Things to do in Ibiza

Ibiza has gained popularity as the holiday destination for sea, surf and fun. It is suitable for all kinds of people. Whether you are on your honeymoon, or holidaying with your family, or have joined a group of friends for the summer. Ibiza is a great place to visit for all occasions and age groups!

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Image from Ibiza Summer Villas

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A Skipper’s Perspective on Sailing St Lucia!

The Caribbean island of St. Lucia is one of the jewels of the Windward Islands. With its endless banana plantations, picturesque hamlets and stunning harbours it is a constant reminder of an older Caribbean before tourism really took off.


One of our guests, Andy, recently returned from a week of idyllic sailing, and could not wait to share his experience!

When we got off the plane in Vieux Fort, St Lucia, I immediately noticed the wind. At first I was a little concerned; it was strong and as most of my sailing takes place on the Great Lakes in Canada, the Ocean seemed a bit daunting. We immediately departed to the boat in Rodney Bay, which meant that we got to see some of St Lucia before we boarded. It is a truly  beautiful Island with high and low winding roads through rolling banana plantations and old volcanic mountains covered with lush plant life.

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Luxury Shirts for Your Summer Yacht Charter (From Guest Blogger Fraser Strand)


When it comes to this time of year there are few better luxuries in life buddshirtyachtthan setting out on the open water and soaking up the fabulous sailing conditions of your ocean of choice. Perhaps the balmy waters of Fiji where you can settle into a steady 10 knots along its reefs, or the comfortable heat of the Caribbean seas which offer tantalising glimpses of the exotic sea life underneath. Wherever you choose to set sail, it pays to pack well for the occasion and deck out your wardrobe with some suitably luxury apparel.

A good pair of boat shoes and some tanned chinos are a given, but recently I have found myself investing in a wide range of tailored shirts and I haven’t looked back. After a conversation with a good friend of mine (who always looks frustratingly well dressed), I decided to investigate the famous series of traditional tailors in London’s Piccadilly. I was amazed by the range of tailors and menswear boutiques available, each with sophisticated shop fronts that exude historical elegance and invite you in for measurements and luxury apparel. After a while browsing around, I was perhaps most taken with Budd Shirtmakers (pictured below) who welcomed me warmly and began sizing me up before I could think twice.

Following in the sartorial tradition for over 100 years, like many shirtmakers in London, Budd is steeped in history from the ornate glass shop windows to the extensive classical range buddshirtyacht3of materials, designs, and textures that adorn the interior. Surprisingly, they make all of their shirts by hand in their own cutting room above the shop (pictured below), which gives the whole experience a very genuine and timeless feeling. My personal request was to make a shirt with enough room to breathe as I’m sailing, but that didn’t make me look 5 stone overweight and they succeeded with flying colours.

After wearing my shirt a few times, I am converted. I love the feeling of a tailored fit and it looks so much better than before. In fact I have trip planned very soon during which I will be yachting near the South Pacific and can’t wait to christen my new attire on those sunny seas.

In addition to the bespoke “in-store” service, you can also get ready-made shirts from Budd via their new website along with bow ties, cufflinks, handkerchiefs and lots more men’s accessories to really deck out your boating gear on your next luxury yacht charter.

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