How Is The Boating World Reducing Carbon Emissions?

Reducing carbon emissions is at the top of the agenda when it comes to the boating sector. Looking at ways to minimize the negative impact on our oceans is vital. The industry is already taking significant steps to reduce its carbon footprint and advocate for sustainability. From innovative technological solutions to operational changes, yacht builders, charter companies like us at Boatbookings, and other industry leaders are paving the way forward for a greener future. 

Here, we look at how the boating industry is working to reduce its emissions: 

Harnessing Hybrid & Electric 

One of the most significant developments in the quest for minimizing impact is hybrid and fully electric propulsion systems for yachts. By combining traditional diesel engines with electric motors or relying solely on battery power, these systems drastically reduce or eliminate the need for fossil fuels, significantly curbing emissions. We recognize these developments, so we offer a range of our greener-crewed charter catamarans. Sunreef Yachts has made massive progress with its Eco Range, utilizing cutting-edge hybrid and electric technologies. These yachts not only minimize the environmental impact but also offer a more peaceful boating experience. 

Embracing Sustainable Design 

Beyond propulsion, yacht builders are also exploring the use of sustainable materials and design principles to further reduce the boats’ carbon footprint. From incorporating recycled or more eco-friendly materials in construction to optimizing hull designs for improved efficiency, these efforts collectively contribute to a greener, reduced-emission future. 

Carbon Offset Programs 

In addition to technological advancements improving things, many companies and marinas are implementing carbon offset programs and renewable energy initiatives to mitigate the environmental impact by investing in projects that capture or offset carbon emissions, such as reforestation or renewable energy projects. Our carbon emission calculator can help you calculate the carbon credits you must purchase depending on the boat and itinerary. 

Eco-Friendly Operations 

In recent years, there has been a massive shift in the yacht charter sector that is helping improve the operational profiles of yachts regarding carbon emissions. More companies and yachts are implementing more eco-friendly practices. These include removing single-use plastics, including greener products onboard, offering seasonal and local menus, and implementing proper waste disposal. Fostering this culture of environmental responsibility and adopting best practices demonstrates that the boating community is working to minimize impact and carbon emissions. 

Sustainability has become more of a priority for the industry, and we can see this in the decreased demand for greener crewed charter catamarans. Embracing innovation, sustainable materials, and eco-friendly practices, as well as offsetting carbon, contribute to the boating sector and reduce its overall emissions. 

Contact us today to find out more about our greener yacht options or to chat with a member of the Boatbookings team about carbon offsetting. 

Top 5 Essential Tips For an Eco-Conscious Yacht Charter This Summer

As the Mediterranean summer charter season is finally here, many guests seek ways to enjoy a crewed yacht charter while minimizing their environmental impact. At Boatbookings, we believe sustainability and yachting experiences can go hand in hand. So, here are some ways you can ensure you embrace more sustainable practices this summer onboard your next boat charter: 

1. Choose A Greener Yacht 

The first step toward a more sustainable yacht charter is selecting a yacht with minimal impact on our oceans. We are committed to minimizing our fleet’s carbon footprint and championing this selection of greener crewed charter catamarans. A range of technologies, such as solar, wind, and electric, are being incorporated into yacht design to reduce emissions. The Sunreef Eco 50 Tiril is a prime example of utilizing this solar energy.

2. Eco-Friendly Playtime 

Nothing says summer like watersports. There didn’t used to be a lot of choice when trying to minimize your impact with fossil fuel-powered toys, but today, there are increasingly innovative designs and green technology when it comes to on-the-water fun. Whether you keep it simple and opt for human-powered fun through paddleboarding and kayaking, zip around on an electric-powered jet board, or launch yourself onto a hydrofoil water toy, it does not have to have a negative impact any longer. 

3. Docking Responsibly 

Whether you go for a bareboat or crewed charter catamaran for your summer yachting vacation, you will likely tie up in a marina or two. When choosing a marina, look for those accredited to the Clean Marinas Program and The Blue Flag award; both set standards for better eco-awareness and environmental preservation within marinas worldwide, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. We always advocate staying in a marina that adheres to regulations and implements sustainable practices. 

4. Careful Consumption 

While our charter boats are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, it is essential to use the resources mindfully. Reduce excessive energy and water consumption while onboard your charter yacht. Before your charter, be sure to request eco-friendly toiletries and cleaning products to be used onboard; opting for reusables and nontoxic products are small changes but ones that make a big difference to our oceans. While onboard, you can also request that the chefs use local and seasonal produce, reducing your food miles and ensuring you get the freshest and tastiest menus! 

5. Offset Your Carbon 

At Boatbookings, we are passionate about helping our clients reduce their impact as much as possible. We have developed our carbon offset calculator to help understand the cost of carbon credits, which will offset the carbon footprint of their charter. Carbon offsetting is to offset unavoidable carbon emissions through certified carbon credits. Our work with Climate Care, funding UN-approved projects, ensures that credits go toward approved projects. 

Contact one of our Boatbookings team today if you would like to learn more about our greener crewed charter catamarans or for more general information about how to reduce your impact this summer. 

The Top 5 Hidden Gems Of The Mediterranean

The anticipated Mediterranean summer season is finally here! This region is known for its picturesque towns, rich culture and history, culinary cuisines, and endless opportunities to explore the landscapes and waters. While popular hotspots like the French Riviera are great to explore, they often face the pressures of overtourism. 

At Boatbookings, we appreciate the boating community’s impact on particular destinations. With our selection of greener crewed charter catamarans, there are some incredible off-the-beaten-track Mediterranean locations to escape the crowds and minimize your impact this summer.

Here are our top five:

1. Aeolian Islands, Sicily 
While most boats flock to the famous Amalfi Coast, Italy and its islands offer a more unique and peaceful cruising experience. Nestled along the northern coast of Sicily are the Aeolian Islands. This volcanic archipelago boasts dramatic landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and great island-hopping adventures. Explore the rugged terrain of Stromboli or anchor at Salina, known for its lush vineyards and eco-friendly wine production. 

2. Mljet, Croatia 
One of Croatia’s national parks, Mljet is a hidden Mediterranean summer gem offering secluded beaches, lush forests, and a chance to disconnect from the summer hustle and bustle. Sailing along the island’s pristine and sandy coastline, there are plenty of opportunities to spend the night anchored in a secluded cove with no one else around. As Croatia’s greenest island, you can explore the park’s many hiking trails. In the north are the saltwater bays, the Great and Small Lakes, ideal for swimming in these calm waters. 

3. Hydra, Greece 
The Greek Islands have become a popular yacht charter destination, and for good reason. However, some islands are overrun by tourism, so why not visit one of the lesser-known islands this summer? Hydra is located within the Saronic Island chain and is only accessible by boat, and as it’s car-free, most transport is done on foot or by donkey. Wandering through the idyllic port town, you can enjoy the laid-back vibe. Just a short hop from Athens, this is the perfect island to add to any Greek yacht charter itinerary. 

4. Formentera, Balearic Islands 
Often overshadowed by its larger and livelier neighbor, Ibiza, Formentera is well worth a visit when cruising the Balearic Islands. It is the smallest of these islands, and some say the prettiest, with its relaxed atmosphere. For those seeking a quieter and more sustainable catamaran charter, Formentera delivers with its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. 

5. Gozo, Malta 
While Malta is a popular tourist destination, its smaller sister island, Gozo, remains relatively untouched. The rugged island boasts world-famous dive sites, rocky shores, and ancient cities steeped in history, including UNESCO sites. The idyllic island is a stone’s throw from Malta but boasts a more tranquil charter experience. Whether you explore the prehistoric ruins, hike the rugged cliffs, or dive into the clear waters, there is plenty to do without leaving an impact. 

By exploring more off-the-beaten-track locations and supporting sustainable tourism initiatives, you can explore the Mediterranean’s hidden gems while minimizing your impact. Contact one of the Boatbookings team today to learn more about our greener crewed charter catamaran options and availability for the rest of the summer. 

4 Steps To Take Action This World Ocean Day

Each year, World Ocean Day is about coming together to celebrate our oceans and raise awareness of how to protect them better. This year, the 2024 World Ocean Day theme on the 8th of June is “catalyzing action for our ocean and climate.”

This is a call to action for us all to take tangible steps toward better safeguarding our oceans’ health and mitigating climate change’s impacts. At Boatbookings, we firmly believe our commitment to preserving them must match our love for them. As a yacht charter company, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to do so. 

The oceans cover 70% of our planet’s surface, generate the oxygen we breathe, regulate our climate, and thousands of communities rely on them. Yet, the oceans are under threat, facing enormous pressures such as pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction, and the escalating climate crisis. 

This World Ocean Day, we must collectively catalyze action to protect our oceans; we have put together some of the steps you can make toward a better future:

Step 1: Charter A Greener Boat

Before you begin your boat charter, we want you to choose better. We aim to offer a vast selection of sustainable electric charter catamarans so that clients can choose a more responsible boat for their boating vacation. While most charter yachts are still diesel-powered, the segment for electric and hybrid boats is increasing rapidly. Not only are they better for mitigating the environmental impact, but these yachts also provide a more pleasant experience without noise, vibration, and fumes to contend with while trying to relax on the water. 

Step 2: Choose Better Preferences 

Once you have chosen your greener crewed charter catamaran, it is essential that you fill out the yacht’s preference sheets before getting onboard. These preference sheets help the crew curate the best yacht charter experience for you, and this is also where you can reduce your environmental impact. For the chefs, you can request that you eat locally and sustainably sourced menus versus flying produce to add to food miles and your carbon footprint. When it comes to using products onboard, request that all cleaning and toiletry products, such as reef-friendly sunscreen, are ecologically friendly; everything that goes down the drain onboard actually ends up in the oceans. Also, be sure to state that you would like to minimize single-use plastic wherever possible, primarily through reusable water bottles. 

Step 3: Be Aware Of Your Impact 

When cruising the world’s oceans, whether in the Mediterranean or the Indian Ocean, ensuring your activities are not disrupting the ecosystems is vital. Your onboard crew will adhere to marine conservation regulations regarding cruising and anchoring to minimize the yacht’s impact. When swimming, snorkeling, and diving, be mindful of your activities under the ocean. It is also essential to acknowledge any influence you may have on the communities you visit – this can have a positive impact, for example, contributing to the local economy. 

Step 4: Support & Spread Awareness 

As this year’s World Ocean Day theme suggests, we must all act. You can get involved in various local ocean conservation initiatives, such as beach clean-ups or restoration projects. If you cannot help first-hand, then spreading awareness of the pressures on our oceans is just as important. 

While acknowledging the topics behind World Ocean Day is essential, we should work to protect and conserve our oceans every day. At Boatbookings, we started this by helping facilitate greener chartering, providing clients with a more sustainable charter fleet and practices. To learn more about our greener crewed charter catamaran options and availability, contact the Boatbookings team today. 

One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together! 

Sustainable Futures: How Will AI Transform Yacht Charters?

As the boating sector continues to embrace cutting-edge technology, the power of artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize yacht charters. From optimizing energy efficiency to streamlining logistics and pioneering sustainable design, AI is rapidly becoming a driving force that is helping lead the way toward a greener boating future. 

At Boatbookings, we champion all advances prioritizing sustainability, offering a range of greener crewed catamaran charters. We are excited to see how AI will help improve the sector and make yacht charters more sustainable. 

Here are some ways we think AI technology will contribute to more sustainable yacht charters:

 Energy Efficiency 

At the forefront of these technologies is the promise of enhanced energy efficiency. Various AI systems are being developed to optimize yacht operations based on many changing variables. The systems provide data-driven solutions that adjust propulsion, routes, and scheduling for maximum efficiency. AI-powered navigation tools can reduce fuel, emissions, and overall energy consumption, helping align the industry with sustainability goals. 

Streamlining Logistics 

Another area where AI is transforming the yacht charter industry is streamlining yacht charter logistics. Intelligent booking systems are simplifying the reservation process. These booking processes can also integrate preferences, highlighting more sustainable choices for guests. Predictive analysis can aid preventative maintenance and provisioning systems. Smart stocking and provisioning algorithms will be able to anticipate the yacht’s needs, cutting down on unnecessary deliveries and reducing food waste. 

Design Improvements 

AI is also upgrading boat design and engineering. From optimizing AI designs to enhancing the efficiency of systems such as HVAC, it is enabling significant reductions in carbon footprints. AI systems onboard can also intelligently control lighting, entertainment, and climate zones, further minimizing energy consumption with ease. 

The Future

The future will see many changes, one of which is the integration of AI assistants. This technology promises to elevate sustainability efforts further. Imagine having a virtual sustainability guide on your yacht charter, providing real-time awareness of your environmental footprint and offering friendly recommendations tailored to your itinerary and preferences. 

The power of these technologies in the boat charter industry has the potential to improve not only sustainability credentials but also the overall guest experience. Integrating AI into the boating sector will lead the yacht charter industry toward a better, lower-impact future as we become increasingly conscious of our environmental impacts. 

If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint today, consider booking one of the greener crewed catamaran charters. Contact a Boatbookings team member today to learn more about our more sustainable yachting vacations.