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Discover the ultimate guide to a Southeast Asia yacht charter, revealing the top destinations, itineraries and things to do

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Southeast Asia includes some of the most exotic and mysterious countries on earth hence why it lures curious tourists every year. Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma) and the Andaman Islands (India) offer amazing sailing possibilities around the stunning beauty of the Andaman Sea. They boast calm waters and the possibilities of adventure and romance are endless, embark on your South East Asia Yacht Charter and experience a kaleidoscope of experiences at your disposal.

The Gulf of Thailand can be found on the opposite side of the Thai mainland and includes the sailing regions of Koh Samui and Koh Chang. The warm skies vary in unusual colours and you will sight natural and man-made spectacular scenery.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world with over 18,000 islands to explore. There are a few places where you will utilise all of your 5 senses whereas here it will be a daily experience.

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Southeast Asia Yacht Charter

Southeast Asia is a remarkable place to sail and explore by yacht because of its extensive tropical coastlines, exotic destinations, amazing beaches and wide variety of marine life. Southeast Asia offers the Yacht Charterer a variety of cultures, history and locations that is unmatched worldwide.

The advantage of discovering the area by charter yacht allows you to access pockets of unexplored territories, including areas that have been closed to foreign visitors for decades! 

Specific Southeast Asian Charter Destinations

There is a charter destination in Asia to meet virtually every need. We've listed some of the top ones below that ticks all boxes for every holiday desire:

Thailand Yacht Charter

Thailand offers some of the most exotic and beautiful yacht charter destinations in the world. Over 3,000 km of coastline are mixed with gorgeous beaches, amazing rock formations, world-class diving and snorkelling and the genuine smiles of the Thai people. Key charter areas accessible from Thailand include Phuket, the Andaman Islands, Koh Samui, and Koh Chang.

Thailand Charter Guide Thailand Charter Yachts

Singapore Yacht Charter

Singapore is an ideal place for short charters, either day charters around the islands of Singapore and its impressive city skyline, or for extended weekend trips to Malaysia or Bintan, Indonesia. Singapore has been described as a place you can "travel the world without leaving the city" which sums up the diverse and surreal experience you are bound to get.

The business focus of Singapore makes it an ideal location for corporate charters for client entertainment or team-building charters. The Singapore Grand Prix is a recent addition to the charter possibilities in Singapore

Singapore Charter Guide Singapore Charter Yachts

Malaysia Yacht Charter

Twilight in Langkawi Malaysia

Feel like the only people who have ever explored these intriguing waters. The west coast includes the modern facilities of Langkawi, with its archipelago of 99 islands. There are endless activities and fun to be had but your charter should also revolve around food! The fresh and exotic culinary delights of Malaysia awaits you...

Malaysia Charter Guide Malaysia Charter Yachts 

Bali, Indonesia Yacht Charter

The mystical island of Bali offers volcanic scenery, a wonderfully diverse culture, arts, temples plus a well developed western infrastructure including an international airport, luxury hotels and excellent food and nightlife. It is a also the perfect place to start a cruise to some of the more than 17,000 islands of Indonesia, including Lombok, the Komodo National Park, and remote areas of the Banda Sea and the Raja Ampat. Escape reality in the true pleasures of this idyllic island, waterfalls and rivers flow and flower petals are sprayed around, evoking a joyful atmosphere.

Bali Charter Guide Bali Charter Yachts 

Getting to Southeast Asia

In recent years, the number of airlines has dramatically risen, making it easy to reach your charter destinations. The majority of flights coming from the U.S, Europe and Australia will fly into central hubs such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok before you take connecting flights to your main charter destination. 

Most of the established tourist destinations will issue tourist visas on arrival. Some of the newer sailing regions such as Cambodia might require a visa application in advance.

Cost of Living

Southeast Asia is one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world. From provisioning for your yacht trip to eating ashore for lunch and dinner, and shopping for souvenirs for friends and family back home, you will be using pocket change!


There is a range of activities you can take part in as part of your sailing holiday in the region.

Some of the worlds top dive sites are located in Malaysia and Thailand, the surfing in the Andaman Islands and some parts of Indonesia is world class, and fantastic snorkeling can be found in almost every bay and inlet.

Or how about whale watching in Indonesia, or game fishing in the Similan Islands and the Andaman Islands, or a visit to a spa in Thailand? The possibilities are endless.


Don't worry you will not have to brush up on a language before visiting as English is widely spoken and the locals love improving their language skills by engaging in conversation! There are a wide variety of dialects spoken which will add to the cultural experience.

If you want a charter to some of the more remote sailing areas, then you might like to consider hiring a skipper for your yacht. He will not only know the best spots to visit, but will speak English and the appropriate local language.



The climate in the South East Asia region is mainly tropical, with year-round heat hovering around 30°C and varying levels of humidity. The region straddles the equator, and so the seasons north and south of the equator do vary. Typically, there are 2 main seasons. The dry season is hot, dry and sunny, and this is the tourist high season. The opposite season, perhaps wrongly named the wet season, certainly has daily rain showers, but long periods of sunshine often follow the showers.

This leads to all year round sailing weather in places like Thailand. Please refer to each destination page to find more detailed climate information.

Southeast Asian Cuisine

thailand,asia yacht charter,Phuket

Calling all foodies! One of the other great attractions of the region is the cuisine, world-renowned as a feast for the senses with its unique flavors and spices. There are many influences from places such as India and Portugal which add to the spice and heat of the dishes!

As with Chinese cuisine, the aim is to achieve a harmonious balance of textures, temperatures and the four basic flavors; sweet, sour, salty and bitter. 

Our Southeast Asia Charter Yachts

Southeast Asia has something to offer everyone and our Charter Experts have an unrivalled knowledge of both know the region, boats and their Captains. We can find you the ideal charter yacht; be it a luxury motor yacht, crewed catamaran, sailing monohull or bareboat.

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Or simply contact us and we'll recommend the best boat for you for your luxury yacht charter in Asia.

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