The Quieter Caribbean in St Vincent & the Grenadines

Tired of your busy life and want to get away for a while? If you’re looking for a quieter side of the Caribbean where you can escape the hectic every day, then St Vincent and the Grenadines are the ideal islands for you. Located to the south of the chain of islands throughout the Caribbean, the 32 islands are a tropical paradise offering Caribbean nature at its finest, as well as an impressive underwater world and fantastic yachting.

See the relaxing Caribbean lifestyle of St Vincent and the Grenadines

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Grenada – Welcome to the Spice of the Caribbean!

Grenada is one of the most beautiful and lush Islands in the West Indies.  She is an unspoiled gem of the Caribbean known as the Spice Isle for the nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, ginger, vanilla, turmeric and many more other spices that grow abundantly on this endlessly green and serene island. The island is a tranquil oasis that has thankfully avoided much of the over-development that has taken place throughout much of the Caribbean.grenada Continue reading

The Quieter Side of the Caribbean: St Vincent & the Grenadines

Do you want to visit the Caribbean but feel put off by the more commercial and built up island countries? Then St Vincent and the Grenadines is for you! With the likes of jet skis, wave runners and spear fishing banned, the waters around the Grenadines are far quieter than its Caribbean counterparts, which makes this island country an ideal destination for the ultimate relaxation holiday!

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See St Vincent and the Grenadines this Spring!

Picture this: clear skies and seas and few people to share them with. Escape the busy islands of the Caribbean when you take time to explore St Vincent and the Grenadines on your yacht. Boatbookings have a sample St Vincent and the Grenadines itinerary for an 8 day charter, that also allows you to visit Grenada.


Your 8 day charter allows plenty of time for you to explore the less commercial islands of the Caribbean. Splash around in the waters from your yacht’s swim platform and sunbathe on deck. With plenty of sea life to see – think wild turtles – and hikes to reach beautiful views of the surrounding islands and waterfalls, you can appreciate the more natural elements of the islands.


The islands may be quieter and less built up, but that isn’t to say they’re dull and lacking in bars and restaurants. You can head to Basil’s Bar for an exclusive evening dancing under the stars and Dennis’ Hideaway for Caribbean inspired seafood, as well as dining on your yacht.

See the complete St Vincent and the Grenadines itinerary for the full 8 day example of how you can spend your yacht charter, and see a complete guide to charter yachts in St Vincent and the Grenadines.


Celeb Gossip 2014! Start off the New Year with the style of a Celebrity aboard a luxury charter yacht!

Advertising mogul Charles Saatchi and his new partner, fashion guru Trinny Woodall were spied seeing in the New Year aboard a luxury charter yacht worth $25 million in the Caribbean! This celebrity couple, recently embroiled in a scandal with legendary chef Nigella Lawson, were caught sunning it up in the beautiful waters of exotic island Mustique in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Saatchi and Woodall turned down the invitation to Mick Jagger’s elusive New Year’s bash, attended by big names like Kate Moss and Bryan May, for the unrivalled decadence of a luxury yacht charter. Rumour has it that the glamorous couple opted to celebrate on board a 160ft super yacht not unlike the spectacular 188ft Abeking & Rasmussen DIAMOND A below, available for charter in the Caribbean now!

DIAMOND A Cruising

And who wouldn’t want to spend the holiday season aboard a gorgeous, stunning yacht amongst the warm turquoise seas and pristine sandy beaches of the Caribbean – it is simply too alluring to be ignored! We at Boatbookings offer a spectacular range of luxurious motor and sailing yachts for charter in the Caribbean alongside expert advise on boat choice, locations and itineraries to ensure your charter vacation is truly unforgettable!

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