Bahamas and Exumas Luxury Yacht Charter Guide

Bahamas yacht charter,Bahamas boat rental

Exumas, Bahamas Yacht Charter Destination Guide

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Whether you want to be guided through The Exumas island chain by your dedicated crew on a week-long luxury motor yacht or crewed catamaran charter, or you are looking to explore the Abacos by yourself on a bareboat sailboat or catamaran, nobody knows the Bahamas like the Boatbookings Broker Team. 

Our team of expert brokers review the yachts, meet their crew and explore the local Bahamian Cayes each year, so we continue to deliver the finest tailor-made yacht charter adventures found anywhere on the market. Meet the Broker Team and simply email [email protected] to start planning your bespoke Bahamian yacht charter holiday today!

About the Exumas

The Exumas are a string of jewel Cays in the Bahamas scattered 100 miles long from Northwest to Southeast across a sapphire and turquoise sea. They are remote, pristine, varied and exotic - perfect destinations for relaxation and diving on your Bahamas Yacht Charter.

The Exumas are so pristine that in 1958 the Bahamian government set aside 176 square miles as the Exuma Land and Sea Park. Most of the islands are uninhabited but some of the Cays are privately owned by luminaries such as Johnny Depp and Tim McGraw or feature exclusive resorts. The cave from Thunderball and the movie Splash is on Staniel Cay close by the Yacht Club where boaters gather in the bar and restaurant.

With beautiful blue water everywhere the Exumas are a boater’s dream destination!

A Georgetown, Bahamas, boat charter can be easily arranged, providing you with the exclusive opportunity to stand across the demarcation line at the Tropic of Cancer! Georgetown, the capital of the Exumas on Grand Exuma Island, can be a little quiet in the summer and has about 900 residents.

Yacht Charter and Sailing Vacations in the Exumas

bahamas yacht charter,Bahamas boat rental

Most Yacht Charters in the Bahamas begin in the Abacos or Nassau - there are few yachts for charter in the Exumas themselves. The Exumas are thus a charter destination, worthy of several days of your time on a weekly charter, or more if you have the time. They draw charterers because of their crystal clear waters, gorgeous sandy beaches, near-perfect weather, excellent diving and the ability to get away from it all and float in nature's beauty.

Things to do in the Exumas

Dive, snorkel, kayak or explore deserted tropical islands. You are in an unspoiled paradise of reefs and seascapes of captivating, constantly shifting shades of blue. Coco Plum Beach on Great Exuma is a treasure for shells and sand dollars.

On Little Exuma Tropic of Cancer Beach known as Pelican Beach to the locals is a beautiful snorkel spot. There is a hut with benches for a little shade while observing the beauty of the beach.

The Land and Sea Park has diverse ecosystems and is an absolutely no-take zone. Not even a shell from the beaches. The protected Hutia, a rabbit-like animal, the only mammal native to the Bahamas is in the park along with Iguanas, seabirds, and reefs teaming with sea life and undisturbed corals. The rarest creatures in the park are Stromatolites, a blue-green reef forming algae thought to be the oldest living evidence of life on earth.

Visit the swimming pigs at tiny Major Cay a short way from Staniel Cay. A great place for snorkeling, beach walking and playing with the friendly pigs in the surf. Bring a snack for the pigs.

Thunderball Grotto northwest of Staniel Cay. Divers will find in clear water in this cavern, sun or moonlight from the holes in the hollowed out Cay dancing on the floor and lighting the fish below.

Angelfish Blue Hole is the number one spot for pure impact. Elkhorn Gardens in 200’ visibility. Sting Ray Reef for observation of many species of fish.

Pagoda Reef, spectacular high coral formations. Dive Operators Dive Exuma 242 336-2893 Events Annual Family Island Regatta in Elizabeth Town Annual Georgetown Sailing Regatta held every March

Restaurants and Bars

bahamas yacht charter,Bahamas boat rental

There are a few choices of fun bars and good restaurants in Georgetown and Elizabeth Harbour:

Club Peace and Plenty, Exumas oldest, was a sponge warehouse, then a family home. Theme nights, poolside parties and live bands.

Two Turtles and Eddie’s Edgewater are other places to drop in.

Near Georgetown is February Point which includes a great restaurant/bar with music one night a week.

On Stocking Island across Elizabeth Harbour from Georgetown is Chat ‘n’ Chill, a rustic restaurant, bar and playground owned by a banker turned beach bum, Ken Bowe. Sunday is an all-day pig roast or stroll down to the beach for fresh conch salad.

For more inspiration, have a look at our expert broker's restaurant recommendations

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