Spending the night in Split.

Before or after your yacht charter in Croatia, a visit to Split should most definitely be on your to-do list. Most of the surrounding ports in Split are only a 10-15 minute taxi from the beautiful city of Split.

Sailing into Split, catching sunsets and watching dolphins.

Restaurants and Bars

Hidden in underground chambers or on beautiful Venetian streets, there is a wide variety of restaurants for everyone in Split. Traditional Croatian food and contemporary fine dining is both available throughout the city. Be sure to visit the palace for some live music, Croatian wine and historical underground tours. Anthony Bourdain once stated that ‘Croatia is the next great thing. If you have not been there, you are… an idiot! I am an idiot’.


Grilled Octopus, traditional lamb shank, truffle pasta, and cuttlefish are some of the best options from this fabulous restaurant. This restaurant is most definitely worth a visit pre or post charter.

The History behind Europe’s Venetian Capital

The story behind Split is one of the most diverse in Europe. The story resonates from Greek settlement in the 3rd century followed by a Roman invasion and taken by Venetian rule in the late 14th century. Venetian architecture can still be seen all over the city. The infamous Venetian Palace was constructed and the city grew around the palace walls.

After the world war, Croatia was transformed into Yugoslavia and this city experienced industrial growth alongside a large shipbuilding industry and a very dynamic port. Despite the destruction caused to Croatia during the Yugoslavian war in the 1990’s however, soon lost its industrial hold during the years following the liberation. The main industry now in Split is tourism. The city is full of hidden gems, beautiful hikes, beach clubs and some of Europe’s most fascinating architecture.

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Croatia’s Time Has Come

Every year a different location gets tipped to be the hottest destination for yacht chartering and 2017 sees Croatia take pride of place. Croatia‘s diversity, beauty and history has given it a remarkable rise in recent years and by next summer its a sure cert to be buzzing and vibrant. Here’s why!


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Pattaya – a hubbub of hedonism!

Since the years of the Vietnam war, when American servicemen used to arrive in Pattaya for rest and relaxation, the city has been world renowned for its wild party atmosphere. This claim is not unjustified! Boasting rows and rows of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, Pattaya is an energetic, active and spirited city offering days of lounging in high-end hotels and nights of partying in the exclusive clubs! Ultimate relaxation!


However, why limit your exotic Thailand vacation ashore when there are so many opportunities on the glorious waters surrounding Pattaya? Aboard a luxury yacht charter you cannot help but relax, unwind and enjoy! Pattaya is an amazingly diverse charter destination tendering to the young and old alike. Snorkel with the tropical fish of the Gulf of Thailand, take advantage of the vast range of water toys available on board luxury yachts or perhaps visit the stunning, luscious islands of Koh Samui and Koh SiChang.


Kevin is Boatbooking’s specialised charter broker based in Pattaya who is always available to help you choose the best luxury yacht for you and to develop a tailored itinerary for your trip. For this winter, Kevin’s favourite charter yacht in Pattaya is the exceptional SB 90 by Seat Boat. SB 90 simply exudes style and power, sporting a brilliant blue paint job and a host of exciting toys and features! Perfect for a day charter, she is a superb choice for exploring Pattaya, Thailand in ultimate style!

SB 90 Pattaya

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Experience the Unforgettable Cannes Nightlife on Your Luxury Charter

Baoli ClubCannes is an unforgettable city in France. One of the most well-known places on the Cote D’Azur, Cannes, along with St Tropez, welcomes the celebrities and their glamorous lifestyle, so why not join them on your own luxury yacht charter on the French Riviera? Have a taste of the high life, and make a stop in Cannes one evening for an unbelievable night out.

Unsure about where to go? Head to Le Baoli at Port Pierre Canto. Situated right on the water front, Le Bâoli is in the perfect position to visit from your yacht. Take an evening to steady your sea legs, and head to the dry land to dine and dance the night away. Open as a restaurant in the early evening, the chefs at Baoli serve up an incredible range of dishes, whether you fancy a more traditional
Baoli Bar meat or fish dish, or want to try a more exotic plate of Asian cuisine. At midnight, it is like a reverse story of Cinderella – this is not the time to head home! Le Bâoli transforms itself from restaurant to nightclub, and they are ready to party with you until the early, or rather late, hours of the morning. With a pumping beat accompanied by live percussion, dancers and flaming bar tops, Le Bâoli is an experience like no other!

Organise your charter on the French Riviera now. This stunning Couach 3000 Fly, MAYAMA is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to investigate the delights of the French Riviera. Accommodating up to 8 guests in 4 cabins when cruising, and up to 36 guests at dock, you don’t even need to step off MAYAMA to host your own party! She is sleek and sporty, with light and bright interior furnishings and gorgeous cabins, andMayama
the flybridge makes an excellent spot to relax in the sun with a cocktail in hand. Available to charter from €54,000 per week, your experience of the French coast on MAYAMA will be unlike no other.

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