Superyacht of the week: AQUA

It has been speculated that Bill Gates, the American billionaire, has commissioned a hydrogen-powered superyacht that debuted at the Monaco yacht show in 2019. It has now been reported that Bill Gates, did not, in fact, commission this green-going superyacht and still remains available for investors.

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Is the future going Green?

We have seen a trend in recent times towards electric and hybrid cars. Yachts are most definitely next in line to follow suit. We have even seen prototypes of electric planes starting (Read more about them here) so it’s about time we see some electric/hybrid boats on the market.

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But what about this hydrogen-powered yacht?

Sinot has just released a statement that it was not Bill Gates who ordered the yachts commission. The yacht is still considered in its concept stage and therefore has not been produced for mainstream charter, although they welcome investors who “share the same vision”.

About the yacht


It is hard to look past the prowess of this superyacht. Her flowing lines are reported to be inspired by ocean swells which is a salute to nature in its self. Her distinctive bow sets her apart from any other superyacht which is currently on the market. Not to mention her free-flowing aft deck space which features a waterfall!

Set over 5, meticulously appointed decks, AQUA is the definition of design ingenuity. From her furnishings to her engines, no part of AQUA has been overlooked or rushed. She utilizes space from her bow to her aft deck which descends into the water with nothing but elegance.

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It’s all happening at the aft

Aft deck spaces on AQUA

Probably one of our most favourite features on this yacht is her 2 deck aft space. AQUA’s top sun deck is partially shaded, with tables and a bar, you just cannot help but imagine yourself sipping on cocktails while marvelling at the French Riviera, or some other sought after cruising area.

On the deck below, you have what can only be described as heaven on earth. Her infinite-type pool cascades down and transforms into a water feature style waterfall. Step elegantly down the innovative series of steps down to the large sunbathing deck which allows guests sea-level access to the sea.

It doesn’t stop there… how about an onboard spa?

Sinots incredible engineering and design does not stop when you go below decks. Step through into a different world, a world of tranquil and peace. Wash away your day to day stresses as you immerse yourself in the onboard spa, complete with a massage room, and gymnasium.

Water is a natural healer, so it only makes sense that AQUA has a hydro-massage room which is exclusive to AQUA and discovered by the Romans. Massages administered by soothing, pressurized jets offer a relaxing, healing method that heals alleviate muscle and tissue damage.

The Masters Pavillion…

Worlds cannot do this justice, so here’s a glimpse of what to expect…

AQUA is not currently available to the charter market as she is still in her final stages of design. If there are features that you are particularly interested in, speak to one of our brokers so we are able to review yachts with similar characteristics so you too can enjoy the cruising world in luxury!


All the details you need to know about this ground breaking yacht.

Why this yacht is important to us.

Boatbookings are always looking at new technology and pioneering movements within the yachting industry. Lexus has always been in the eye of Boatbookings, after all the owner of our company has one! After 30 years of being in the car industry, Lexus has recently celebrated selling over 10 million vehicles worldwide, an incredible feat seeing as they have worked through recessions and crashes. Not only have the surpassed the 10 million mark, they have also started to touch into the Maritime Industry.

Will this just be a concept yacht too?

The short answer is NO!! Following the release of the 42-foot concept sport yacht, Lexus are back at it again, only this time bigger, better and far more luxurious! What’s better is that you can actually buy the LY650. With dates set for production in the fall, we will be going over a few aspects of the yacht to give you an idea of what to expect.

Why it is important to us.

What really caught Boatbookings attention is that you will actually be able to buy this yacht. Time and time again we see manufactures teasing us with concepts – but this time it’s real life. The price is TBC, but I think we can all safely say that it’ll be easier to charter one of these yachts as opposed to buying one! Sale of the yacht will start in America, but it’s only a matter of time before she will be in the heart of the yachting world – the Mediterranean!


Through a blend of artisanal craftsmanship, Lexus has teamed up with Marquis-Larson, a yacht designer from the US to help create concept into real life. The yacht will boast 3 staterooms, and as you can imagine no expense will be spared when furnishing this superyacht. The Flybridge gives you 360 panoramic views, while the saloon area makes you feel like you’re on deck with natural light flooding every corner. Imagine being on the French Riviera with a glass of cold Rosé overlooking Monaco’s impressive town in the set back mountains!

Go on, tell me more…

Her beam of 18’8 gives you space where you need it most. Creating a dynamic space in the saloon/living area, this yacht will allow you to walk around without feeling cooped up. Her huge windows provide a 360-degree view of the impressive scenery that I know you’ll be in! The natural light will enhance your wellbeing and just ads to the luxuriousness of this yacht.

Let us know!

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