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Sardinia Yacht Charter Guide | Italy
Crewed Motor Yachts | Sailing Yachts | Crewed Catamarans | Bareboats | Key Charter Destinations | Climate | Cuisine | Our Sardinia Charter Yachts A Sardinia yacht charter is one of the most exclusive vacations in ...  [Read on] There are 33 additional articles in this category.
7 Day Sardinia to French Riviera Crewed Motor Yacht Itinerary
Day 1: Porto Cervo | Day 2: The Maddalena Archipelago | Day 3: Bonifacio | Day 4: Propriano | Day 5: The Girolata and Scandola Reserve | Day 6: Calvi | Day 7: French Riviera Chartering a luxury crewed motor ya...  [Read on]
7-Day Northern Sardinia Motor Yacht Itinerary
Day 1: Olbia to Tavolara | Day 2: Tavolara to Porto Rotondo | Day 3: Porto Rotondo to Pevero Bay | Day 4: Pevero Bay to Porto Cervo | Day 5: Porto Cervo to Caprera | Day 6: Caprera to Budelli | Day 7...  [Read on]
7-Day Northern Sardinia Crewed Catamaran Itinerary
Day 1: Portisco to Porto Rotondo | Day 2: Porto Rotondo to Pevero Bay | Day 3: Pevero Bay to Porto Cervo | Day 4: Porto Cervo to Caprera | Day 5: Caprera to Lavezzi | Day 6: Lavezzi to Budelli | Day ...  [Read on]
Sardinia Luxury Crewed Motor Yachts
Sardinia is one of the most celebrated yachting destinations in the Mediterranean, offering unrivalled scenery, turquoise waters and some of the finest Italian regional food. Sardinia and the Maddalena National Par...  [Read on]
French Riviera, Corsica & Sardinia Motor Yacht Itinerary
Day 1 - French Riviera | Day 2 - Calvi | Day 3 - Ajaccio | Day 4 - Propriano | Day 5 - Bonifacio | Day 6 - La Maddalena | Day 7 - Porto Cervo This glorious French Riviera to Corsica and Sardinia crewed motor yac...  [Read on]
Sardinia Day Charter Yachts and Boat Hire
Chartering a day boat in Sardinia is the best way to celebrate your summer vacation with friends and family. Embark from Porto Cervo and discover the highlights of the Maddalena National Park, where you will enjoy spec...  [Read on] There are 1 additional articles in this category.
Sardinia Crewed Motor Yachts
A yacht charter in Sardinia encourages indulgence at an elevated level, with their mouth-watering cuisine, fantastic wines, haute couture boutiques and natural, rugged landscapes. The shimmering shoreline w...  [Read on]
Sardinia Crewed Catamarans
Chartering a crewed catamaran to explore Sardinia offers the perfect balance of space and serenity for sailing this stunning coastline. Enjoy the relaxing sense of freedom and pore over your surroundings from the van...  [Read on]
Sardinia Crewed Sailing Yachts
Chartering a crewed sailing yacht in Sardinia offers an element of elegance and excitement to your exploration of this stunning coastline. Enjoy the relaxing sense of freedom that comes with cruising by sail wh...  [Read on]
Sardinia 8 Day Crewed Motor Yacht Itinerary
Overview | Day 1: Poltu Quatu to Caprera | Day 2: Isola Tavolara | Day 3: Portese Bay | Day 4: Isola Maddalena | Day 5: Spargi | Day 6: Cavallo | Day 7: Roccapina| Day 8: Bonifacio Sardinia is one of the Mediterra...  [Read on]
Bareboat Charters in Sardinia
A Sardinia bareboat charter is the ideal way to enjoy the best Italian sailing destination. Head north to the not to be missed La Maddalena national park which is made up of seven main stunning islands providing...  [Read on]
7 Day Sardinia Bareboat Itinerary from Portisco
Overview | Day 1: Portisco to Tavolara| Day 2: Tavorlara to Caprera | Day 3: Caprera to Bonifacio | Day 4: Bonifacio to Budelli | Day 5: Budelli to Spargi | Day 6: Spargi to Maddalena | Day 7: Maddalena to Pevero...  [Read on]
Charter a Yacht in Porto Cervo, Sardinia
Porto Cervo is the center of the Costa Smeralda, and the most famous, luxurious and elegant destination in Sardinia and renowned as an exclusive hotspot for hollywood starlets. Porto Cervo is a combination of o...  [Read on]
Sardinia to Naples 10 Day Crewed Motor Yacht Itinerary
  Key Destinations: Olbia | Cala Gavetta | Cala Spalmatore | Bonifacio | Poltu Quatu | Porto Cervo | Ponza | Ventotene | Ischia | Capri | Amalfi Coast | Sorrento | Naples Sardinia is t...  [Read on]
Sardinia Superyachts and Luxury Charter Yachts
Sardinia's exclusive, exotic jewel, the Emerald Coast, continues to be one of the most sought after holiday escape destinations and premier cruising areas for Mega Yachts, Super and Luxury Yachts of all types. The Medi...  [Read on]
Southern Sardinia 7 Day Sailing Itinerary
The magic of a Sardinia yacht charter See our Sardinia Charter Yachts Time required: 7 days Sailing in the southern part of Sardinia offers a fascinating trip along a beautiful coastline where the landscape al...  [Read on]
Sardinia Itinerary - Gallurese Coast
See our Sardinia Charter Yachts Time required: 7 days The Gallurese Coast alternates between beautiful beaches and small bays surrounded by the emerald green of the typical Mediterranean foliage. The beaches of t...  [Read on]
Sardinia Yacht Charter Slide Show
Explore this exciting Mediterranean island through our animated slide show. Whether you’re interested in hob-nobbing with the rich and famous in Porto Cervo or would rather relax and enjoy some of the most breathtak...  [Read on]
Sardinia Top Attractions and Things to Do
Costa Smeralda | Tavolara | Cagliari Old Town | Alghero | Cala Gonone | Chia | Carloforte | Castelsardo | La Maddalena and Caprera | Capo Testa and Santa Teresa Gallura | Chartering a Yacht in Sardinia SARDINIA ...  [Read on]
Sardinia Day Charter Itinerary
Sardinia is one of Europe's most wonderful island escapes, ideal for chartering a yacht; with white sand beaches, cerulean blue waters and lush vegetation covering the island, you'll never want to leave! A day...  [Read on]
Charter a yacht in Stintino, Sardinia
The charming little fishing village of Stintino overlooks the Gulf of Asinara on the outermost edge of land in northwestern Sardinia. The island of Asinara is situated in the territory of the Porto Torres municipality...  [Read on]
Punt Aldia, Sardinia Overview and Charter Yachts
Punt Aldia spreads out on a small peninsula on the east coast of the Gallurian coast of Sardinia. Its name along, which is Belvedere Point in the local language, you can tell that Punt Aldia is something special. The ...  [Read on]
Alghero, Sardinia Charter Yachts
Alghero is situated on the north-west coast of Sardinia and is a real treasure with a strong Catalonian influence. It underwent Spanish colonisation for a lengthy period of time which left its mark on the local langu...  [Read on]
Carloforte, Sardinia Charter Yachts
Impressive landscapes! Carloforte is a picturesque fishing village located on Isola di San Pietro (Saint Peter's Island), world renowned for it’s tuna fish, which reaches the best restaurants in Japan. Located appr...  [Read on]
La Maddalena, Sardinia Charter Yachts
La Maddalena is the only inhabited island of the North-Eastern archipelago of Sardinia, which is made up of 7 large islands and around 20 islets in the Strait of Bonifacio. This region is an irresistible attract...  [Read on]
Portisco, Sardinia Charter Yachts
Pretty Portisco Portisco is an ideal starting point to cruise the unspoilt waters of Sardinia. The well protected and organized harbour is situated in the Gulf of Cugnana on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. Invit...  [Read on]
Cannigione, Sardinia Charter Yachts
Sunny rocks! Cannigione is a small relaxed port located in the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. It is close to Olbia and the Costa Smeralda, with one of the most efficient and well-organised harbours in all of Italy. ...  [Read on]
Charter a yacht in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia
The beauty of Porto Rotondo lies in its inviting architecture, picturesque harbour, friendly people and exquisite food. Surrounded by crystal blue waters and picturesque beaches, the temptation to lose yourself can be ...  [Read on]
Charter a Yacht in Poltu Quatu, Sardinia
The unique conformation of this stretch of sea and land lends its name to the location, the protected port. Which having its own stream, was the occasional refuge of pirates of the Mediterranean. As one of the most ...  [Read on]
Restaurant Guide In Northern Sardinia
Northern Sardinia has been an exclusive yacht charter destination for many years, due to its lush landscape vista views, clear turquoise waters, and ruggedy island clusters. However, it is as compelling on land as i...  [Read on]
7 Day Sardinia, Corsica and French Riviera Charter Itinerary
Overview | Day 1: Olbia to Porto Cervo | Day 2: La Maddalena | Day 3: Bonifacio to Propriano | Day 4: Propriano to Girolata | Day 5: Cannes and the Lerins Islands | Day 6: Antibes to Villefranche | ...  [Read on]

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