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Eleuthera, Harbor Island and Spanish Wells, Bahamas Yacht Charter Destination Guide

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About Eleuthera

bahamas yacht charter,Bahamas boat rental

Eleuthera is a 110 miles long, two miles wide island in Bermuda, where visitors are always in touch with the sea. Eleuthera offers pink and white sand beaches from long strands to secluded coves, surfing, immaculate colonial villages and pineapple fields. Eleuthera and the surrounding Cays are some of the quieter out islands for those who want a relaxing yacht charter.

Eleuthera, meaning "freedom" in Greek, was the first democracy founded in the new world by British subjects fleeing persecution in 1649. The colonial architecture is preserved in the towns and villages by the descendants of the original British and American loyalist settlers.

Harbour Island with the towns of Spanish Wells and Dunmore Town is at the north end of Eleuthera. Briland, as the locals call Harbour Island, is where the famous pink sand beaches are found and is a hideaway for the rich and famous. As a result, there are several excellent restaurants on Harbour Island.

The name Spanish Wells springs from the old Spanish conquistadores creating wells for the galleons returning to Spain with the plunder of the new world. It is the wealthiest community in the Bahamas thanks to the lobster industry and a modern fishing fleet that goes out from early August through winter for weeks at a time bringing back holds full. Spanish Wells is primarily residential but well worth a visit.

Most Yacht Charters in the Bahamas begin in the Abacos or Nassau - there are few yachts for charter on Eleuthera itself. Eleuthera is thus a charter destination, worthy of several days of your time on a weekly charter, or more if you have the time.

Things to do on Eleuthera

Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island on the Atlantic side is one of the top ten in the world. A handful of sand looks like small strawberries. Those are a single cell animal foraminifer that gives the sand the pink color.

Horseback riding on Pink Sands Beach.

Surfer’s Beach on the Atlantic side of Eleuthera is remote and secluded. Great shelling. Walk north to find a natural hot tub in the rocks.

Eleuthera’s pink sand beaches include French Leave Beach and Winding Bay Beach.

Go to Preacher’s Beach on north Eleuthera for a picnic and explore Preacher’s Cave. Diving in Eleuthera and Harbour Island are a wreck diver’s paradise. There are more wrecks here than any other island.

The Devil’s Backbone is shallow and jagged on the northern edge of Eleuthera. Great for snorkelers and divers are wrecks piled on wrecks, Elkhorn coral, sea fans, brain corals rich with colorful reef fish and rays.

Train Wreck at Devil’s Backbone is a steam locomotive that fell off a barge in 1865.

Current Cut is one of the best drift rides for snorkel or SCUBA with multitudes of sea life. These top spots include The Arch that forms a concealed grotto.

A must see is Ocean Hole at Rock Sound. According to the locals it has no bottom. It’s an inland lake connected to the sea and teaming with tropical fish.


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North Eleuthera/Harbour Island Regatta in October -Bahamian native sloops compete in one of the largest sloop racing events in the Bahamas. Activities include opening ceremonies, entertainment with Bahamian entertainers and musicians. Four days of the festival, championship races and a social event for sailors.

Restaurants and Bars

lobster grill

  • The Dunmore Beach Club on Harbour Island has glorious cuisine and an outstanding ambience. Reservations are best made by midday and the monitor VHF 16 for boaters.
  • The Poseidon is thought to be the finest restaurant in all of the Bahamas.
  • Runaway Hill is a charming country inn place right on the beach with a good restaurant
  • Beachside Grill is the only beachside restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try the lobster salad sandwich.
  • Coral Sands on the ocean is beautiful and a lovely setting for dinner.
  • The Bay Street restaurants are all good and worth trying. Reservations are a good idea, especially during the winter.
  • In Spanish Wells find Outback Jack’s, an inviting place with hamburgers and sandwiches and local flavors.
  • The Gap restaurant and Anchor Snack Bar serve lighter choices.
  • For great bars, Harbour Island is the choice with a casual atmosphere.
  • Try Gusty’s for a long wood bar, sandy floor, graffiti walls and a wraparound porch. Seagrapes is popular with the locals and simple.
  • Vic-Hum is a basketball court during the day. Old time music, reggae and a pool table.

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