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I would like to have more information about the region and places to go for a charter in Italy. Can you send me a brochure?

You'll find a guide to the various charter regions in Italy on our site, as well as information about all of our yachts for charter. We do not print glossy brochures to keep costs low and to provide you with regularly updated content. If you have any specific question, your rep will be able to assist you.

Italy Yacht Charter Guide

Can costs of flights or ferries be included in your offer?

No, prices do not include flights or ferry tickets. Convenient, cheap and easy flights are increasingly available from many destinations throughout Europe to Italy. We do however provide on request a person to meet you at the airport and drive you to the boat (we will quote you a price for this on request).

How do I get from airport to yacht charter base?

Transfer can be organized on request. We'll provide you with the price in advance.

Are there any hidden boat rental costs?

No, our offer shows clearly all extras and options. Obviously your holiday budget needs to allow for food, drink etc. which is not included. You will need to pay mooring fees in ports, between €30 and €120 /night, depending on port, season and size of the yacht. You will pay nothing for anchorage in one of the many secluded bays with easy access to restaurants and bars ashore with your dinghy.

What happens in case of damage or if I am involved in an accident?

The charter boats are fully insured and you are responsible for the amount of security deposit only. Sometimes there is an optional non-refundable damage deposit insurance (damage waiver) offered instead of regular security deposit.

Do I need special licenses to charter a yacht even if I am experienced?

In most cases a RYA or equivalent license is required in Italy as well as a radio-license. Send us a copy of yours and we can get it approved.

What provisions do the boats in Italy come with?

Food and beverages are not included in bareboat charters unless you request them. You will normally fill out a preference sheet and pay for this service at base in local currency, or shop for yourselves when you arrive. Fuel and water tanks are full when you embark (make sure you check them), you´ll pay for consumption and need to refill the tanks upon your return.

Is the galley fully equipped?

The kitchen is equipped with oven, fridge, plates, pans, cutlery and everything you need to prepare meals.

Bedding and towels?

Blankets are provided. Linen is provided as an optional extra (you can bring your own) as well as towels. Sometimes bedlinen and towels are included in the price (your rep will make this clear on your proposal) but you should bring beach towels in any case.

Do I have to bring life jackets, especially for the kids?

Life jackets are provided for all persons on board including children`s sizes. However, if you have ones that you are comfortable in, you of course can bring them with you.

Are my young children safe on board?

Children are your responsibility, and adherence to maritime rules and general safety rules such as wearing life jackets is important for a safe journey as well as peace of mine. On many boats, a safety net is available on request.

Is a dinghy included?

A dinghy is always included with no extra costs. The outboard engine for the tender is usually an extra and costs between € 80 and € 110 / week.

What are my options when I have technical problems or other difficulties miles away from base?

At embarkation, you will receive a mobile emergency number that you call in case of trouble. Depending on distance to base your charter company will either send a specialist or will direct you to someone at the nearest port.

What spares are on board?

A toolkit, repair kit and engine spares are provided.

Maps and navigation tools?

Are included and are a part of the basic equipment of any charter yacht. You, of course can bring portable GPS equipment/ smart phones, to assist you. We`ve included a number of excellent apps, including navigation charts, on our iphone sailing and yachting app page.

Do I have to bring special sailing gear?

Bring a wind- and water resistant sailing jacket/pants and boat shoes for the months April and September/October. Throughout the high season a windbreaker will normally do.

Watersports equipment?

On request, subject to availability and additional charges.

I don't speak Italian, is this a problem for a charter?

Not at all. Every charter company can assist you in English. Also the skippers –being experienced locals- speak English.

What happens if we cannot be back at base on time due to weather conditions?

You are fully responsible for being back on time. Don't forget that someone else's holiday depends on you. If you are late returning you must pay a penalty equal to your security deposit plus a fee equal to the daily rate (approx. 20% of weekly rate). Plan your cruise with ample margin for delays and after checking weather forecasts carefully.

I am an advanced sailor but do not know the Med. Do you provide me with all information required to feel safe?

The Mediterranean normally offers pleasant sailing and fairly reliable weather during the high season (June - September). You´ll be always provided with a full briefing at embarkation. In case you don`t feel confident you can hire a skipper for a couple of days.

Can you send me an itinerary and a list with nice restaurants and nightlife-options?

We have several excellent itineraries for Italy, such as our Sardinia Sailing Itinerary and are happy to help out at any time. You will also have the option of discussing your itinerary at the base, as they will have suggestions depending on wind and weather conditions. We always recommend flexibility on the itinerary when sailing.

I want to embark/disembark at a different port. Is this possible?

Most charters embark and disembark at the same base. However many of the charter companies have several bases and allow for a one-way cruise. In this case you can be charged with fees and you might have to disembark one day earlier to provide for the transfer of the yacht back to base.

Do I have to charter weekly or is a long weekend possible as well?

In high season nearly all bareboat charters are weekly charters starting on Saturdays. In low and mid-season you might have the option to book midweek or for a long weekend.

Can you book moorings for us at marinas?

Moorings cannot be booked in advance. The charter company provides you with phone numbers on the boat for you to call or you use the VHF radio.

Italy Yacht Charter Guide

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