5 Reasons to charter a yacht in Newport this summer

A yacht charter from Newport offers some of the best cruising grounds in the USA. This sailing area and itinerary offers over 400 miles of beautiful coastline, reliable sailing conditions, interesting cities to explore and a rich history. Try a Newport yacht charter for a city sailing break with Boatbookings.

1-Visit The Hamptons

A yacht is the only way to arrive at The Hamptons this summer. Sail to the Hamptons to enjoy some of the best bars, restaurants and boutiques in the US. The Hamptons is different to the rest of the itinerary and provides a sense of glamour. If you charter for a week this will be the furthest point on the itinerary however if you charter for a whole week this will be your last stop before entering New York!

2- Explore the maritime history of the US

The best part of the sailing itinerary from Newport is discovering cities in in the US that retain a maritime vibe and a sense of passion for the water amongst the community beliefs. For example, villages on Martha’s Vineyard consist of historic buildings named after seafaring owners. You will have the chance to visit a yacht cub in almost every location and the locals will love to tell you about their cultural heritage!

3- Hikes

Hikes and nature can be a large part of this itinerary. The best places to visit for hikes and nature are at Cape Pogue Wildlife Refuge on Chippaquiddick, . This itinerary has many different hikes and great places to lose yourself if you’re up for invigorating, scenic hikes.

Whale and bird watching

Nature and beauty dominates the area. The natural beauty is highlighted by the protected species that are both on and offshore. Cape Pogue Wildlife Refuge centre on Chappaquiddick Island,  Nantucket Conservation Foundation which owns more than 7,700 acres of land for you to explore and lastly the beautiful island of Cuttyhuck which profits from a great fishing area!

Lighthouses, beaches and leaf lined streets

Most stops of the itinerary include miles of protected beaches, lighthouses and spectacular sunset views. Beaches to visit include Lighthouse Beach, off the entrance to Edgartown. Some of the most beautiful sunsets are backed by a lighthouse and provide spectacular evenings onboard.

Sail into New York City on a 14 day itinerary

A two week sailing itinerary can take you to New York. This itinerary provides the perfect blend of city and nature sailing locations to visit. If you want to see New York from afar then this itinerary is definitely the one for you.

Note that some of the places along the itinerary such as Cuttyhuck are dry-islands so be prepared to bring your own alcohol if you wish to have a drink onboard!

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All the details you need to know about this ground breaking yacht.

Why this yacht is important to us.

Boatbookings are always looking at new technology and pioneering movements within the yachting industry. Lexus has always been in the eye of Boatbookings, after all the owner of our company has one! After 30 years of being in the car industry, Lexus has recently celebrated selling over 10 million vehicles worldwide, an incredible feat seeing as they have worked through recessions and crashes. Not only have the surpassed the 10 million mark, they have also started to touch into the Maritime Industry.

Will this just be a concept yacht too?

The short answer is NO!! Following the release of the 42-foot concept sport yacht, Lexus are back at it again, only this time bigger, better and far more luxurious! What’s better is that you can actually buy the LY650. With dates set for production in the fall, we will be going over a few aspects of the yacht to give you an idea of what to expect.

Why it is important to us.

What really caught Boatbookings attention is that you will actually be able to buy this yacht. Time and time again we see manufactures teasing us with concepts – but this time it’s real life. The price is TBC, but I think we can all safely say that it’ll be easier to charter one of these yachts as opposed to buying one! Sale of the yacht will start in America, but it’s only a matter of time before she will be in the heart of the yachting world – the Mediterranean!


Through a blend of artisanal craftsmanship, Lexus has teamed up with Marquis-Larson, a yacht designer from the US to help create concept into real life. The yacht will boast 3 staterooms, and as you can imagine no expense will be spared when furnishing this superyacht. The Flybridge gives you 360 panoramic views, while the saloon area makes you feel like you’re on deck with natural light flooding every corner. Imagine being on the French Riviera with a glass of cold Rosé overlooking Monaco’s impressive town in the set back mountains!

Go on, tell me more…

Her beam of 18’8 gives you space where you need it most. Creating a dynamic space in the saloon/living area, this yacht will allow you to walk around without feeling cooped up. Her huge windows provide a 360-degree view of the impressive scenery that I know you’ll be in! The natural light will enhance your wellbeing and just ads to the luxuriousness of this yacht.

Let us know!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this Yacht. Would you charter her? Or would you rather something different? Chat to one of our expert yachties to find your perfect yacht for your Summer or Winter vacation!

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Miami!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reunite with friends and family, and with the holiday season in full swing why not celebrate in style with a private luxury yacht trip for the day in Miami?

Cruise around Miami’s intercoastal waters, taking advantage of the uninterrupted views of the city’s Skyline or venture along South Beach as you soak up the sun, dive straight into the water and share some refreshing drinks before tucking into a delightful Thanksgiving meal. Take a look at our Miami Day Charter Itinerary for some more ideas of what you could get up to!

Boatbookings has a great selection of Miami Day Charter Yachts that are available for hire – we can organise your day so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the festivities! Send us an enquiry or email [email protected] to get in touch.