How to Have a Greener Family-Friendly Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean this Summer 

A yacht charter offers the perfect opportunity for an unforgettable, family-friendly vacation this summer. At Boatbookings, we understand the importance of quality time together while instilling eco-values from an early age. That’s why our fleet of greener crewed charter catamarans is family-friendly. 

Our child-friendly yachts check every box, from enhanced safety features and ample play space to overflowing toy boxes and chefs catering to all ages. We also go a step further by offering engaging eco-activities and more sustainable practices that will inspire the next generation. 

Here, we have put together some of the ways you can have a greener family-friendly charter in the Mediterranean

Marine Life Education 

While onboard in the Mediterranean this summer, there are plenty of activities to get your children excited about marine life and preserving it. You can start this process by using mobile apps to identify tropical fish, dolphins, turtles, and other creatures you encounter. The crew onboard a crewed charter catamaran can also teach children about marine habitats and how to be responsible visitors to the ocean, following the “no trace” principles. There are lots of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) throughout the region, from Greece and Croatia to the French Riviera and the Italian islands, where you can adhere to the strcit rules and regulations working to protect the habitats.

Beach Clean Ups 

Participating in a beach clean-up during your boat charter is a rewarding experience, perfect for all ages. Collecting litter and debris allows families to directly contribute to protecting the surrounding ecosystems. Initiatives such as these can help families feel empowered knowing they have been part of the solution to protecting our oceans and coastlines. 

Eco-Friendly Water Fun 

Children and adults alike on a crewed charter love the toy box. There are a whole host of greener toys you can play on, contributing to more eco-friendly boating and steering clear of the fuel-guzzling water toys and opting for the greener versions, such as the electric-powered toys or even the human-powered ones such as paddleboarding and kayaking while onboard. While ashore, the crew can also arrange responsible activities contributing to the local economy and supporting environmental and conservation initiatives. 

Better Boating Practices 

Our selection of greener crewed catamarans offers a greener charter experience for you and your family. These boats are a great platform to explain the best practices. The crew can educate everyone about the renewable energy sources being used, such as hybrid electric motors and solar panels. Onboard, you can get invovled in the responsible waste management programs and using the eco-friendly products. 

Book Today! 

If you are interested in a family-friendly boat charter, contact one of the Boatbookings team members to discuss this further. We have a range of greener crewed catamarans with still some available for this summer’s Mediterranean season. Get in touch today! 

Top 6 Tips To Navigate a Responsible Catamaran Charter 

At Boatbookings, our catamaran charters have become increasingly popular. It is more important than ever to be mindful of our environmental impact while enjoying a crewed catamaran charter. 

Catamarans are an excellent choice for a more sustainable charter due to their energy-efficient design and stability. But there is more you can do than simply choosing a catamaran. 

Here, we have put together additional steps to help reduce your impact when on a yacht charter vacation: 

1. Choose Environmentally-Protected Destinations

When planning your charter route, favor areas with robust environmental protections and designated marine parks. These locations will have regulations to preserve coral reefs, marine life, and surrounding waters. Your charter crew can guide you on the best practices for these areas onboard. There are plenty of marine parks in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Southeast Asia working to protect our oceans. 

2. Be Clear on your Preference Sheet 

Before you step foot onboard, you will have a preference sheet. Use this as an opportunity to specify your interests in more sustainable options. Request locally sourced produce, sustainable suppliers, eco-friendly cleaning products, toiletries, and minimal packaging. You can also ask to avoid single-use plastic as much as possible onboard. 

3. Reduce Energy Consumption 

Thanks to their low-drag hulls, catamarans are exceptionally fuel-efficient, but there are many other ways to conserve energy onboard during your vacation. You can easily limit the electricity demands by using outdoor lighting sparingly, turning off lights, only running the air conditioning when necessary, and unplugging devices when not in use. 

4. Respect Marine Life 

Always ensure you adhere to responsible wildlife viewing practices when enjoying a crewed charter catamaran. These practices include keeping your distance and avoiding loud noises or sudden movements. Never feed, touch, or chase any wildlife you encounter on the water. 

5. Eco-Friendly Playtime

Water toys are essential to any yacht charter but can also negatively impact our oceans. Be sure to use the more eco-friendly options. Hydrofoils and electric toys are a great alternative as they do not contribute to air pollution due to the battery-powered operation. There are also plenty of toys that are human-powered and just as fun to explore bays and islands, such as windsurfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. 

6. Offset your Carbon 

While catamarans are already a lower-impact way to charter, you can take it further by offsetting your carbon emissions. With our carbon offset calculator, you can determine your footprint. We use information about the boat and itinerary to predict and measure emissions and then calculate the carbon credits needed to purchase to offset. We ensure it is done correctly through our work with Climate Care, funding UN-approved projects. 

We offer various options for greener charter catamarans. Contact a member of the Boatbookings team today to discuss booking one of these charter catamarans ensuring you have less impact on your next yacht charter vacation.

A Better Boating Industry: Decoding Sustainability Jargon 

The boating industry has been improving its sustainability credentials. However, it is a challenging and confusing landscape to navigate due to the complexity of the topic and solutions and the difficulty in defining and explaining it.

At Boatbookings, we understand there is a lot of jargon to untangle to provide a clearer understanding of the problems, solutions, and steps we can take to help pave a better pathway to the future.

Here, we have outlined some of the terminology related to this topic:


This is a broad and complex topic. It refers to actions, processes, or systems that can be maintained or continued over the longer term without depleting natural resources or causing harm to the environment. Sustainability considers economic, social, and environmental factors. 


When something is referred to as ‘eco-friendly’, this focuses on the products, practices, or lifestyles with minimal environmental impact. The emphasis is on reducing environmental harm, often through environmentally friendly materials, processes, or energy sources. 


When something will eventually decay into smaller and smaller pieces by natural processes, this means that it is biodegradable. 

Carbon footprint

This measures the total amount of greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide, emitted directly or indirectly by an individual, event, organization, or product throughout its lifecycle. The carbon footprint quantifies the impact of human activities on the environment in terms of their contribution to climate change.

Carbon Neutral 

If something is carbon neutral, it means that carbon reduction efforts offset the carbon emissions produced during its life cycle. This can be achieved through reducing carbon emissions followed by carbon credit offsetting. At Boatbookings, we have our carbon calculator to help work this out. 

Net Zero 

This is similar to carbon neutrality, but net zero encompasses all greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, this is often used on a broader scale. Net zero means that the boat, product, or company in focus produces as much greenhouse gas emissions as it removes from the atmosphere. 

Carbon Offsetting 

A process to compensate for the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions created by participating in schemes designed to make equivalent reductions of gases in the atmosphere. Using our carbon emissions calculator can help keep you accountable for your boating activities.

Circular Economy

This economic system is designed to eliminate waste and promote the continual use and recycling of resources to create a closed-loop system. 

While this is not an exhaustive list, we hope you found this helpful! We continue to put the future of the boating industry at the forefront of our commitment. Contact us about one of our greener-crewed charter catamarans today.

Silent Yachts: Is the Future Silent?

Amidst the quest for greener yachting, catamaran builder Silent Yachts has been front and center in providing alternatives. The Austrian-based pioneer has been revolutionizing the luxury catamaran market by introducing electric propulsion systems that power silent and emission-free catamarans – with unlimited range – while enjoying the luxury and comfort of a superyacht.  

Boatbookings supports their vision of creating a new era of sustainable yachting through innovative and self-sufficient yachts and are happy to offer Silent Yachts within our crewed charter catamaran offerings.  We are also thrilled when our clients have zero charges for fuel!

Here are the top reasons to charter a Silent Yacht:

A carbon-free propulsion system 

A compelling feature of Silent Yachts is their reliance on electric propulsion systems. They integrate solar panels and advanced battery technologies to enable the catamarans to navigate silently and without generating emissions. Keeping true to their mission, the Silent Yachts manufacturing process is also powered by clean energy that is generated by solar panels in the production facilities. 

Cruise in silence 

The absence of engine noise and vibrations onboard creates a peaceful atmosphere where you can fully immerse yourselves in the beauty of the ocean. Imagine not being at the mercy of the wind for sailing and yet still being able to hear the lapping waves as you cruise and cross oceans. 

Eco-friendly materials 

Silent Yachts also outfit their boats with eco-friendly materials. They use a range of materials that are not only more sustainable but also have additional beneficial qualities. Examples include flax fibers, which also have great sound-deadening abilities and dampen vibrations, adding to the silent cruising experience. Bamboo and cork are other examples used within the catamaran design of the decks and cabins. 

Nearly limitless cruising range 

The impressive catamarans are equipped with an array of solar panels that can generate and store energy onboard. This allows for an extended cruising range while also covering the hotel loads onboard. The kite sail system also enhances efficiency, as the kite design can fly at higher altitudes and doesn’t shade the panels. The enhanced efficiency of design means you can enjoy the silence longer and the catamarans have true ocean-crossing abilities.

Why wouldn’t you want to charter a Silent Yacht today? You can combine a unique, luxurious, and silent cruising experience while reducing your carbon footprint, joining the green revolution. Contact the Boatbookings team to find out more about a greener crewed charter catamaran with Silent Yachts. 

The Cool Cats: Exciting New Developments in Sustainable Catamaran Design

The catamaran fleet has long been admired for its stability, speed, and versatility with its unique multi-hull design. Today they are also hailed as being more sustainable than the conventional monohull. 

With so many builders in the industry pushing the boundaries on the multi-hull scene, a new wave of sustainable concepts is revolutionizing the industry. 

As soon as these concepts hit the water, we will offer them for charter on Boatbookings – check for them on our crewed charter catamarans.

Design elements: electrification, new materials, energy efficiency 

There are various factors that designers now take into account when launching new catamaran concepts and designs, with sustainability seemingly at the forefront. 

  • Electric propulsion: Transitioning from conventional fuel-powered engines to electric propulsion systems is a significant step in sustainability. Electric motors offer zero-emission operation, minimizing both air and water pollution. In addition to this, there have been advancements in battery technology to increase the range and efficiency. Scroll down to take more of a read on electric yachting in our previous post. 
    Oh, and they don’t stink of noxious fumes when you’re swimming near them!
  • Lightweight and eco-friendly materials: Utilising lightweight and eco-friendly materials reduces the catamaran’s weight and enables enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Flax fiber composites are one such material. Flax is a fibrous plant that for centuries has provided the basis for linen, and can be used instead of glass fiber. It is lighter than glass and requires 2-5 times less energy to produce.
  • Energy-efficiency: Catamaran design is now being optimized for reduced energy consumption. Through smart energy management systems, advanced multi-hull designs to reduce drag, and other factors such as LED lighting and the use of solar panels. 

Cool Cat Examples: 

We already have a range of electric crewed catamarans for you to choose from that are currently on the water, but below are some new concepts that have not yet splashed onto the charter market. We are very excited to see how these catamarans develop.

Alva yachts and their wings 

Alva Yachts has recently announced that the second yacht in its flagship 28-meter Ocean Eco 90 catamaran series has begun construction. The Ocean Eco 90 has a fully electric drive and hydrogen fuel cell. It will be powered by two performance electric motors connected to a 500 kWh battery pack, with power from solar panels. It will also be fitted with Gyro’s Oceanwings wind propulsion system. 

A Hybrid Launch by Rossinavi 

The Italian shipyard unveiled a new catamaran concept in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects, called Oneiric. The 44-meter eco-friendly vessel has solar energy at its core with four modes of operation. The hybrid concept can be fully-electric for day trips and adjusted for multi-day cruises. Its transatlantic range can be 80% electric and in ‘hibernation’ mode to allow it to be self-sufficient when in port. 

Photo courtesy of Van Geest Design

The Domus concept 

At over 40 meters long, this radical concept was designed by Van Geest Design and Rob Doyle Design. The Domus concept claims to be the first truly zero-emissions yacht over 750 gross tonnes. The design is supported by hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogenation, and solar energy. It also boasts an unlimited range. We can’t wait until these designs are the norm. 


Although on a smaller scale, these catamarans are nonetheless impressive. This 100% electric and renewable energy-driven catamaran is being launched this October. With a sleek and futuristic design, Mod X focuses on sustainability and efficiency, incorporating lightweight materials and eco-friendly systems. 

These concepts are only a few of the new designs being announced daily. Highlighting the fact that catamaran design harnesses innovative technologies, materials, and design principles to minimize their environmental impact and carbon emissions without compromising on performance and luxury. Contact the Boatbookings team if you want to be part of leading the change on green chartering today.