14 Day Greece Sailing Yacht Charter Itinerary

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Explore Athens, Ios, Santorini, Hydra and Poros on your Greek Sailing Yacht Charter

Chartering a sailing yacht, crewed or bareboat, gives you endless opportunities to discover the Greek islands in unrivaled class and style. Embark in Athens with the wind in your sails and explore the highlights of the Athens peninsula, Saronic Gulf and the magical Cyclades islands. With our experience and expertise, we will ensure that you make the most of the best anchorages, towns, history and culture to ensure you have an extremely memorable Greece yacht charter!

Day 1 - Athens to Cape Sounion

Athens Parthenon

Starting from Athens, head to Cape Sounion, where you will find the Temple of Poseidon, which can be seen from a distance and is easily reached by foot once ashore. The ideal time to visit is in the morning before the tourist crowds arrive. The best place to anchor is in the North of the bay where there is a patch of sand and weed, which makes for good holding. The area is exposed to gusts and yachts if not anchored properly may drag.

Day 2 - Kithnos

Kithnos Greece

Kithnos is a fairly untouched island from tourism and has very nice serene bays for swimming. The main town, Chora, is located on the hill above Merikha. The small gulfs, which keep the sea peaceful, the white houses, the streets and the old windmills, are some of the attractions of this charming island.

Places to Moor:

Ormos Fikiadha - there are two bays located here for mooring. You should be careful of underwater rocks located on the south side of the entrance. Both bays offer good shelter from North winds. This is a nice area for a swim.

Ormos Kolona - another deserted bay for a swim with nice sandy beaches. It also provides good shelter from the Meltemi.

Day 3 - Serifos

Greece Yacht Charter

Serifos, Greece - A typical Cycladic island. Not too touristy, the main harbor of Livadhi is very picturesque with its green valleys. Take a stroll or the bus to the main village, Chora, which is situated at the top of the harbor. The view is magnificent.

Places to moor:

Livadhi – You have the choice to anchor in the bay or on the jetty, which is located on the Southside of the bay. The harbor offers good shelter from the Meltemi. Water and fuel are available at the jetty. Most provisioning can be found in the harbor. There are several tavernas in the village and on the waterfront.

Ormos Koutala – The bay is located on the Southside of Serifos and offers good shelter from the Meltemi.

Day 4 - Sifnos

Sifnos Greece Yacht Charter

Sifnos - The main part of Sifnos is Kamares, from which the road leads to the capital, Apolionia, dedicated to the god Apollo. Places of interest are the old capital, Kastra, the 300 or so churches of the island, including the Roman Catholic cathedral, as well as the village Artemonas, surrounded by hills full of windmills. In ancient times, the island was known for its gold and silver mines, but today, the only ancient craft remaining is pottery and ceramics.

Places to moor:

Kamares – You can either moor on the quay between the two moles or drop anchor at the head of the bay. Kamares provides faintly good shelter from the Meltemi. Water is available at the quay and fuel is available via mini tanker. Most provisions can be found.

Agios Yeoryios - This islet is located on the NW tip of the island. It provides excellent shelter from the Meltemi. There is a small quay to moor onto at the head of the bay. There are a couple of tavernas for eating out.

Day 5 - Ios

Ios,Ios Island,yacht charter Greece

Ios – A barren island east of Sikinos. Ios is supposed to be the burial place of Homer. The island can get over-crowded in high season as it is loved by young people especially due to its great nightlife.

Places to moor:

Ios main harbor - Can be a bit noisy at night from the bars, if this does not bother you, the harbor offers a good shelter from the Meltemi. The yachts can anchor on the north side of the bay. Water is limited, fuel can be obtained from mini tankers and most provisions can be found in the main town.

Ormos Koumbaras - A bay located North of the main port, this is a nice bay for swimming and offers fairly good shelter from the Meltemi.

Ormos Milopatamou – This is a large bay located south of Port Ios. There are four coves on the north side of the bay. Choose anywhere. This bay offers good shelter from the Meltemi but open to the west and south. There are several taverns ashore.

Ormos Manganari – This bay is located on the south coast of Ios. Be careful of the rocky islet on the Northeast side of the bay. Offers good shelter from the Meltemi there are a few tavernas. Beware this is a nudist hot spot.

Ormos Tris Klises – Good shelter from the Meltemi but be careful of the reef on the West side of the bay as well as a shallow patch near the east cove.

Day 6 - Santorini

Cyclades Islands Santorini

Santorini – Otherwise known as Thira, this volcanic island is unique. From Skala, the main harbor, sit comfortably on a donkey and climb up to Fira, the capital. Experience this charming town with its old Frankish quarter and its magnificent view of the bay where you can see Kamenes, two tiny islands made of lava. Thirassia is also worth visiting, the second largest island left from previous eruptions. But apart from the gray sand and pebble beaches and the many archaeological sites, make sure you also visit Oia, a fascinating town close to Fira.

Places to moor:

Finikia – Lies on the North end of Santorini. There is a small pier but it is usually very crowded. There is some shelter from the meltemi. There are also a couple of tavernas ashore.

Skala Thira – This is the main harbor for Santorini. There is a small quay where you can tie up. There is a buoy of the quay where you should tie onto as it is too deep to drop anchor. There are several cafes and tavernas in front. There is water on the quay. You can get provisions from the main town, which you can go either by donkey or the funicular.

Nea Kameni – The small island located between Santorini and Thirassia. The best place to anchor is in the cove in the SE corner. There is fair shelter from the meltemi. No facilities are available.

Day 7 - Folegandros

Greek Sailing Charter

Folegandros– Is a barren rocky island with sheer cliffs. The main town Chora sits on the edge of the cliffs and is quite worth the visit. The small pathways in the town, which is a green haven unlike the rest of the island. There are several cafes and restaurants with a spectacular view.

Places to moor:

Karavostasi - There is a mole that you can moor on to but do check the ferry schedule you might be asked to move. From Karavostasi there is a bus to take you to the main town. There are limited facilities but does offer good shelter from the Meltemi.

Vathi - Is a large bay west of Folegandros. It is recommended to anchor there in calm weather. A nice bay for a swim or lunch.

Day 8 - Milos

Cyclades Islands Milos

Milos – The island that rises welcomingly out of the sea in the southwest corner of Cyclades. Milos has always sheltered ships from strong winds and offered refuge and rest to travellers. This island has a special charm due to the rare combination of its terrain and its mineral wealth.

Places to moor:

Adhamas (Port Milos) - Care must be taken of rocks and reefs bordering the E side of the entrance to Ormos Milou. Water and electricity are available at most berths and a mini-tanker can deliver fuel and calls around twice daily.

Day 9 - Hydra

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Hydra - Hydra is an island with many admirers, among the international community of writers, actors and artists in general. Perhaps because of its unique charm, or perhaps because of its rare combination of simplicity and sophistication. You can walk, under the shade of grapevines, on its narrow cobblestone streets that lace around the old houses following their wild climb, almost to the top of the steep hills. Or you can just rest, lying on a rock by the sea. No matter what, Hydra will charm you just the same. Hydra, with its well-preserved architecture, its numerous churches, and its donkey transportation, is one of the most picturesque islands in Greece.

Places to moor:

Hydra Main Harbor – If you want to tie in the main harbor we suggest you get in early, especially on the weekends as it is a favorite for the Greeks. Care must be taken when they are N-NW winds and you should opt for the N mole. As the harbor is overcrowded in the summer, it is normal for yachts to be three out from the quay. Crossed anchors are a common event, so don’t be surprised. Water is available on the quay, as well as provisioning.

Mandraki – This bay is located ¾ of mile E of Hydra. It is a nice bay for a swim. There are taverns ashore. The bay is fairly sheltered except to northerly winds.

Petassi - There are several small coves in the area that can be used as a shelter.

Ag. Nikolaos – This is a beautiful bay with nice surroundings and crystal clear water for a swim but can only be used in calm weather.

Nisis Dhokos – A barren island SW end of Hydra. The winds in the channel vary and usually die down. A safe anchorage, which is well protected.

Ormos Skindos - This is a large bay the has numerous coves and provides good shelter.

Day 10 - Poros

Poros,Greece Yacht Charter,greek boat rental,greek island

Poros - Just two or three miles off the mainland shore, stands Poros, decorated with green hills that reach the sea and main port with numerous seaside cafes and tavernas. An ideal spot for those who want both a quiet swim and intense nightlife. Across the water, on the Peloponnisos shore, you can enjoy an evening stroll among the lemon trees in the renowned 'lamonodassos”.

Places to moor:

Poros Harbor  - Offers generally good shelter from the weather. Care must be taken when entering the channel. Make sure you stick close to the side of Poros and not that of the Peloponnese as there are shallow patches. There is a large quay located on the North side as well as into the channel. The Northside is far quieter, as there are no bars located on that side, but can get rough from the wake of the ferries. Fuel and water are available as well as provisioning. There are several tavernas and bars in town.

Ormos Daskalia – This bay offers good shelter for the prevailing winds. It also offers pleasant scenery with its silver-green pines surrounding the bay.

Ormos Vidhi – There are several coves surrounding the bay, which is located on the North side. The water is a bit murky but due to the fresh water river that runs into the bay.

Day 11 - Epidauros

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Epidauros- The road from Nafplio to Epidaurus passes through the vineyards and ancient olive groves with the mountains looming hazily in the distance, Mt Arahneo rises directly above Epidaurus. The breeze carries waves of sweet fragrances from the woods, resin and turpentine. On a hillside, within the sanctuary, lies the theatre of Epidaurus (3rd c. BC), the most famous and best preserved of all the ancient theatres in Greece. Built of limestone, it can seat 12,000 spectators. Every summer it comes alive. Attending a performance of ancient drama in this theatre is almost a mystical experience. Never to be forgotten. At Epidaurus, the actors don`t need to shout or speak loudly. The acoustics are so perfect that the merest whisper can be heard in the last row. The entrance to the sanctuary lies to the north of the theatre.

Asklepios was worshipped here. Though he was a god, Zeus struck him down with his thunderbolt because he wanted to destroy death. Among the ruins, one can see the foundations of the temple of Asklepios (Doric, 4th BC), the guest house, the tholos, the Abaton or sleeping porch, the temples of Artemis and Thernis, the gymnasium and many others. Apart from the historic site of Epidaurus, you can visit the New Epidaurus where you will be tempted by the wonderful smells of roasting lamb and kokoretsi.

Day 12 - Aegina

Greece Sailing Yacht

Aegina - The closest island as you depart from Kalamaki marina and is usually the first or last stop of your trip if you are sailing the Saronic Gulf. The Temple of Alphia is well worth a visit. You can go by taking the bus from the main harbor or moor in Agia Marina and take the caique. This is one of the most beautiful classical temples in Greece.

Don’t forget to stock up on pistachios as they are produced on the island of Aegina and are probably the best in Greece.

Places to moor:

Aegina Main Harbor – A well-sheltered harbor but when there are strong southerly winds it does have a bit of a swell. Mooring is stern-to or bow to the quay. A good place for provisioning, water and fuel.

Perdika – Small bay on the SW of Aegina. It is a good shelter from normal winds the bay is open to the west but Nisis Moni does offer protection from westerly winds. Care must be taken if you decide to tie quay. Depths vary from 1,5M to 1,9M so some care must be taken. No fuel available, water can be arranged. The taverns on Perdika have excellent fresh fish.

Ag. Marina – A large open bay located in the NE corner of the island. Mooring is in the bay. This area is not well sheltered but if the weather is calm it is a nice area to moor in.

Day 13 - Athens

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Time to return the boat in Kalamaki, after having spent 2 glorious weeks in the Greek Islands!

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