Thinking of Chartering in Greece this Summer? See our new Greek Island Destination Guides to the key Islands

Screen-Shot-2014-05-15-at-3.50.04-PMOn a recent charter to the Cyclades and Saronic Islands in Greece (see our charter itinerary), we realized that there is very little information about many of the key islands that is geared for someone visiting by boat.

We’ve begun to change that, by creating our Greek Island Visitors Guide Series, with the first 9 already researched, edited and released.

So next time you’re in the beautiful Greek Islands and want to know the key ports, what to see, best beaches, etc, then click on one of these guides to help you plan your time. We have even included maps with all the key points marked (it’s amazing how many guides describe great beaches, but give you no way to figure out where there are!)

The guides so far are:

We hope you find these guides helpful, and please don’t hesitate to let us know if we’ve missed an amazing cove to anchor in, a splendid sandy beach, or a spot that can’t be missed. We’ll be happy to add it to the map.

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