Sail to the Sleepy Greek Islands!

The islands of Greece have long been a preferred choice of holiday destination for travellers of all kinds, but for holiday makers who want to bareboat charter Greek Islands, are the best sailing destination.

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The Greek archipelago is made up of 6,000 islands and islets, of which only 227 are inhabited. This natural phenomenon makes for an absolute bareboat charter paradise. Exploring Greece by sea allows you to visit more of these varied islands steeped in history, culture and stunning landscapes than any other mode of travel. The Meltemi wind that blows through the islands will make for some fabulous sailing before anchoring in a quiet bay or pulling into a whitewashed village for a relaxing ‘apres-sail’ sundowner.

Greek Church

The islands are geographically grouped into 6 main clusters, each with their own feel, charm and character.

Explore the Ionian Islands off the north west coast of mainland Greece. These islands are the lushest and greenest of the Greek islands due to its high rainfall in the winter months. Board your bareboat in Corfu or Lefkas and head off to explore these 25 islands,


The Saronic Islands, just to the south of Athens in the Saronic Gulf are known for their beaches and well preserved ancient ruins, visit the Temple of Aphaia, built in 500 B.C. on the island of Aegina. Easily accessed from Athens, these islands have become a popular destination for day trips and weekends for people living in the capital. Sheltered from the stronger winds found in other island groups, this is an ideal place to ease into some gentle sailing.


The Cyclades Islands, a little further south include some of the most iconic and photographed islands in Greece. In the central and southern Aegean, these 39 islands have something to satisfy everyone’s tastes. From the jet-setting, party hard atmosphere of Mykonos to the white washed villages clinging to the cliffs atop the impressive volcanic Santorini, there are many more that can offer peaceful anchorages and quiet villages.

Greek village

The Dodecanese Islands in the south western Aegean, hug the Turkish coastline and include the biggest island Rhodes in the south to Patmos in the north with over 150 other islands in between. As with the Cyclades, the Meltemi builds throughout June and July and can be quite strong in August, so if you are not an experienced sailor then be aware of this, pull into a safe anchorage and enjoy the local sights and cuisine.


Fly into Skiathos, pick up your bareboat catamaran or monohull and  cruise the 11 Sporades Islands. Much of the waters surrounding these islands have been designated a marine park, mainly with the aim of protecting the endangered Mediterranean monk seal and other animals.

Greece is a country with incredible history, some of it mythical, and some of it very real, with the evidence to be explored and marvelled at. The Greek cuisine varies from region to region but is always fresh and delicious. The landscape, sometimes stark, sometimes lush but always with the startling blue of the Ionian and Aegean seas is always beautiful.

It is hard to go wrong with a bareboat sailing holiday in the Greek islands. Whether you decide to charter a catamaran or a monohull you will find it hard not to go back, again and again….

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