Packing on Point!

The boat is booked, plane tickets purchased and now it’s time to start thinking about what to take on your yacht charter. Here are some of my hot tips to ensure the best sailing holiday, with all the necessities, but without the kitchen sink.


A soft bag is a must. Even if your bareboat charter yacht is roomy, it is a boat and storage is always at a premium, so if you want your crew members to be talking to you on your holiday, take a soft bag that you can fold up and store easily.

luggageSome of us are addicted to tubes and bottles of creams and potions but there are some essentials to have while sailing and others that can stay at home! If possible take small, travel sized bottles of shampoo, soap and moisturiser, this will make room for essential sunscreen. The sun reflecting off the water, and the breeze that can sometimes take the heat out of the sun (and lull you into a false sense of security) need to be taken into account. You don’t want to ruin your fantastic charter holiday with painful burns so do not skimp on sun cream! Don’t forget some insect repellent and just in case, maybe slip in some seasickness pills – chances are you won’t need them but if you do, you will be very happy to have them to hand.

soapsAlthough you will spend a lot of time barefoot on your holiday, it is advisable to wear rubber soled shoes on deck. There are many great sailing shoes on the market but you can wear any rubber soled shoes that you have. This is a good idea to protect your feet from those (very painful) cleats and lines that tend to litter the deck of a sailing yacht, but also to avoid scuff marks on deck which could result in the loss of your security deposit. Flip flops should be the only other footwear you will need.

Good quality sunglasses, preferably polarised as well as a good hat (watch out for those wide brims girls) will complete your sun/wind protection combo.


Although most charter yachts are equipped with wifi these days, my suggestion is books, books, books….Try to avoid the emails, the trials and tribulations of the Kardashians and even the news for a few days. Switch off, enjoy the sea, sun and incredible natural beauty of your charter region and recharge your batteries.


Pack light. Swimwear, shorts and t-shirts, a dress or two for the girls and a light jumper for some milder evenings should be all that you need. A windbreaker is also a good idea for those areas which are susceptible to cooler breezes.


So unpack your (soft) bag, get your swimwear on, put your feet up and relax into the best holiday you’ve ever had. And don’t forget to record the memories with the waterproof camera you packed…….

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