Thailand remains one of our top charter destinations. Find out why from our regional expert Kevin expert in South East AsiaKevin has given us an update on the situation in Thailand, read on to find out why Thailand is still a safe and breathtaking charter destination.


Kevin has lived in South East Asia for 12 years now, and has visited Thailand countless times over the years. Thailand is the country that he never tires of visiting. In particular the great scenery and food, happy, smiling people, nice beaches, good water sports are what makes it a special place. It really does have everything as a holiday destination, both sailing and non-sailing according to Kevin.

In light of recent events Kevin has spoken to many personal friends and Boatbookings suppliers and yacht owners over the last couple of weeks, to try to get a sense of what might happen going forward. Many of those people have lived in Thailand for many years, and have lived there through previous periods of instability.


Kevin points out that a coup or martial law in Thailand, is not the same as it would be in many other countries. It is more like a change of government, and most prople just get on with their daily lives. He notes that you can see a few soldiers on the streets of Bangkok, but in the tourist destinations you would not know anything out of the ordinary was going on.

 From a tourist’s perspective, here are a few comments Kevin has received:

Tourism is rarely affected by these types of events. The exception to that was the airport closure in 2010, and no-one believes that will be allowed to happen again.

Government advisory announcements are always excessive. They have to be. Most government advisory notices over the last 6 months have said “don’t go to the protest sites”, rather than, “don’t go to Thailand”.

Airports, taxis, hotels, shopping malls, and tourism related services are all operating as normal.

The overnight curfew that was announced 2 weeks ago has been lifted in all sailing destinations, including Phuket, Koh Chang and Pattaya.

Yacht charter guests arriving as normal and sailing as normal.

 In short, come and enjoy Thailand and enquire today!

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For further reading:

You can see regular updates from the Tourism Authority of Thailand on their website:

An open letter written by highly respected US born entrepreneur in Thailand:


Best in show – the Lagoon 39!

As we travel back to Cannes and reflect on what we saw and learnt from the Paris Boat Show, one yacht still stands out, the Lagoon 39. Lagoons have quickly become the most popular catamarans to charter and after being on board one of their latest models; it’s easy to understand why.

The perfectly proportioned Lagoon 39

Lagoons are designed with the needs of families in mind. They’re designed to be spacious, practical, stable but luxurious, exactly what the majority of our clients are looking for.At over 6ft Charles from the team usually dreads being on board catamarans and sailing yachts for fear of continually banging his head on low ceilings and door frames, on the Lagoon 39 he didn’t have to bend down once!

Plentiful head room in the spacious saloon.

The vertical saloon windows ensure that even tall charter guests like Charles can stand up straight and enjoy the view; the story is the same in the cabins and bathrooms. Full height showers, self-contained thanks to stylish sliding glass doors mean that the bathroom can be kept dry. This particular Lagoon was an owner’s version with a whole hull given over to the owner’s accommodation. A large cabin and double bed, small study area with desk and couch as well as a large bathroom mean mum and dad will have plenty of space and privacy. There are two further double guest cabins sharing a spacious shower room, great for kids or couples.

Extensive and comfortable owner's cabin.

Outside there is a spacious aft deck dining area with seating for 6-8 comfortably, the open plan nature of the main saloon and galley mean that whoever is on cooking duty can still join in the fun and conversation with those outside.

Plenty of space to socialise on the aft deck with friends and family.

We have a considerable fleet of Lagoon catamarans located all over the world. Catamaran charters are particularly popular in the Caribbean, but they are also a fantastic and relaxing way to see the Mediterranean, or Asia for that matter!

No sailing experience, no problem! We have many Lagoons and other catamarans available with skippers or full crews who will look after you and your guests and ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime.

Sail off into the sunset on your catamaran charter with

Enquire with one of our experts today and we will get you on the best boat, that suits your needs at the best price for the best experience possible!

Rare Sailing Opportunity aboard Awesome ASIA!

She is a beautiful, majestic vessel, chartering the less-explored waters of Southeast Asia and is now available for exclusive charter in January 2014! ASIA, brand new as of 2009 and an impressive 100ft, is a crewed luxury sailing yacht combining the elegance of a classic boat and the high-performance sailing capabilities of a modern vessel! Her billowing sails and her towering mast create a stunning silhouette against the exotic lands of Myanmar and the Andaman Islands.

Sailing Yacht ASIA

For up to 10 guests, ASIA offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the splendour of Myanmar and the Andaman Islands in über luxury in the confidence that you are sure to be sailing the most superior of yachts on these waters!

To see a complete description of this exquisite sailing yacht, visit ASIA or contact our broker team here for more information on sailing yachts for hire!

Similan Islands; a Snorkeler’s Paradise and a Perfect Yacht Chartering Destination

ASIA in the Andaman SeaThe final part to the top snorkeling destinations blog; brings us to the Similan Islands off the coast of Thailand, a truly remarkable chartering destination. Similan translates as the number 9 in the local Yawi (Thai) dialect. The Similan Islands are a collection of 9 islands scattered 70 kilometers off the coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. They are often described as paradise, thanks to their idyllic and secluded location, engulfing turquoise seas and rich marine life. The Thai government declared the group of islands a national park in 1982 and are kept in pristine condition all year round.

The vast and impressive array of marine life that can be spotted in the shallow and clear shores along the Similan coastline snorkelingis truly breathtaking. Marvel at the black tip, white tip and leopard sharks gliding elegantly through the clear waters. Admire the colorful trigger and unicorn fish darting in and out of the sprawling coral reef. The variation of table and stag horn coral host an amazing selection of crustaceans, sea horses and conger eels. If you’re lucky, try and catch sight of the magnificent manta rays that occasionally visit these inviting shores.

The whole archipelago is generally off limits to tourists as a result of the monsoon season from the latter part of May until the end of November. We recommend visiting the national park during the drier months of December to April when the winds are gentle, waters are calm and the tourists are few.

ASIA luxury yacht charterASIA is a 100ft luxury sailing yacht based in Southeast Asia. She boasts 5 well-designed cabins, suitable for 10 guests. The very spacious cockpit is lavishly furnished with teak decking and plush leather couches. The twin dining tables at the rear of this luxury yacht provide the perfect setting for light alfresco lunches or sunset cocktails. The on board PC and fully functioning internet connection is ideal for travelers who want to stay in touch with the outside world. Each cabin has been fitted with state of the art entertainment systems, air conditioning and en suite facilities. Experience the ultimate in luxury.

At, we are here to help you plan your perfect luxury yachting holiday. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are extremely knowledgeable in their destinations and will be able to help you bring together the yacht, the crew and all the other aspects that make your charter special.

Late Christmas and New Years Eve Charter in Phuket!

We’ve just caught wind of a special sailboat offer on S/Y ASIA, a fantastic crewed yacht available in the Far East. In 5 sumptuous cabins, she provides accommodation for up to 10 guests. She is available throughout Phuket (Thailand), Langkawi (Malaysia), Mergui Archipelago (Myanmar) and the Andaman Islands (India). She has an all inclusive charter rate of €4,700 per day, excluding alcohol and diving costs.








She is currently available throughout Christmas and New Years and would love to accept your charter enquiries.

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