The Future Mediterranean Metropolis of Yachting

Centred around innovative technology and preservation, the rejuvenation of the Port Vauban in Antibes aims to deliver security for both customers and local business while being ecologically responsible and respectful of cultural heritage. Rich in historical architecture and culture, linking the area’s heritage to this futuristic port project will also be key in the integration of town and marina.

In order to create a successful venture, project Vauban 21 is a long-term development that will guarantee solidity in its vision for the future. One of the most important elements for success is to create a strong alliance with and support local business as well as build an ecosystem of yachting business surrounding the port. The project hopes to create a place of training and research as well as of successful surrounding businesses which will preserve the prestige and vitality to the area by creating ways of encouraging visitors and helping the French Riviera to remain a popular destination for large events as well as tourists.

The economic success of the area is also reliant on the architectural and cultural heritage of Antibes and the French Riviera. With many museums and art galleries as well as beautiful ateliers, Vauban 21 has named this economy as important with concerns to the development of the marina. The project aims to create links between the past and the future of the marina by connecting the architecture of the project with the structures of the 19th century and those more recent and thus building on three millennia of maritime heritage.

As well as conserving the antiquity of the region, the project also looks to the future in terms of being ecologically responsible and a sustainable development. In adhesion to the Blue Flag and Iso 9001 (water quality management system), the project looks to preserve the surrounding waters and limit pollution to maintain the vibrantly populated underwater ecosystems. There are also plans to install waste management systems and the port is committed to reducing noise pollution. The additional CCTV that is also due to be installed as well as the close relationship formed with local law enforcement will create a secure environment expected of a port housing some of the most prestigious yachts in the world.

At the heart of the project and highly prioritised is the requirements of the port’s clients including the expectations of yacht owners and crews. An important aspect of the project is, therefore, being at the height of technology and creating an attractive environment for yachting tourists. In addition to the planned advanced facilities for yacht maintenance, the upgrade of the port will include a 24/7 hospitality reception, unlimited high-speed internet, renovated public facilities and better transport services and parking. In addition to this, a brand new yacht club with its own luxury restaurant will attract yet more to the resplendent French Riviera, already internationally renowned for its glamour and opulence.

The long-term phase, costing an estimated 135€ million will make this a port of the future, fully integrated into the surrounding town. With plans to reinforce the ramparts and build a 7km promenade along the front will create a marina with a sense of permanence alongside the cultural mindfulness of this project.

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