Saint Martin – The Culinary Capitol of the Caribbean!

The cuisine on the beautiful Island of St. Maarten and St. Martin is famous for the skilled chefs preparing the most delicious French and Creole delicacies that is most popular on the island.  Food connoisseurs from around the world gravitate to St. Maarten and Sint Martin as they have so many wonderful choices of dining atmospheres to choose from.  Whether you’re looking for elegant fine dining or want a fun relaxed beachside restaurants with views that will take your breath away, this is the island to savor it all. With such a prevalent French culture on the island that even the Dutch side of the island is saturated with your traditional French cuisine, however, the Creole spices have infiltrated in he French dishes to create fusion dishes that you just can’t get enough of.  I would suggest arriving a few days early to savor all that St. Martin has to offer before being whisked away on your St. Martin Yacht Charter. Here are three of our top suggestions from fine dining to casual beach restaurants.SXM Continue reading

L’eaulounge at Loterie Farm in beautiful Saint Martin!

While planning your yacht charter St. Martin be sure to include Loterie Farm especially if you love to be outdoors connecting with nature or maybe you’re a daredevil that loves extreme sports.  This secret hideaway is nestled in the hillside of the Pic Paradis on the French side of St. Martin where you can wine and dine, climb, hike and even glide over the treetop canopy on a zip-line.

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Set Sail for St. Martin

First sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1493, the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Martin is the smallest landmass in the world to be shared by two independent countries; France and Holland.  This leads to an interesting dual cultural personality where sophistication and a relaxed, easygoing style is woven into the fabric of every day life.  Offering world class restaurants, casual beach bars, legendary and sometimes infamous beaches, live music and a fascinating colonial history, this is the perfect destination for your next charter holiday. 


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