How To Inspire the Next Generation of Boaters to Protect Our Oceans

When it comes to saving our oceans and helping the boating industry become more sustainable, we must look not only to solutions but also to the next generation to help promote and action positive change. This element of collective responsibility is what we at Boatbookings believe is vital. We must inspire and empower the next generation of boaters to become advocates for the future of our oceans. 

Why Are the Oceans Vital?

Before we can inspire the next generation, why are we doing so? The oceans are not just simply large expanses of water; they cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface. Not only do they regulate our climate, they generate the oxygen we breathe, provide a livelihood for millions, and play host to a diverse array of marine life. The well-being of our oceans is directly linked to our own. They also make a fantastic playground for our crewed charter catamarans at Boatbookings!

So, how do we promote and inspire change?

Education & Awareness

The next generation has grown up learning about climate change, and this education is so important in their understanding of the impact of various issues our population is having. With increased education and awareness surrounding ocean conservation, the next generation will appreciate the urgency of the need for change. 

Use of Technology 

In our digital world, the next generation harnesses technology in everything they do, which is why it is an essential tool for inspiring them. Platforms such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and online platforms can bring the issues to life, making learning more immersive. Sharing this information via social media platforms can help foster a collaborative and interconnected approach to ocean conservation. Digital tools can also help facilitate real-time monitoring of environmental changes. 

Encourage Better Practices

Teaching better practices from a young age is essential in ingraining a culture of sustainability. Introducing eco-friendly habits, such as responsible fishing and reducing single-use plastics onboard, can help shape a more environmentally conscious population. 

Get Them Involved 

Whether it be beach cleans, marine life surveys, or other conservation projects worldwide, there are various ways to actively get younger boaters involved in protecting the oceans. Not only will this help the next generation see where change is needed most, but they will also contribute to ongoing research and conservation efforts. 

Inspiring this next generation of boaters is about preserving the oceans for the future and cultivating a mindset of responsibility. By combining education, technology, sustainable practices, and active involvement, we can all empower younger boaters to be the driving force behind positive change, ensuring the health of our oceans. Contact the Boatbookings team to discuss our greener luxury yacht charter options available worldwide and year-round. 

British Virgin Islands 2024 Charter Report – What’s new in the BVI?

We recently toured the BVI to see what had changed for 2024 and what had remained timelessly and thankfully the same!

Timeless BVI – What hasn’t changed?

The good news – almost everything that makes the BVI the world’s most special charter destination is timeless and unchanged. We’ve been going to the BVI for over 30 years, and all the things we love – the gorgeous islands, pristine beaches, the snorkeling, the beach bars and restaurants, the amazing sunsets, all bring the same wonder and beauty as they have for decades.

A charter that starts in the Bight on Norman Island, passes through the Indians, the Caves, the Wreck of the Rhone, the Baths, Virgin Gorda’s North Sound, Anegada, Sandy Spit, and the beaches of Jost Van Dyke is still as amazing as ever. When we first bareboated in 1992, we visited Willy T’s, the Pirates, The Bitter End, Foxy’s, and the Soggy Dollar Bar, and, while they all were renewed after Irma’s destruction, we were thrilled to enjoy each one again in this year!

What’s New?

WINDWARD – Bali 5.4 Catamaran

It’s a cat’s world, we’re just sailing in it. The most obvious change in the BVI chartering world is the size and type of yachts. While there are still plenty of monohull bareboats sailing the waters, the BVI is now a catamaran world. And the catamarans have become so much larger and more luxurious! Another change: whereas there are still plenty of Lagoon cats around, Bali catamarans are literally everywhere. Charterers are drawn to their walk-through salon that goes directly to the large foredeck, and their high-quality fit and finish.

We were lucky enough to spend a week aboard WINDWARD, with the delightful Aussie Crew of Jon and Tracy. The salon, kitchen, cabins, and decks were all spacious, comfortable, and impeccably cared for. Consider a Bali catamaran for your next BVI (or anywhere) charter, you’ll be impressed.

Power to the People. Not only have the catamarans become the predominant type of yacht, and much larger than 10 years ago, powercats are everywhere as well. Charterers choose these for their excellent comfort and fuel efficiency, without needing to hoist sails. Five years ago a powercat would be an anomaly, today they can be found at every anchorage.

SOL – Sunreef 80 Eco Power Catamaran

The e-revolution is coming. Dropping in on our friends at Voyage Charters in Sopers Hole, we saw their take on the future of catamaran electrification. I think we can all agree that diesel generators are the most annoying part of sailing yachts – their noise, pollution, and smell are completely incongruous with the fundamental concept of sailing, yet every yacht currently needs one (or two) generators to power the aircon and amenities such as hair dryers. Diesel motors are also noisy and belch smoke when there is insufficient wind to power the boat.

Voyage has redefined this with their new series of electric catamarans such as the Voyage 480 Electric. The diesel motors have been replaced with virtually silent electric engines driven by batteries that can be recharged by solar panels, plugged in ashore, or by onboard generators. Generators are only used when the batteries are below 20% charge, meaning that you will not always need to hear the generator when you’re sleeping, even if you have the aircon on.

We also saw the impressive SOL Sunreef 80 Eco electric power catamaran. She’s gorgeous and virtually silent, with an electric drive train and solar skin. While she also, at times, resorts to backup generators, much of the time cruising and sleeping on SOL is virtually silent.

We expect to see much more of this in the future, as climate-conscious charters are demanding more sustainable options, and hope that soon all sailing yachts will be powered either by the wind or quiet electric motors.

Other Updates and Useful Information

Not crowded over Xmas. We arrived in the BVI on the 19th and finished on the 27th. Surprisingly, it did not seem crowded – the big crowds appear to come after Christmas. We also had no Christmas Winds, making it highly enjoyable to be there, although we sailed less than expected.

Amazing Sunsets on Anegada. It never seems to fail – we’ve been to Anegada countless times, and we’ve always had stunning, nearly hour-long, sunsets. This held true this year. Maybe it’s because of Tortola and JVD off in the distance that creates a weather pattern ideal for sunsets, but Anegada seldom disappoints!

The Top 4 Greener Luxury Yachts To Charter in 2024

Chartering luxury yachts no longer requires compromising eco-conscious values for luxury. At Boatbookings, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of greener, crewed catamaran charters in various locations, suiting varying needs. 

As the world and the boating industry set their sights on creating a more sustainable future, looking at greener ways of exploring our oceans is vital. From harnessing greener propulsion and integrating eco-conscious materials to offering less fuel-guzzling activities, plenty of luxury yachts are out there championing a greener vacation. 

Here are our favorite greener crewed catamarans for charter in 2024: 

1. Sol 

This Sunreef 80 was new on the luxury yacht charter market last year, and we are excited to be offering her for this season in the Caribbean. Whether you want to cruise the BVIs, USVIs, or The Bahamas, you can do so on this Sunreef Eco 80 while ensuring you have a minimal impact on our oceans. She can accommodate up to 8 guests and offers a range of eco-conscious and wellness activities such as yoga, paddle boarding, and many other toys. Sol is powered by an electric propulsion system and the integrated Sunreef solar paneling technology. She is also furnished with eco-friendly materials. Contact the Boatbookings team today to enjoy a greener luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean onboard Sol. 

2. Silent Dream

Aptly named after catamaran builder Silent Yachts, Silent Dream is a 60 fully electric-powered catamaran accommodating up to 6 guests. She cruises silently, resulting in zero emissions with her battery banks and solar panels. Silent Dream has an extensive range of eco-conscious water toys, from snorkeling to kayaking and paddleboarding. Why not hop aboard her in Sardinia this summer? Contact the Boatbookings team today to enjoy a greener luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean onboard Silent Dream. 

3. Tiril 

Another yacht from the Sunreef Eco line, but this time slightly smaller. Tiril, Sunreef 50, is perfect for those wanting to get off the beaten track while maintaining a lighter carbon footprint. She is fitted with the Sunreef solar panels. Available to charter throughout the Pacific islands, Tiril will also keep you cool in these tropical locations as she boasts a revolutionary air conditioning system that is energy efficient. Contact the Boatbookings team today to enjoy a greener luxury yacht charter in the Pacific onboard Tiril. 

4. Nemo

This Nautitech 47 greener crewed catamaran can accommodate up to 10 guests and is perfect for sailing around the BVIs. She runs on practically 100% sustainable energy with her two wind turbines and solar panels. Enjoy some alfresco dining of fresh seafood on the aft deck with the onboard BBQ. Contact the Boatbookings team today to enjoy a greener luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean onboard Nemo. 

These greener crewed charter catamarans are just a small selection of what we offer at Boatbookings for 2024. Whether you want to charter in the Caribbean, the South Pacific, or the Mediterranean, we have the perfect option for you to ensure you minimize your carbon footprint and impact on our oceans. Contact the Boatbookings team to enjoy a New Year full of responsible luxury yacht charters. 

10 Things You Can Do This New Year To Help Protect Our Oceans

The dawn of the New Year is the perfect time to think about what changes we can make to improve the boating industry and our oceans in 2024. At Boatbookings, we wholeheartedly support sustainable initiatives and greener chartering to improve the future and protect the oceans and marine environments. 

Here are some of the ways you can help reduce your impact and contribute to a healthier future for our seas in 2024 and beyond: 

1. Reduce Single-Use Plastics 

It’s an age-old problem, but it’s still a problem. A truck full of plastic is dumped into our oceans every minute. While steps have been taken to combat the issue, it is still a huge issue, and there are various ways to reduce and eliminate using single-use plastics. Many countries have also stepped up to ban single-use plastics. 

2. Participate in Cleanups

Worldwide, there are plenty of initiatives that you can join or even organize, coastal cleanups in your community to address ocean pollution and trash directly. Document the types of waste you collect to help contribute to valuable research data and policy initiatives. 

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

Opt for energy-efficient appliances and support renewable energy sources and advice for policies that address climate change. At Boatbookings, we use our carbon emissions calculator to measure emissions and offset. 

4. Educate Yourself

Stay informed about ocean-related issues, such as coral bleaching, acidification, and biodiversity loss. Sharing your knowledge with friends, family, and social media platforms can help raise awareness. 

5. Minimize Chemical Usage 

Our products ultimately end up in the ocean, so we must consider what we are using and choose eco-friendly cleaning products that prevent harmful chemicals from entering marine environments. 

6. Support Sustainable Seafood 

Overfishing is a serious threat to our oceans. To help combat this, be informed about your seafood choices using tools like the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). 

7. Be An Ocean Ambassador 

This New Year, why not contribute to marine conservation research? There are various citizen marine science projects to get involved in; one organization facilitating this is the International SeaKeepers.

8. Support Ocean-Friendly Businesses 

Plenty of businesses and brands prioritize sustainable and ocean-friendly practices. Whether directly helping solve problems through innovative solutions or donating profits to marine conservation, supporting these brands will help protect our oceans. 

9. Use Reef-Safe Products 

A lot of suncreams and toiletry products we use are causing harm to our marine environments. When you are on your next crewed charter catamaran, use reef-friendly sunscreens. A lot of ingredients in sunscreens are toxic to aquatic life and coral reefs. Plenty of brands now produce suncream without these ingredients, so you can dive into the Caribbean on vacation without causing damage. 

10. Take Greener Vacations

Responsible boating is fundamental to the health of our oceans; at Boatbookings, we offer greener crewed charter catamarans to help minimize your impact when going on a luxury yacht charter. 

No matter how small, every positive action and change you make in the New Year will contribute to the larger effort of saving our oceans. We can move toward a more sustainable boating industry by collectively adopting these changes. Contact one of the team at Boatbookings to discuss your 2024 greener crewed charter catamaran vacation.

A Caribbean Charter: Embrace Eco-Friendly Activities in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of our favorite destinations for a crewed catamaran charter. But we need to become increasingly conscious of our impact as we travel, so engaging in more eco-friendly activities on vacation is one way to do so.

Our team at Boatbookings has been visiting the Caribbean for years and, unfortunately, is seeing increasing negative impacts on the islands. We want you and future generations to enjoy this paradise, and we need to preserve our planet and oceans. 

So, here are some ways you can enjoy the Caribbean with less of an impact: 

Snorkel in Marine Reserves

One of the best ways to appreciate the Caribbean’s underwater wonders is by snorkeling. There are so many designated marine reserves, like the Tobago Cays Marine Park in St Vincent and the Grenadines, that ensure that these ecosystems continue to be protected. When exploring the underwater world in these regulated parks, refrain from touching or disturbing any marine life and wear reef-friendly suncream to minimize your impact further.

Responsible Wildlife Encounters 

The Caribbean is home to unique and diverse wildlife throughout the islands, from sea turtles nesting on the beaches to exotic birds in the forests. Choose wildlife excursions that adhere to ethical practices, ensuring minimal disturbance to the animals and their habitats. Various islands offer opportunities to witness sea turtle conservation efforts; check out the Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network to learn more. 

Community-Based Tourism 

While you are on your crewed charter catamaran, you can engage with local communities in plenty of ways. Contact us to learn about the community-based tourism initiatives in the area you will be cruising. These experiences offer authentic insights into Caribbean culture while directly benefitting local economies. There are plenty of activities that foster a connection with the community and contribute to sustainable development. 

Conservation Projects 

Take part in organized beach cleanups or conservation projects that aim to protect the coastal ecosystems. Many organizations in the Caribbean regularly host community events focused on protecting the coastal and marine environments. If you are chartering in the Bahamas, you can learn about the importance of coral reefs. The Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation offers various programs and expert-led snorkeling tours, and you can even adopt your own coral fragment! 

Fish Sustainably 

One particular threat to the Caribbean’s natural balance is the lionfish, an invasive species from the Pacific Ocean. There are various initiatives across the islands to try to control the population. In St Lucia, you can participate in educational lionfish diving and fishing excursions. 

Local Hiking Tours 

You can enjoy guided hiking tours with local tour operators within the lush rainforests that cover the islands. These give you an insight into the incredible environments and local cultures. The Wallings Nature Reserve in Antigua is managed by women from the nearby village of John Hughes, and they led various solo and guided hiking tours, highlighting local flora and species; all fees support the reserve. 

By choosing more eco-friendly activities and supporting sustainable initiatives, generations to come will also be able to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean. Contact one of the Boatbookings team today to chat about your next greener crewed charter catamaran vacation in the Caribbean. And leave only footprints!