Super Yacht of the Week: POLAR STAR

We’re going wild over Monaco this weekend, and with Hamilton taking poll position at yesterday’s Grand Prix qualifier we’re waiting with baited breath to see whether he can hold onto the win. Lewis Hamilton, who hasn’t won in Monaco for seven years, has kept his cool during interview because he knows as well as anyone that the narrow track with its lethal twists and turns is unforgiving even for the greatest drivers. With 78 laps to go until we see today’s winner, all eyes are on iconic Monte Carlo.


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Super Yacht of the Week: TRIPLE DEUCE?

The world of yachting has been reeling over the past couple of weeks, with the news of the commission of a 222-metre super yacht to be named TRIPLE DEUCE. Originating in Florida, the news has spread like wildfire throughout the mainstream press, across all of our desks here at and has left everyone including us wondering if the rumours are true. This week’s super yacht of the week blog will look at the details of the claim and what the chances are of this mesmerising record-breaking creation coming to fruition.


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Leo DiCaprio Living the High Life on TOPAZ at the World Cup

The Fifa World Cup 2014 in Brazil got going with a bang last night as Neymar’s 2 goals guided Brazil to victory over Croatia, providing the hosts nation with the perfect start to their much anticipated campaign to become champions of the world once more.


Once the final whistle was blown and the party really got started, Hollywood superstar Leo DiCaprio seemed to care little about dodgy referees and angry Croatians as he sauntered back to the 482-foot super yacht TOPAZ.

Leonardo DiCaprio cheers for Brazil in the World Cup

DiCaprio has been keeping a low profile when out and about in Brazil but will have no such issues aboard the stunning 147m Lurssen. Owned by Sheikh Mansour, himself a football fan and owner of Manchester City Football Club, TOPAZ is the quintessence of luxury.


New in 2012, TOPAZ offers everything that your heart could desire. The stunning vessel features a jacuzzi, 2 swimming pools, a cinema and even 2 helicopter pads. Rumoured to have cost $678 million, she will do doubt cater for all of the desires of DiCaprio and his 20 guests.

Luxurious yacht "Topaz" where Leonardo DiCaprio will be staying for the World Cup.

TOPAZ is unfortunately not available to charter but that shouldn’t stop you joining in the fun and living the Hollywood lifestyle at the World Cup. There is still availability on a large range of stunning yachts, including this beautiful Numarine 78.


To join in the carnival atmosphere in Brazil, contact the Boatbookings team today.

QUATTROELLE – The Latest Example of the Finest German Engineering

All over the Mediterranean things are starting to hot up for summer and what better way to enjoy the sun than on a brand new super yacht. German shipbuilder Lurssen have decided to kick the fun off early this year with the release of their new 88m yacht Quattroelle. The Germans don’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to having fun but, if this stunning new release is anything to go by, they’re certainly good at giving others the opportunity to have the time of their lives.


From all angles QUATTROELLE is a beautiful boat. The helicopter pad on the front perfectly sums up the level of indulgent wealth that you can expect to find onboard and, the beautifully laid out stern will ensure that she turns the heads of envious onlookers at port.


The outdoor spaces are superb. 3 upper decks at the the stern all have spacious seating areas in both sun and shade. Whether you are sitting back with a cocktail, dining al fresco or cooling off in the stunning pool, you will not fail to be impressed.



The luxuries continue inside in the salons. Plush carpeting and quintessentially elegant furniture which wouldn’t look out of place in a country estate is all lit beautifully by large windows which offer stunning panoramic views in turn.

upper deck salon


The cabins are similarly well appointed and refined. Large, inviting beds stand in light and airy staterooms which are spacious and refined with a contemporary feel.

owners suite

guest cabin

QUATROELLE is just one example of the outstanding luxury available on the charter market. To find out about what else is available or for information about chartering a yacht please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Boatbookings team.

The 5 Most Expensive Super Yachts in the World

When you have the ability to buy almost anything you want, within or occasionally without reason, the world of super yachts is generally quite attractive. The billionaires of today’s society look to the seas to demonstrate just how wealthy they are, and where both compromise and budget are not in the dictionary you end up with some marvellous creations.


A recent internet rumour suggested that there might be a completely bizarre yacht out there, known as HISTORY SUPREME. This has a rumoured cost of $4.8 billion, that’s $4,800,000,000.00 just to put the figure into perspective. It was rumoured to have a gold and platinum hull, and furnished with rare meteorites, precious gems and dinosaur bones. We can now confirm that this was in fact just a rumour, and unfortunately (or fortunately) no such yacht exists just yet! So here is the top 5 in the real world…


5. AL SAID. Build cost of $300 million. A Lürssen creation, this yacht stands at 155 metres and currently boasts the record of being the world’s highest displacement super yacht. She had the rather humble code name of “Project Sunflower” during her build in 2006 and 2007 and upon delivery in 2008 was the world’s second longest super yacht. She’s rather charismatically named after her owner, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said of Oman.


4. A. Build cost of $323 million. Commissioned by Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko, A is one of the world’s largest super yachts that constantly divides opinion. She stands at 119 metres, one metre larger than originally planned at the renowned Blohm + Voss shipyard where she was ordered in 2004 and delivered 4 years later! Critics compare it to submarines or stealth warships, whilst others commend the inverted bow design. We’re not sure here at Boatbookings, but she’s certainly a head turner!


3. DUBAI. Build Cost of $350 million. This yacht comes with quite a story! Originally commissioned in 1996 by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei, a joint project between Lürssen and Blohm + Voss the Prince cancelled its build due to insufficient funds. 5 years on in 2001 Shiek Mohammd bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the UAE took over and finally completed her at Platinum Yachts. She stands at 162 metres.


2. AZZAM. Build Cost (to date) of $605 million. You’ve seen it, read about it and heard the gossip. AZZAM has knocked Abramovich off the top spot in super yacht building with quite a magnificent creation. Managing to come cheaper, quicker, longer and faster AZZAM translates as “dedication” and this is dedication in its highest form. Mystery surrounds this yacht’s interior, currently being executed by Christophe Leoni, which is why we are currently unable to confirm her final cost.


1. ECLIPSE. Build Cost of $800 million. Blohm + Voss’ trophy creation for Roman Abramovich still claims the number 1 trophy at this stage. Everything is staggering on board ECLIPSE, most surprising is perhaps its defence system which is made up of intruder detection, camera detector to keep prying eyes away and an anti-paparazzi laser shield. You couldn’t make it up, but you will regularly see ECLIPSE anchored off the Cap d’Antibes or Marina del Rey, Los Angeles depending on the season.

For more information on super yachts, motor yachts, sailing yachts or even bareboat charters contact the Boatbookings team today!