Superyacht of the week: AQUA

It has been speculated that Bill Gates, the American billionaire, has commissioned a hydrogen-powered superyacht that debuted at the Monaco yacht show in 2019. It has now been reported that Bill Gates, did not, in fact, commission this green-going superyacht and still remains available for investors.

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Is the future going Green?

We have seen a trend in recent times towards electric and hybrid cars. Yachts are most definitely next in line to follow suit. We have even seen prototypes of electric planes starting (Read more about them here) so it’s about time we see some electric/hybrid boats on the market.

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But what about this hydrogen-powered yacht?

Sinot has just released a statement that it was not Bill Gates who ordered the yachts commission. The yacht is still considered in its concept stage and therefore has not been produced for mainstream charter, although they welcome investors who “share the same vision”.

About the yacht


It is hard to look past the prowess of this superyacht. Her flowing lines are reported to be inspired by ocean swells which is a salute to nature in its self. Her distinctive bow sets her apart from any other superyacht which is currently on the market. Not to mention her free-flowing aft deck space which features a waterfall!

Set over 5, meticulously appointed decks, AQUA is the definition of design ingenuity. From her furnishings to her engines, no part of AQUA has been overlooked or rushed. She utilizes space from her bow to her aft deck which descends into the water with nothing but elegance.

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It’s all happening at the aft

Aft deck spaces on AQUA

Probably one of our most favourite features on this yacht is her 2 deck aft space. AQUA’s top sun deck is partially shaded, with tables and a bar, you just cannot help but imagine yourself sipping on cocktails while marvelling at the French Riviera, or some other sought after cruising area.

On the deck below, you have what can only be described as heaven on earth. Her infinite-type pool cascades down and transforms into a water feature style waterfall. Step elegantly down the innovative series of steps down to the large sunbathing deck which allows guests sea-level access to the sea.

It doesn’t stop there… how about an onboard spa?

Sinots incredible engineering and design does not stop when you go below decks. Step through into a different world, a world of tranquil and peace. Wash away your day to day stresses as you immerse yourself in the onboard spa, complete with a massage room, and gymnasium.

Water is a natural healer, so it only makes sense that AQUA has a hydro-massage room which is exclusive to AQUA and discovered by the Romans. Massages administered by soothing, pressurized jets offer a relaxing, healing method that heals alleviate muscle and tissue damage.

The Masters Pavillion…

Worlds cannot do this justice, so here’s a glimpse of what to expect…

AQUA is not currently available to the charter market as she is still in her final stages of design. If there are features that you are particularly interested in, speak to one of our brokers so we are able to review yachts with similar characteristics so you too can enjoy the cruising world in luxury!

4 Ways to Go Greener While Sailing

Often, a yacht charter vacation is an opportunity to be out on the water and getting back to nature. Therefore, many look for ways to be more environmentally friendly while enjoying a blissful getaway in locations such as the French Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Greece or the Caribbean. Whether you are chartering for the first time or are a seasoned charterer, it’s never too late to make changes to be more environmentally friendly on board

Waste Management

Responsible waste disposal and recycling are incredibly important onboard your yacht charter, especially when trash and garbage can quickly end up in the ocean, either by accident or as a result of careless behavior onboard. Keep all garbage and items to be recycled secured somewhere on the boat until you can permanently and properly dispose of them onshore. This way, you can enjoy your charter by swimming with nature, not with garbage.

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Reduced Plastics

Many catamarans in the BVI and elsewhere in the world are now employing the use of reusable water bottles. Try to stock your boat with a few plastic products as possible. If you are chartering without a crew, purchase water in larger containers and then refill reusable bottles or glasses as needed. Having less plastic bottles and cups on board will not only benefit the environment, but it will also minimise unwanted clutter.

Eco-Friendly Products

Many are not aware that all on board fluids flow directly into the ocean. Therefore, opting for EPA-approved household products has a significant impact on the environment. There are many eco-friendly product options available, so all you have to do is read the labels and look for soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and other common cleaning solutions made with natural ingredients. If you want to contribute to ocean conservation positively, only apply marine-safe sunscreen.

Carbon offsetting calculator

Leave Nature as You Found It

In locations from Tahiti to Sardinia, the beauty you’ll find is not possible in any other method. Observe and enjoy the natural surroundings, without disturbing anything along the way. When snorkelling or diving coral reefs, be particularly mindful not to touch anything with your body or equipment. Rather than taking home shells or dead coral as a souvenir, take a photograph instead. As travelers and sailors, most of the cruising and charter community has an interest in preserving the integrity of our premier vacation destinations and maintaining a respectful relationship with the environment. By sharing responsibility with small, thoughtful contributions, we can make a positive global impact, and leave a positive legacy behind for generations to come.

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