Take the Plunge in Top Diving Destinations

How better to enjoy the most sought after places to dive around the world than on a private yacht charter? Diving is an immensely popular activity on a charter as you have experienced divers for crew, top notch equipment and some of the most jaw-dropping diving destinations available. Get the best of both worlds being on top of the water on your luxury yacht, as well as exploring the depths below! See which three diving destinations are amongst our guests’ favourites…GalleryImage_1559_3111_53a8e2 Continue reading

The Similan Islands – The Best Diving in Thailand

Not just the best diiving in Thailand, but regularly voted among the top 10 dives sites in the world, the Similans are a north south group of 9 islands northwest of Phuket, and a must-see part of your yacht charter Thailand.

Declared a National Park in 1982, the area provides some of the most striking underwater landscapes in Asia. Huge granite builders go down to the ocean floor, creating an underwater playground for divers, surrounded by crystal clear waters and a huge variety of corals and fish.

photo credit from Similan islands

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Similan Islands; a Snorkeler’s Paradise and a Perfect Yacht Chartering Destination

ASIA in the Andaman SeaThe final part to the top snorkeling destinations blog; brings us to the Similan Islands off the coast of Thailand, a truly remarkable chartering destination. Similan translates as the number 9 in the local Yawi (Thai) dialect. The Similan Islands are a collection of 9 islands scattered 70 kilometers off the coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. They are often described as paradise, thanks to their idyllic and secluded location, engulfing turquoise seas and rich marine life. The Thai government declared the group of islands a national park in 1982 and are kept in pristine condition all year round.

The vast and impressive array of marine life that can be spotted in the shallow and clear shores along the Similan coastline snorkelingis truly breathtaking. Marvel at the black tip, white tip and leopard sharks gliding elegantly through the clear waters. Admire the colorful trigger and unicorn fish darting in and out of the sprawling coral reef. The variation of table and stag horn coral host an amazing selection of crustaceans, sea horses and conger eels. If you’re lucky, try and catch sight of the magnificent manta rays that occasionally visit these inviting shores.

The whole archipelago is generally off limits to tourists as a result of the monsoon season from the latter part of May until the end of November. We recommend visiting the national park during the drier months of December to April when the winds are gentle, waters are calm and the tourists are few.

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