The Best Event Charter Yacht in the World!


When chartering a Super Yacht, there are very few limitations. You will experience the most spectacular corners of the world in unrivalled surroundings, with everything that you could ever dream of, plus much more! But what happens when you’re celebrating that extra special birthday, anniversary or event and you want to invite the whole family, friends and have more than 12 guests? Welcome RM ELEGANT. Continue reading

Explore the Greek Islands Onboard Xtreme!

The Greek islands are awaiting you for next summer, time for your yacht rent Greece is full of mesmerising islands such as Mykonos, Santorini and Milos. Depending on the type of holiday you are looking for each island serves a different purpose. Whether you want to party the night away, explore quaint fisherman towns or choose a beach and anchor yourself to it, we know an island for each of these desires!

Stunning Santorini
Stunning Santorini

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