LONDON SKY Is The Limit!

It’s a well established fact of the charter market that the Caribbean – and more specifically the BVI are the most popular destinations for winter. Especially Christmas and New Years are booked maybe one year in advance… What’s new is the increasing trend for summer BVI charters: especially families with children from North and South America, choose the Caribbean for their summer holidays: the main reason being the relatively short flights to the BVI and the protected waters. So get your flights book and go sailing in the BVI for an unforgettable trip!

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How To Get to the BVI Paradise!

We are now very nearly into the second month of the year… Christmas and New Year have long gone and at this time of the year, a little sunshine can work wonders for the soul. Perhaps a trip to a tropical island seems far, far away from the monotony of everyday life, but it might just be the medicine you need to re-fuel. How about a charter in the British Virgin Islands this winter? But ‘how do you actually get there?!’ you might be wondering.

Tortola boat charters in the British Virgin Islands
Tortola Island

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Tales of Tortola

The history of the Virgin Islands, and in particular Tortola, is a fascinating and chequered one involving famous explorers, murderous pirates the slave trade and many changes in ownership. Even the origin of its name is up for debate. Many claim that Christopher Columbus, who discovered the archipelago of the Virgin Islands named the island Tortola after the Spanish word for Turtle Dove. The truth is much less romantic. He actually named it Santa Ana and its present name came after the later Dutch settlers named it Ter Tholen, after an island off the Netherlands. The British colonisers, not well known for their grasp of foreign language, changed it to Tortola.

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The 2016 BVI Yacht Show Review!

There’s no doubt that the place to cruise during winter is the Caribbean! Luxury crewed catamarans are definitely the most popular type of vessel for those tropical escapes and the BVI is where almost all the best Caribbean catamarans are based. Our Boatbookings brokers, as they do every year, attended the annual BVI Yacht Show, in Tortola, where 78 stunning crewed catamarans were displayed by their crews.


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