Chartering for a Yacht Rally

Starting line at a Yacht RallyA yacht rally is a sailing event where a group of similar yachts race multiple point-to-point races over the course of several days.  The purpose of a rally is not purely to race, but to enjoy sailing and immerse the participants in the culture and history of one of the world’s great sailing areas.

One nice aspect of a rally is that the logistics are set up for you so all you need to do is show up and enjoy.  Each race, with up to 10 identical yachts, are run by a committee boat who plots the course and manages the race.  There are normally plenty of “lay days” for relaxation or sightseeing, and even the entertainment and  awards ceremonies are planned for you!

Rallies are great way to meet other sailors, both novice and expert, learn more about sailing, and experience the culture and history of the area where the rally takes place. The competition is not extreme – just enough to get your adrenaline flowing.

We have rallies in many amazing regions of the world including Sydney Austrailia, Phuket/Langkawi, Tonga, the Caribbean (Antigua, St Kitts, etc), the Aegean Sea (Greece and Turkey), the Amalfi Coast, Croatia and Corsica/Sardinia.  Many are coming up this Fall and Winter. Click here read more about Rally Yacht Charter and find out dates and itineraries for the individual rallies.  We’re sure you’ll agree that rallies are great ways to sail!

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