Turkey Yacht Charter Planning Guides

Charter a yacht or gulet in the inviting charter regions of Turkey.

Turkey Yacht Charter Guide
  About Turkey | Chartering a Yacht in Turkey | Gulet Charter and Blue Cruises | Bareboat and Flotilla Charter | Key Charter Destinations | Climate | Cuisine | Our Charter Yachts If you are looking for an off-th...  [Read on] There are 3 additional articles in this category.
Turkey Gulet Charters and Blue Cruises
What is a Gulet? | About Turkish Blue Cruises | Places to See, Things to do | Itineraries | Our Turkish Gulets One of our most popular crewed yacht charters in the Aegean Sea "Blue Cruise" in South Western Turkey ...  [Read on]
Marmaris, Turkey Overview, Gulets, and Luxury Yacht Charter
  Marmaris is an extremely popular Turkish yacht charter destination, approximately one hour by car from Dalaman airport. Set against a backdrop of pine-clad hills, Marmaris combines natural beauty with an asto...  [Read on]
Istanbul and Bosporus Charter Yachts and Gulets
Istanbul has served as a bridge between the continents of Asia and Europe since it was Constantinople in Ancient Greek times. It is one of the best cities in the world to see the harmony of modernism and tradition both...  [Read on]
Gocek, Turkey Overview, Gulets and Luxury Charter Yachts
Gocek has long been a popular destination for both Turkish and foreign yachties, as well as a favorite port of call for international celebrities and jet-setters. This gorgeous village is only 20 minutes by car from...  [Read on]
Antalya, Turkey Yacht Charter Overview
Antalya, Turkey's principal holiday resort in the Mediterranean region, ancient Pamphylia, is known as the 'Turkish Riviera' due to its gorgeous setting, as well as countless historic, archaeological and natural attrac...  [Read on]
Fethiye, Turkey Gulets and Charter Yachts
Fethiye is a key port in the famous Blue Cruise region of Turkey. Fethiye is 135 km southwest of Marmaris and has an outstanding and busy marina. It is one of Turkey’s most popular yacht charter destinations, especi...  [Read on]
Turkey 7 day Sailing itinerary in the Gulf of Gokova - Bodrum
Gulet under sail The Gulf of Gokova is where the Turkish concept of the blue cruise or voyage originated. In this spectacular gulf, numerous small secluded bays offer perfect anchorages, sheltered against the wind...  [Read on]
Bodrum, Turkey Best Charter Yachts and Gulets
Bodrum is the center of the Turkish Gulet and Blue Cruise area, a very popular starting place for sailing charters in the Aegean Sea. It was called Halicarnassus in Ancient Greek times and was the site of the Mausole...  [Read on]
Turkey 14 Day Sailing and Gulet Itinerary: Marmaris-Gocek
This unforgettable itinerary will give you a deep appreciation for all that is fantastic about sailing the Aegean Sea and Turkish Blue Cruises. You will experience the history, food, beaches, sights, friendly locals,...  [Read on]

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