Explore The Maldives on A Luxury Charter Yacht!

Located in the middle of the ancient trading routes crossing the Indian Ocean, you will find the 1000 plus coral islands of the Maldives. The countless islands of the Maldives are formed around 26 circular atolls which cover over 90,000 square kilometres. Deep blue seas, palm trees swaying on white sandy beaches, thousands of fish of all shapes, sizes and colours directly under your Maldives charter yacht and a constant 30 degrees Celcius all year round…..paradise on Earth!!

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A magical, ecotourism sailing charter in Southeast Asia is within your reach — welcome to the Andaman Islands!

In this spectacular region, you can float in total peace and quiet, away from all the city noise, and you may not even see another yacht for a month! Located in the Bay of Bengal, is a magical hideaway destination, the Andaman Islands. The area is comprised of 300 islands that are the peaks of an ancient mountain range, stretching from Sumatra to India. This luxury yacht charter destination in Asia has everything you could want from an otherworldly holiday adventure. There are literally hundreds of deserted islands to explore, each one more spectacular than the last! It is truly a breathtaking location for adventurous people, who want to escape from the modern world for a phenomenal sailing vacation.

The beaches are often many kilometres long, and always peppered with pristine, white sand and without a single footprint. Instead of tourists and deck chairs, all you are likely to see is wildlife, including monkeys and deer.

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Is the Indian Ocean Safe for Charter?

There’s been a lot written about pirates in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Somalia. And there has been some pirate activity within 60 miles of the Seychelles. So we’ve gotten a number of enquiries as to whether its safe to charter in the Indian Ocean.

A sea turtle in the Maldives
A sea turtle in the Maldives

First off, the Indian Ocean is HUGE, and there have been no instances to our knowledge in the beautiful and inviting charter areas of the Maldives, Mauritius and Madagascar. So if you’re thinking of a charter in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, we recommend you choose one of these areas.

Secondly, the recent hijack of a British couple was in open waters as they were sailing to Mozambique from the Seychelles. It is far safer to stay in standard charter areas, near the coast.

If you’d like to charter in the Indian Ocean, but have any safety concerns, we recommend that you speak to our Indian Ocean office – please contact them here.