The Future Mediterranean Metropolis of Yachting

Centred around innovative technology and preservation, the rejuvenation of the Port Vauban in Antibes aims to deliver security for both customers and local business while being ecologically responsible and respectful of cultural heritage. Rich in historical architecture and culture, linking the area’s heritage to this futuristic port project will also be key in the integration of town and marina.

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Luxury Travel Essentials

Feeling blue this winter? Check out these new luxury trends available this season, then jet off to a holiday of your choice. This weeks blog entails an intriguing collaboration between an audio and shoe company…a watch that makes people roll their eyes at the iwatch and an ice bucket that requires no ice. These are the ideal mix of pieces to ensure your trip is filled with luxury and excitement, whether you’re off to an event in the French Riviera or chasing the sun in the Caribbean.suitcase Continue reading

Digital Disruption in the Yachting Industry

Super yachts meet supercars as Aston Martin and Quintessence yachts collaborate to create the connection between the yachting and sports car world. Imagine cruising the French Riviera on this metallic and striking 11m AM37, or speeding along the stunning Amalfi Coast. Aston Martin is a luxury and renowned brand, and now a work of art has been produced for the sea with the highest tech and innovation. She made her debut at the MYS, and was quoted to change the “status quo of the nautical world’. With the style of a Riva and stability of a catamaran this is the yacht people are talking

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New “Yacht Compare” Feature now on

It’s common during the process of chartering a yacht to want to do a side by side comparison of several yachts to make sure you know the basic specifications of the yachts (cabins, length, beam, heads, etc.) and their amenities, such as which ones have air conditioning, scuba gear or internet.  We have a great new feature where you can now select the yachts you’re most interested in chartering, view all of their features side by side, and then send brochures or make enquiries on all of them. It’s a called “My Yachts” and is simple to use on the site – just click on “Add to My Yachts” when you’re viewing a boat, and it will show up in the left navigation bar so you can easily find it.

We love technology when it makes yacht charter easier!

Yacht compare