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Embark on a 7-day sailing catamaran or monohull charter around the Abacos Islands for some Bahamian bliss

The Abacos Islands are known to be one of the top boating and sailing destinations in the world. With calm turquoise seas, quaint colonial towns, two golf courses, miles and miles of stellar beach, great fishing and diving, and a wonderful selection of restaurants and bars, the Abacos are without doubt, the ideal sailing destination in the Bahamas.

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The Abacos Islands consist of a 120 mile-long island chain, frequently called the ‘mini Bahamas’. Great Abaco Island and Little Abaco serve as the "mainland," with a string of barrier islands separating them from the Atlantic. The body of water separating these two hotspots is the calm, shallow Sea of Abaco, a turquoise Nirvana for boaters and sailors.

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Day 1: Marsh Harbor

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Arrive at Marsh Harbor airport and take a ten-minute taxi to Marsh Harbor to embark on your boat and check out the local restaurants and bars such as the Jib Room, Snappas, and the Conch Inn and embark on your boat and check out the local restaurants and bars in Marsh Harbor. Spend the night in the harbor on your boat and get ready to set sail the following morning.

Day 2: Man O War Cay

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After breakfast onboard, take a 45-minute sail to head to Man O War Cay. This sailors' paradise is famous for its heritage of boat construction. Many of the island's 200 residents originate from boat construction and the island even has a museum devoted to the history of sloop and dinghy construction on the island. Stepping away from ancient traditions, alcohol has just been permitted to be sold on Man O War Cay. There are great places to get provisions and excellent marina facilities, and the Dock and Dine restaurant offers the freshest catch of the day.

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Day 3: Head south to Great Guana Cay

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Enjoy breakfast aboard before heading south to Great Guana Cay. En route to Great Guana Cay be sure to stop off for lunch at Fowl Cay to go snorkeling around the marine park. There is no overnight anchorage permitted at Fowl Cay, so be sure to head off to Great Guana Cay before the sun sets to get a drink at Grabbers Bar.
The most popular way to experience the island is by golf cart so once you've taken your dinghy to the shore be sure to take the golf cart to Nippers across the other side of the island and enjoy some drinks here before heading for one of the best restaurants in the Bahamas, Spinnaker restaurant. Take a look at our Bahamas restaurant guide for other restaurants to visit on your charter!

Day 4: Green Turtle Cay, the swimming pigs at Noname Island and New Plymouth

green turtle cay

Head north to New Plymouth, a quaint village on Green Turtle Cay. Be sure to check out Noname Cay on the way to Green Turtle Cay to see the swimming pigs! The pigs on Noname Island get a lot less recognition than the swimming pigs in the Exumas however there are actually more pigs on this island than in the Exumas!

After swimming with the pigs head to New Plymouth to get lost in all of the cays' Bahamian charms including narrow streets, white buildings, and two main harbors to enjoy. Take a stroll to the small museum and historical gardens. You have to take a trip to Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar, a friendly spot known to all boaters, where you will likely find Miss Emily herself pouring her famous Goombay Smash cocktail! The Green Turtle Club, Bluff House, and Pineapples are great spots for dining ashore.

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Day 5: Treasure Cay

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Unless you want to explore the wilderness of the northern islands for a 10-day charter, it's time to head back south to Treasure Cay. Treasure Cay, was developed during the 1950s and has breathtaking white sand beaches, and is ideal for all kinds of watersports. The beaches at Treasure Cay have been noted by National Geographic as one of the World's Top Ten beaches in the world. Enjoy a peaceful stroll and admire the unbelievable vistas before departing the following morning for the final stop of the charter, Hope Town.

Day 6: Hope Town and Elbow Cay

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Depart Treasure Cay for Hope Town. When you arrive be sure to get a golf cart to explore the island- head off to the southern part and enjoy beautiful beaches, the surf break at Tahiti Beach and some great dining spots along the way. Enjoy lunch overlooking the white and red striped lighthouse and admire the boats anchored in Hope Town's sheltered harbor. Take the dinghy to Elbow Cay to explore firefly restaurants or catch the full moon party at Cracker P's.

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Day 7: The final day in Little Harbour


Little Harbour is a fun spot with white sandy beaches. Little Harbor's remote and lush surroundings offered inspiration for the late bronze sculptor Randolph Johnston. Johnston's family settled in this harbor over 50 years ago and built a fabulous bronze art foundation to cast their renowned sculptures. Peter Johnston continues his father's art of the island in bronze and gold to depict the marine wildlife surrounding him. There are caves to explore, art galleries, and a restaurant of Pete's Pub providing one of the most relaxed ambiances within the Abacos.

Typical Sailing Conditions in The Abacos

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The best time to visit the Abacos is between December and July, to profit from a warm climate and consistent trade winds that are idyllic for sailing. The sailing is mainly line of sight and is great for island hopping. Expect to be sailing for around an hour between locations and find great beaches, restaurants, and fishing conditions on every single Cay of the Abacos.

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