonderful choice for young families as they offer a lot of inside play space, and the children will love the trampolines.

We have organized many family charter vacations and can recommend yachts that work best for children. Your children's first charter will open them up to a love of being on the water, and we will help you with all the planning to make it the best vacation of your lives.

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