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Yacht Charter Holidays in the Canary Islands


The seven islands that form the Canarian archipelago offer exotic subtropical nature which is full of a great variety of volcanoes, forests and spectacular landscapes. The eternal spring-like climate provides stunning beach weather in all the seasons of the year which shapes the friendly, relaxed character of its inhabitants. The pleasant climate is one of the most famous qualities of the Canary Islands.

With such an ideal climate and more than 1,500 kilometers of coastline of magnificent beaches, outstanding sports, and water activities, it’s no wonder that more than 50% of all those visiting the islands return year after year for their holidays. The Canary Islands are located about 1,000 km south of the Iberian Peninsula and only 115 km off the African coast making them an easy destination from Europe.

Chartering in the Canary Islands

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Bareboat Chartering is a wonderful option in the Canary Islands. The islands are close together making only a day’s sail between them. It’s a tremendous way to see all of the islands at your own pace. Sailing the coast is really the best way to take advantage of volcanoes, tropical forests and dramatic cliffs the islands are famous for. You’re the skipper, you set the schedule!

Because of the temperate weather, and persistent trade winds chartering a yacht in the canaries is a great option at any time of the year. However, due to some funnel effects of the islands, winds can be quite strong in some areas, promoting dramatic sailing for the experienced sailor. While bareboat chartering is a popular option you should plan to have an experienced sailor aboard.

The most active port for yachtsmen with the widest range of facilities is Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria. Other ports on Gran Canaria include Pasito Blanco, Puerto Rico and Puerto Mogan, and the fishing harbor at Arguineguin. On Tenerife, there is a new marina in the very center of Santa Cruz, and there are good facilities at Radazul, Los Gigantes and Puerto Colon. There are haul-out and repair capabilities at the boatyard at Los Cristianos.

The seven islands that form the Canarian archipelago offer exotic subtropical nature which is full of a great variety of volcanoes, forests and spectacular landscapes.

Lanzarote has two marinas at Puerto Calero and Marina Rubicon and on Fuerteventura, there are marinas at El Castillo and in the capital Puerto Rosario. There is a new marina in San Sebastien, the capital of La Gomera and new marinas have also opened on the islands of La Palma and El Hierro

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Climate and Islands

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The climate in the Canary island is pleasant year-round. In the winter months, the temperatures are typically between 15 and 20°C and trade winds keep the islands conformably cool in the summertime with the temperature between 20 and 29°C.

The Canary Islands is basically divided into two main areas: the province of Las Palmas and the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and each of the Canary Islands has its own personality.

Tenerife, one of the most visited islands, has well-developed tourist facilities along the coasts, and visitors can take spectacular day trips to the islands' volcanic hearts. The island offers dramatic scenery from sub-tropical vegetation to volcanic semi-deserts, from verdant cliffs and gorges to sand dunes by the seashore.

La Gomera, a lovely little island densely forested and blanketed with banana trees, is just 20 kilometers across.

La Palma is the greenest of the Canaries, and at its center is the world's largest crater, an awesome sight indeed.

El Hierro, the most isolated of the islands being the furthest to the south and west but it is an oasis of tranquillity. Featuring gentle rolling hills, spectacular lava formations and coves with natural swimming pools, El Hierro is also popular for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Gran Canaria, another of the most visited islands, has well-developed tourist facilities along the coasts, and visitors can take spectacular day trips to the islands' volcanic hearts.

Growing in popularity is dramatic Lanzarote, covered with volcanic boulders and ash, still so hot beneath the surface that well-known restaurant grills over natural heat emanating from the earth. In this volcanic soil, vineyards grow and produce Malvasia wine, praised by Shakespeare centuries ago, and best known as a sweet wine, although today it is also an excellent dry wine.

Fuerteventura, the driest of the islands, is popular with visitors for snorkeling and for submarine and deep water fishing.

History of the Canary Islands

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Prior to the Spanish conquest in 1402, each of the seven islands had a distinct culture and some of the evidence of this is still seen today in the ancient cave decorations, now available for public viewing. These cave dwellings were inhabited by the original settlers, known as “Guanches”. During the Spanish Colonialism, Balaeric monks settled along the coast and a small town was built at the mouth of the Guiniguada river on the island of Gran Canaria. This is now the city of Las Palmas. Here, the unique colonial architecture style was developed.

In the sixteenth century, the islands were further colonized by Catholic Monarchs and many of the primitive villages soon became the early stages of the cities we see on the islands today. Further, during the “Age of Exploration” the canaries became a stepping stone to the new world which began the multi-national influence in their culture. Throughout this time, farming and agriculture remained the core of the islands’ culture and economy, the major crop being sugar cane and later wine.

Colonized by the Spanish the islands were invaded by the Ottoman-Turks, in 1501, the Dutch in 1599, the British in 1797. Further, invasion by pirates, immigration and emigration due to economic, social and political influences and, more recently, tourism have created a combination of cultures that give the Canary Islands their unique personality.

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Getting There

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To all this, we must add the advantage of its accessibility – just a few hours away from some of the most important European cities – and its complete tourist infrastructure, an example of quality for many places across the world.

Many of Europe’s major airlines offer flights to the Canary Islands, including KLM, Iberia, Spanair and Air France. As such, you can get to the Canaries with a single stop from most major cities, worldwide, connecting through Madrid or Barcelona. The Canary Islands is one of Spain’s Autonomous Communities and, as such, is governed by the immigration and customs laws of the EU.

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